Zamplebox Review- Is it Good Or Bad?

get a baby kids beiping fuckin bogan
back for another Ridge II did review now
something a little different we're doing
a bit of sample box today cants it's
been about two years since I've fucking
had a sample box things have changed a
little if you've been following me for a
while you may remember yeah a couple of
years ago I did sort of five or six
months of sample boxes and reviewed the
process or the service that they fuckin
provide not the actual juices or the
liquids in the the boxes but the service
now if you're not too familiar with what
the fuck example box is it's a vape
juice a vapour liquid subscription
service so you sign up yeah fucking give
them your flavor profiles things you
like things you dislike and then they
put together a box over in this case
eleven liquids in 30 mil bottles based
on your flavor profiles hopefully from
you know liquid companies you haven't
tried before really it's about the
service they're providing that we're
doing the review on today how well they
fucking matched up my flavor profiles
that I gave them my likes and dislikes
with the liquid profiles that they've
sent out but before we get any further
let's talk a little vape advocacy as
always I just want to fuckin say thanks
to kids for all of your efforts this
year it has been a particularly
challenging fucking year we've had
flavor bands right across the United
States my home state of South Australia
through everything vape related in with
tobacco which means no more online sales
you can't vape in a vape shop you can't
fuckin have any samples or testers
you've seen a bunch of fucked up shit
happen around the world we've also seen
a bunch of battles one little wins here
and there for us and the battle is just
getting fucking started dickhead so
thank you all for your fucking efforts
on the advocacy if you haven't done
something then get on to it there's some
links in the description write your
Member of Parliament a letter telling
them you vape and you vote and if they
don't support Bay thing you won't be
fuckin supporting them do your fucking
part and if you have done your little
bit then keep it going dear kids because
2020 is going to be a very big year for
us as a community and as a
industry so keep it fucking going the
fight is not over let's have a bloody
beer got a big beer here from New
Zealand the Chur Brewing Co go local
sports team it's fucking name of the
video go local sports team hazy
grapefruit double IPA sounds like my
kind of fuckin beer eight bloody percent
so that'll get you goin in the morning
go local sports team double hazy
grapefruit IPA is the official beer
sponsor of your local sports team we
can't say what local sports team you
should be supporting or for legal
reasons who were sponsoring this big
grapefruit double hazy IPA is brewed
with cryo
mosaic cryo Citra and Amarillo plus
grapefruit for a bit of extra citrusy
zing let's see a she fuckin tastes
well there you go cunts hazy as the can
says orange complexion yeah got that
grapefruit kind of smell getting those
sort of kind of our own as you get from
a yard all this juice from brew doc
let's see how this one tastes what yeah
that's fucking great fruity dickheads
very great fruity definitely got some of
those similar flavors to Elvis juice but
it's definitely thicker it's cloudy it's
got that sort of New England style feel
to it much thicker on the mouthfeel a
little bit more kind of body to it a
little bit more sort of maybe stone
fruit and that kind of thing as well as
the grapefruit but yes super tangy super
citrusy get that kind of that tension in
your jaw very fucking refreshing and
crisp but yeah loving that fucking that
grapefruit flavor as always let's pair
it with a liquid but we're gonna open up
the fucking box just go through some of
the contents first and then we'll try it
with one of the liquids that I really
enjoyed in here so a packaging looks
like this not much has really changed in
the two years since I've had a example
box the package is the same green a box
yeah open it up get instruction card so
you can go and write the liquids in your
box you get a sticker but probably the
most important thing is you get this
little menu which is pretty fucking
neatly done they actually personalize it
up the top there with your name and
everything and then it's got the liquids
the brand obviously the manufacturer the
flavor profile the VG PG ratio and how
many meals in the bottle one thing they
have changed since I had a sample boxes
that have been a couple of years since
I've had one they don't do the 15 mil
bottles anymore they're doing fucking 30
mil bottles which is really neat one of
my complaints with the 15 mils back in
the day was he ran out he didn't really
get a long time of vaping 15 mils if
your sub oming that goes pretty quickly
so the 30ml bottle I much much prefer
giving you a bit more vape time and a
chance to really enjoy that juice before
it's gone and then you've got your
eleven juicers in my case laid out in
these neat little fucking tray so the
