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The Proposed Law Includes Banning The Sale Of Vaping Products To Under 18s

The Proposed Law Includes Banning The Sale Of Vaping Products To Under 18s

The SMOK T-Storm Review|The Best Value Vape Mod ?

Today we're gonna be

going over the smoke t-storm this one's

for all you Star Wars fans out there

check it out

smoke tea storm in bling-bling gold

before we get into the video click the

link down below in the top comment in

order to join our Facebook group I got

it in gold and black let's check this

thing out you Star Wars fans are

probably gonna dig that kind of has that

stormtrooper look to it right I got the

gold one check that out

nice big big screen centered 510 looks

like 28 millimeters shouldn't be a

problem so check this thing out man a

little t-storm branding over here kind

of like a little wavy action I don't

know if you can see that little dip

right there definitely feels really

comfortable in the hand I like the

change in texture over there nice job on

that smoke over here man you can see

this thing's just picks up fingerprints

it's like a crime scene

it's unbelievable as far as being a

fingerprint magnet this looked like your

up and down b…

SMOK Fetch Pro System Pod Mod Kit Review | Powered By Single 18650 Battery

if you like the fetch from smoke but

you're like man I just I want that

replaceable battery this might be the

answer for you this is the fetch pro

welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony really feeling froggy today my

voice is like so deep yes well you know

you do all that traveling we just did

couriers and stuff and it seemed to feel

fine all the way up until yesterday I

woke up and was like a sore throat

apparently I've got some sinus drainage

or something and it's just it's it's

pretty rough it's one of those things

you know you come back from a vacation

and you got to get some rest I don't

know how that all works so yeah we're

looking at the fetch Pro today designed

by Smoke tech and it's a pretty sweet

little device I actually brought this on

the cruise with me and it performed just

fine in fact more than just fine I have

only one complaint about this kit and I

will tell you about that in just a

moment the liquid that I'm using tod…

🔥The Link Between Vaping and Heart Attacks Proven To Be Incorrect

what's up guys ethnic from a meet here

today we have a story that's making some

pretty big waves in the academic world

we're almost at 7500 subscribers so

before we get started make sure you hit

that subscribe button and notification

Melda stay up to date with our videos

now let's get into it back in June of

2019 University of California

researchers stanton glance and dharma

beta released a study in the Journal of

the American Heart Association reporting

findings of a link between East

cigarette use and heart attacks the

framework of the study was to analyze

data from the population assessment of

tobacco and health also known as path

which is a long-term study on the

effects of tobacco products the major

finding in the study was that several

people who were identified as vapors had

experienced heart attacks

more specifically myocardial infarction

which is common with smokers the study

did not go unnoticed and was featured on

major news outlets like CNN Yahoo News

and …

🔥 Zamplebox Vape Juice Review

today i got something a little different

we're going to go over a juice

subscription service

you've probably all heard of it before

this is a zample box i got the 11

juice subscription that they sent me in

order to try it out

i went through all the flavor profiles

you get to

like pick what fruits you like what

fruits you don't like what flavors you

like what flavors you don't like

and then they come up with a

subscription for you depending on how

many bottles you pick in that


and you get it every month or whatever

time frame you choose to get it in

now i've always heard a lot about them

i've never actually tried their service

they approached me about trying their

service and i have to say i was pretty

impressed about three days after i

picked my my uh the type of flavors that

i like

i wound up getting the box it was nicely

packaged we're gonna cut down low

i'm gonna show you everything then we're

to come back on top

we're going to …

San Diego Recently Featured Soter Technologies Fly Sense Vaping Detection And Alert System For Schools

I'm Cassie Carlisle this is fly sense it

detects vapor from east cigarettes the

new technology is already in more than a

thousand schools I get really excited

though they're thrilled about that

somebody's actually doing something

about this

we're eighty five percent reduction in

vaping on school grounds when they

deploy are a solution within a year

within months the device is installed in

the bathroom and locker rooms where

cameras aren't allowed once it detects

the vapor signature it sends a message

in real-time to the proper school

authority the founder says it's a

combination of Education and detectors

that will turn the tide in teen smoking

Cass Carlile 10 News

A Bill Regulating The Sale Of Flavored Vaping Products Was Approved

a bill regulating the sale of flavored

vaping products is one step closer to

becoming law tonight it's one of nearly

a dozen proposals this legislative

session to change the rules for vaping

Fox 13's L Thomas is on the hill tonight

l yeah hey Bob you know we hear a lot

about these flavored vaping products

bubble gum tutti-frutti con candy they

all sound great right well this bill

would make it so only shops are licensed

as specialty retail tobacco shops could

actually carry that product we have a

witness in favor in this house committee

meeting then I saw one witness in

opposition yeah please a laundry list of

items is presented and debated some

clarity would be nice looking to shed a

little light some lights are on

statewide issues on today's agenda

House bill 118 one of many pieces of

legislation addressing vaping and

anything that we can do to keep this

harmful product out of the hands of our

youth is is a good step forward the

retail tobacco amendment aims to change


🔥 The Wotofo SMPL Hybrid Mechanical Tube Mod Review

this channel does not condone the

possession or use of any tobacco or

vaping products by a minor I also have

to say that this channel is not intended

for any audience under the age of 21

thanks to the stupid-ass federal

guidelines that have now been

implemented by the United States of

America if you are a legal vaping or

tobacco usage age in your country by all

means watch away but if you are in the

United States I'm sorry to say that your

federal government has failed you in the

most craziest extent possible because

they simply don't care they can draft

you to send you off to die you're

legally considered to be an adult at 18

but I'll be damned if you can't drink

alcohol and you can't vape or use

tobacco products so please take that

into mind when you're watching this



how are we doing on this fine day folks

I am Jarrod to vape and goat so here we

are looking at and I'm telling you I

really had to kind of dig around to

figure out exactly …

More Vaping-Related Illnesses Surface At Indiana High School

after two straight weeks of vaping

related incidents and several trips to

the hospital five people from Madison

consolidated high school in southern

Indiana went to the hospital today

hello everyone and thanks for joining us

on the night team I'm Doug prophet the

Department of Homeland Security was also

called in to do an air quality check in

a classroom the night teams Jesse Cohen

is in Madison talking to parents and the

school superintendent about what

happened today today we spoke to the

superintendent for the first time and he

says they are doing everything in their

power to keep kids safe but one mother

says she doesn't feel safe sending her

daughter to school so she's walked

through those doors today for the very

last time doesn't really feel safe and I

don't blame her

I've been through Cup since I talked to

her this afternoon Missy Gator doesn't

know what's next the superintendent

tells us that the school nurse was pale

and throwing up she along…