ZQVapor ZQ Go Pod Review

today's review what happen I look at
the zqv / zq podcast
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pod cats roly-poly part yeah but looking
at a pod cat to default it's not even
out Wednesday this was actually
fast-tracked that's why we're looking at
it on Monday but the reason I decided to
go for this is because of the company
that's behind the actual pod by the way
if you're noticing a difference under
voice is because the lower set a
dentures that I use snapped in half over
the weekend and it's going to be a
couple of days before they get replaced
so all of the reviews that's we get all
of the reviews that Suites gonna have
this less space sound because a mess and
half my teeth basically anyway yeah the
zq pod cat now shenzhen i get technology
at the company that's responsible for
zqv per if you don't recognize the name
pack up any aspire box take a look at
the back and read what's at the bottom
shenzhen I get actually on aspire as a
big umbrella company that owns a whole
bunch of vaping related businesses over
in Shenzhen and China but aspire being
the biggest one that looks like ZQ of
the latest company under the Shenzhen I
get technology heading so I thought you
know what the bound to have some cane
are dealing with a spire which I think
they do have got a very sneaky suspicion
the coil and here's actually a BVC coil
head but there's a couple of other
subtle differences with this pod cat
compared to other podcasts that are
currently on the market but before we
have a look at what those differences
are let's have a look at the tech specs
and the up close and personal for us pod review
and that was the tech specs for the zqv
/ zq pod cat look at the box at the back
of the box crouch and check authenticity
don't beeping abandon do you recognize
that name there shenzhen i gate
technology co limited this is the same
shenzhen I get that on a spire that's
the umbrella company that owns quite a
number of quite a number of smaller a
cigarette companies this as their latest
company zqv / comm I've got a sneaky
suspicion that aspire themselves may
have a little hand and that's design as
well but yeah I don't beep in a bun as
you can see you also get a rather nice
braided charge cable still microUSB
though you get a couple of rubber plugs
for the pod you get a spare pod that
comes in a little foil bag and of course
you get your very simple use on manual
because it's support cut so of course
it's simple let's zoom the Sun we've got
the actual pod itself very odd shape
going on with this thing so the top of
this has got a dust protector and fluff
protector if you had popping this on
your pocket that collapse over like that
the admit more front of the device
you've got your fire button and power on
and off run the back you've got zq and
on the sage you've got nothing much
going on the beast you've got your
charge port as you can see see e mark
and don't leap and eben pot the pot oh
here's the main contacts and here so
you've got your two battery contacts
there and the two magnets that's holding
the actual pod and police very plain
battery going on with us five o'clock or
five o'clock off or fight back off one
two three four five five o'clock on one
two three does nothing one two three
four five switches off one two three
four five smudges it back on one two
does nothing is unlocked power system
unless the power regulates up and down
depending in what alms of POD you've got
plugged and talking about the pod heeda
is here with this odd little things
stacking up at their saying here so
we've got what is essentially could be
described as a BVC coil from a spire
center near the ear is coming and the
ear for thus is coming and let's see if
we can see this hold on so the way this
is working as the ear is coming and from
the sod metal 2p that goes down you can
just about see the ear channel see
that's the that's the bottom of the coil
there and the EF channel is working a
long from this post going down along the
base and going up through the base of
the coil you can just see the air
channel just about sear so you've got
the base here you get your two main
battery contacts you have get your two
very strong magnets that's trying to
fill the screwdriver over feling
mechanism is simple there's a little
rubber stopper that your popper and then
you pop your bottle juice and their
fellow up and pop the rubber stopper
back and however it's got an earful
control pull that's exactly where this
thing is it's a pool that does air flow
and to cause the thing off let's switch
off the autofocus there that and focus
this and to there and it's a simple case
of twisting this top part round that's
the air flow control almost shot for a
mouthed along and that's the if will
control fully open 40 very restrictive
direct along yeah pod device with a
philia for control system on atlast is
why I guess is why are basically agreed
to review this plus the other little
included benefits but the actual battery
because it's a very interesting battery
they've got going on and here and that
was the up-close-and-personal of the zq
pod cap let's head back up to the main camera
felis pod up another v p-- honor yes and
that was the up close under tech specs
for the zqv / zq pod so I've got this
felled up whether some of the peach
custard butchers are very very
SEC like word almost marks VG were
talking nineteen ninety-five percent VG
have got the airflow control and thus
fully open and here we go but off
it wasn't really made for director login
that as we to restrictive we to distract
us that was double drawing mouthed along
and there is no same no saying at all of
getting a dry hat from that's what I'm
gonna do next though is I'm gonna close
off the airflow until it's almost shut
the little air flow post there I've
closed it off until it's almost shut
totally here we go again that's actually
too tight hold on let's do that with it
I've got a sneaky suspicion this is our
BVC coil head that certain enough and there we go folks
that was the zq v GQ pod would have a
thinker that's the Eisen the noise SI
most along uh there's no getting known
that there is you could try and get a
direct along from this but there's all
of you see much jump up by the way
believably timey-wimey but um you could
try and get a direct along from this but
there is no guarantee it'll be
comfortable enough for you to actually
do a some very very restrictive direct
along from the spectacular pod I think
it was actually belt for mouth too long
I'll be honest it was belts are most
along battery life is actually quite
good on this considering the size of the
actual housing for the body walk
yourself I mean granted the pod reaches
down reaches down about a fifth of the
weed down into the actual device and
then you've get the button at the front
here which obviously houses the chap
directly behind it but the battery life
and this is actually not bad because
they're using coils above one that all
that means you can get practically a DS
you so that's thing before the battery
goes flat the other good points about this airflow control
there and the fell port is up there you
don't need to take this pod off and tell
the coil budzo because the fell port is
at the top and the airflow controls at
the top as well so once the pods on
please you do need really take the thing
out unless you're replacing the pod with
a fresh one earful control as well as
actually very very good you've got a
full range of mouth to long style VIPs
on this from a wide open mouthed along
verging on extremely restrictive direct
along tell so where was i before it was
rudely interrupted by that phone call
yeah the airflow control has actually
pretty damn good it's got the full range
of mouthed along from super super tight
all the way up to wide open and the last
good point about this is what is certain
and say the spot because I have got a
sneaky suspicion that as a BBC coil head
at one of the aspire BVC coil head
certain in here because the flavor from
this is remarkably similar to something
like the sprite from aspire or the
aspire breeze and breeze - very very
similar flavor from the coil head and
thus comparing it to the pods and E I
use know that are coming out from the
aspire brand all in all it's a decent
little pod cat folks with the added
benefit of airflow control and fell port
at the very top of the pod which stops
having it hit the pod oh and and all the
same from the actual mod and the flavour
absolutely spot-on I've get zero
complaints what I would suggest the pods
like this are starting to become very
very rare and the market now as more and
more companies are moving away from pods
that have got a locked stale another
ones the coils locked and say the actual
tanking you've got it through the whole
part of in replacer zq would have been
better making this an AI or with an
actual replaceable coil either from the
base or an from the top because pods
like thus the lot style pods where once
the coil spent you throw the whole pod
away they're not really selling
as well as the use to the very beginning
of the pod market so that might be
something for zql go for maybe in 2020
once the age of this has reached like
five or six months old maybe in 2020
release a version of this that basically
turns into an e io that's what I would
do with it anyway anyway that was the
zqv / zq pod cap from zqv