packaging has definitely been improved
the bottle size and everything else
which I'm pleased about and the
very fucking decent so let's go through
the FAQ in 11 liquids that I got what my
thoughts were on them and how well they
kind of matched up with my flavor
profiles as I said that's really what
we're talking about here is how well
sample box matched the information that
I gave them with the liquids that they
sent me did they fucking match me up
with some fucking random shit or did
they kind of stay in line with the
profiles that I gave them so we're going
to go through them in no particular
order we're going to start with the one
we're going to pair up with our fuckin
beer really enjoyed this one superb
white currant
this is Jay Bo's liquid line if you're
familiar with Jay Bo designer of many
awesome vape products this is from the
superb platinum collection I think he's
got to fucking collections in the superb
line and it is a white currant so kind
of like your black currants but with a
white currant flavor which is kind of
like your white grape but black currant
II I don't know it's fucking tasty
really really enjoyed this liquid and
let's pair it up with our fucking beer
let's see if we get some white currants
with our grapefruit oh that's going
nicely it's changing up the grapefruit
flavor quite a bit the currents that I
don't know how to describe white currant
it's just got its own little kind of
flavor it's a little bit reminds me a
little bit of the sort of white grape
sodas that I've had I think whelks do a
soda that's white grape it kind of
reminds me a little bit of white grape
soda but it's going nicely with the
grapefruit yeah it's kind of toning down
the citrus enos of the the beer and
bringing out some more of the sort of
stone fruity kind of tropical flavors
that's a nice little fucking parent
enjoying that well let's get through the
list so definitely a tick on the white
current from superb I really really like
this flavor something a little different
there's not a lot of white currant black
currant even flavors out on the market
so nice to see something a little bit
more unique and yet really if I could
enjoy this one would definitely go out
and pick up a bottle of the white
current from superb onto another one I
really fucking enjoy this is grapefruit
from farmers markets a refreshing
grapefruit flavor it's just straight
grapefruit really liked it when
really really well with IPAs and
particularly a couple of grapefruit IPAs
that I had better Elvis juice went
really really nicely with this one just
a full-on citrus sort of liquid and yet
definitely would bake this one again and
that's two winners under number three
but these are in no particular order
this one is from a vape craft house line
favorites a strawberry lemonade and this
one was a bit of a fucking flop for me
didn't like it at all
had a weird taste to it kind of the lime
in there or the lemon just made the the
fucking strawberry taste like grass it
was weird it was tasted like a bitter
grassy kind of yeah just didn't fucking
like it never been a fan of strawberry
don't know how that one made it into the
the the list because I'm pretty sure I
put in there that I don't like
strawberry and in my profiles so that's
probably snuck in because I do like
lemonade flavors but yes strawberries
not generally my go-to flavor in a
liquid and yeah combined with whatever
they did with the lemonade it just
tasted like grass and dirt it didn't
like it but anyway that's the first real
bad one I didn't like number four I did
really enjoy though the guava punch from
coastal clouds Oceanside a guava mango
and pineapple flavor and yeah I just got
really really nice guava and pineapple e
citrus sort of flavors really enjoyed
this one would definitely keep vaping
that so bit of a tick on number four for
under number five this is urban lights a
citrus berry soda from Main Street
e-liquids this one I did enjoy I quite
like the sort of berry and the citrus
mixed in there an enjoyable vape
probably not something that I would
actively go out and purchase again but
did enjoy this one so definitely a
ticket but probably not a a future
purchase on a number six and this one is
called lush it is from Eris vapors a
vanilla honey jus sweet our goota kiwi
and cucumber flavor
fuckin mixture there this one was just a
little weird it was kind of nice in a
way but it was just a bit odd kind of a
fun experience but I try
but again yeah not something I would go
out and and pick up to vape on a daily
basis but not a bad juice an interesting
experience but yeah not not super fuckin
vapor ball for me under number seven
hustle from mastery a raspberry lemonade
definitely a flavor profile in line
would shit that I like I love raspberry
lemonade's I've had plenty of good ones
over the years and this one was a pretty
fuckin decent so definitely enjoyed this
one would vape again maybe not the best
raspberry lemonade that I've had so
probably wouldn't go out and buy it but
definitely enjoyed vaping it tasty
little fucking number that one another
one from coastal clouds blueberry
limeade very fucking nice enjoyed this
one a lot that's a really nice lime
flavors in there the way the lime mixed
with the blueberry was really fucking
nice and a little bit different to your
berry lemonade's citrusy but different
with the lion so yeah enjoyed that one
definitely would think about picking up
a bottle if I saw it on a shelf
somewhere number nine we have a sour
menace from bubble gang a green apple
bubble gum
now generally not a big fan of green
apple vapes as a few that I've had over
the years that I have enjoyed but most
of the time I don't really like the
green apple all that much the bubble gum
flavor and this though was nice it did
bring a different element that I did
enjoy and the sour aspect was pretty
good too so I did enjoy this a lot more
than most other green apples but
probably not something that I'd vape
again and again it was a nice little
change and a bit of a mix-up having the
green apple but not something I'd go out
and fucking purchase at number nine I've
got a bit of a nostalgic juice this is
alien piss for from bomb source a peach
lemonade now ever trying one of the
alien pieces came remember whether it
was the four or whatever years ago and I
really fucking enjoyed it you can
actually choose a couple of the flavors
that you get included in your box it's
not all random with sample box you can
actually pick out a couple of flavors
that you know will be included and I
threw this one in because yeah I hadn't
fucking had one in years thought it'd be
nice to try it again
and I did really fuckin enjoy it the
peach flavor was delicious got a nice
sort of warm fuzzy peach feel to it and
the lemonade and I sort of citrus finish
but I found that the
three milligram on this one felt a lot
stronger than normal three milligram and
just felt the nicotine was a bit harsh
on my throat so don't know whether it
was just this bottle could have been an
old bottle or something like that the
nicotine may go on off on it or maybe
I'm just being a pussy
but whatever would love to have had this
juice again but without that sort of
extra throat hit that I wasn't expecting
for a three milligrams so maybe pick it
up in a lower nicotine strength if I was
going to grab this one again but
definitely enjoyed the fucking flavor
and in lucky last place we have another
nostalgic juice which I purposely threw
in is this space gem Pluto a melons and
now again I'd had this years ago when I
very first started vaping and I bought
some American juices and I really
fucking remember it being just a an
interesting unique flavor and and pretty
tasty so I threw it in and once again
loved the flavor it's a really unique
mixture that melons and spearmint it
doesn't sound like it would go well
together but it really fucking does I
really love the flavor of this one but
again feels like the three milligram was
stronger than other three milligram
liquids a throat hit was putting me off
a little bit but I'd love to fucking try
this one again without the throat here
so definitely enjoyed the fuck in that
flavor off of that the old Pluto and
yeah bit of a fucking reminiscent of ate
that one so they go to kids that's my 11
fucking liquids that's what I fucking
got in me box let's talk about how they
matched up so I've got to put them into
three categories the first category
being I really enjoyed the liquid would
definitely think about picking up
another bottle and paying for it
individually and I had six in that
category so I reckon that's pretty good
out of eleven that's more than 50% that
I would actually actively go out and
pick up another bottle that I enjoyed a
lot I then have three that I put in a
category that I enjoyed and liked but
maybe didn't like enough to go out and
buy again individually and then I'd have
to in a category that I just didn't
fucking vibe with it all and would not
go out and buy again I'm not gonna say
their shit juices because juice is very
subjective that's why I don't really do
juice reviews I just talk about some
flavors that I really enjoy but these
definitely wouldn't go out and grab and
that is that sort of weird vanilla
honeydew sweet a goethe kiwi cucumber
that was not my fuckin thing and the
strawberry lemonade from fake craft yeah
we'd just didn't like it had a grassy
kind of nature feel when yeah just not
my thing so price on sample box what is
it going to fuckin set you back well you
got three set of categories to choose
from you can go with three bottles if
you just want to dip your toes and see
what it's like three bottles for $17.99
18 bucks is what I'm seeing on their
website at the moment that's not bad 18
bucks you're looking at six dollars a
bottle fuckin pretty fair you're not
gonna find many liquids in 30 mils for
six dollars so good way to try a few
different juices if you want to go a
little more you can go to six bottles
for $28 so again it gets a little bit
cheaper per bottle pretty good price I
reckon for 630 mil bottles and the third
option you've got is the package that I
received eleven bottles for forty-five
smackeroos which is about four dollars a
bottle and that's pretty damn cheap I
reckon six bottles that I really liked
and would buy again three that I thought
were pretty decent and enjoyed but
wouldn't maybe buy and two for 45 bucks
it's not bad
I definitely fucking give it a tick if
you're looking to try some new flavours
try something maybe you wouldn't
necessarily go for it's a really good
way of doing it and it's kind of fun
getting a little surprised each month
what juices you don't know fucking it's
it's a little bit of fun and it's a good
way to try some different liquids
without spending the normal amount of
money that you would having to buy in a
lot of cases a 60 ml bottle a lot of
these juices are only available in 60s
or bigger so being able to get them in a
nice small tester sort of bottle with
enough there to really give you a a
decent go with it I reckon that's pretty
good definitely worth a go whether or
not you do it forever is up to you but I
think it's definitely worth a shot the
old sample box as I said it's a fun
experience it's a little bit of a
novelty getting a surprise each month
and yeah you're getting some pretty good
liquids at a whole lot less than what
you'd normally pay for it and it's not
completely random either the more you do
sample box the more they open up your
ability to choose liquids that you
they want guaranteed in your box so
you're not 100% down to luck each month
you do have the option to pick some of
your liquids which is pretty fucking
decent do I have any cons for the
service only really one that I can think
of and that is when I was choosing some
of my flavor profile likes and dislikes
there was seemed to be a cap or a limit
that I reached some number I can't
remember what it was but I still had
some things and flavor profiles that I
didn't like that I wanted to add there
so they wouldn't be included and I had
to kind of narrow it down to stuff that
I really didn't like so would have
rather the ability to just put all of
the tags and all of the things that I
didn't like in there and did like rather
than having to really narrow it down to
a set number I'm sure there's a
systematic reason why it doesn't work
but yeah just my only real complaint
there would have liked to have been able
to just put in all the things that I
didn't like without being capped but
overall I really enjoyed the sample box
system once again I really like that
they've changed things up from the two
years since I actually tried one going
to the 30ml bottles I think is much
better their packaging is a little bit
nicer and the presentation inside the
box but yeah overall just a really
fucking fun and interesting way to try
some new liquids I like the surprises
each month and yeah maybe you will too
but if not that's all fucking good you
can always just go and pick up your
juice from your local store just like
you always have but that about does me
dickhead so I put the usual Instagram
and Facebook links down in the
description if you want to check out
what this month it gets up to outside of
the YouTube videos oh and this will
probably be the last video you see for a
few days maybe even this year because
I'm heading over to Kangaroo Island a
little island just off of South
Australia my aunty has a holiday house
and now we're getting my dad's side of
the family together all of us we having
us all together for about ten years they
fucking spread themselves out all over
the globe is always somebody missing at
so yeah fucking off for probably the
first family holiday that I've had in
about three or four years so taking the
kids and the wife and heading over there
for about five days so yeah it may not
be a whole lot of content coming out in
that period I do want to record while
I'm over there some of my best
and top fives and top tens RTA's RDAs
mech mods regulated mods that sort of
thing so I hope to record some of those
videos while I'm over hanging out on the
beach for something a little bit
different but today it won't be a whole
lot of content really happening over the
next week or so as Christmas it gets
fucking busy and crazy and I'm sure all
of you are doing the same so a merry
merry fucking Christmas to all of you
fuckers that have been supporting me
throughout the year have been watching
videos liking videos buying Boggan
products whatever it is that you've done
it has helped me continue to do what I
fucking love yeah every day I wake up
and I think to myself I'm living the
dream I pinch myself and I just hope
that it doesn't end tomorrow because I
love what I do and I love you fuckers so
thanks very much for your support
throughout 2019 this says I said maybe
the last video for the year so yes sir
boom you fucking dicks off and your
bloody tits off alright be good to each
keep up the advocacy keep up the fight
remember doesn't matter what is your
fucking vaping on as long as you're not
banging those fucking buggers that's all
that matters
cheers for tuning in cheery fucking aye
that's Christmas to me