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Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

How And Why Vaping Took Off|Why is Everyone Vaping

e-cigarettes AKA personal vaporizers

vape pens vaping devices east cigars

modder pod systems are everywhere

spreading their air slides mixture of

nicotine flavored liquids and who knows

what else into the atmosphere vaping has

become so ubiquitous that in 2014 the

oxford dictionaries actually named vape

the word of the year because its use had

more than doubled in just one year

according to a study in the annals of

internal medicine ten point eight

million American adults were using

e-cigarettes in 2016 but that leaves out

users in middle and high school a group

that is growing rapidly

a November 2019 study in the Journal of

American Medical Association found that

an estimated 28 percent of high school

students and 11% of middle school

students said they'd use e-cigarettes

within the past month and there are

currently estimated to be 5.3 million

young users in America but how did East

cigarettes become so popular and why are

some groups advocating for the right to

smoke East ciga…

How Vaping Affected Relationships In Different Ways

Sigelei Snowwolf Zephyr 200W Vape Kit With Quick Charging Kit

hi there I'm guessing you clicked on

this video because you wanted to see

this kit sigelei is snow wolf Zephyr kit

if I was correct there that's a

wonderful thing because sigelei paid me

money to show you this kit welcome to my

channel I'm Sophie and I'm a 37 year old

lady that unboxes things on the internet

and I will also use the Zofia reviews is

not a regular review channel this is

more of a yes just based on looks to

thumbs up I mean I can see it being a

phone Wow I'll just quite the

fingerprint magnet see that get ready

for a lot of this kind of action hold on

for those of you that have been watching

my channel for a little bit and you

would like to see other stuff besides

vape stuff and you really want to see

the part two to the remodeling of this

room it's coming in little bits and

pieces because well there's a lot of

stuff to do around here okay I like the

color but if you do not it will also

come in blue and stainless steel the

batteries already i…

Smoktech G-Priv 3 Review|Classy Looking And Powerful

today has been amazing I woke up and

smoke paid me money to show you guys

this I've decided it's smoke because

that means dragon in Polish so I'm not

gonna say smoke smock anymore

so it appears that smoke is using a new

chipset it's called the IQ dash G which

really means nothing to me so there it

isn't purple there's definitely a

sticker those are an easy way to get

this off No there we go well there's a

little pull tab on this side it does not

come with batteries you do have to get

your own batteries 2:18 650s this little

ribbon makes it easier to remove the

batteries the battery door cover

attaches by magnet there's three of them

oh yeah

batteries are important even smoke

stresses it with this card so if the

wrap or the battery itself is damaged in

any way don't use it there's also a

manual with pictures here are the specs

if you want to pause the video 1 2 3 4 5

clicks turns on the device one two three

four five clicks gives you this messag…

Review Of FreeMax Gemm 25W Pod Mod Vape Kit|Discover The True Flavor

yeah I have anxiety and this video is

sponsored by free max creators of the

gem 25 watt pod two kids it was creative

dom adults that decided at one point

smoking was a good idea yeah there's

this room but that's just so much shit

I've been lugging this thing around with

me for like 20 years or so there's a

whole story behind is kind of it's not

that exciting yeah 14 so many things not

all babe stop there's a lot of stuff I'm

trying to get through so that's why

there's no part - yet - the remodeling

of this room I think I need to get

through some stuff off camera because it

would be it would take too long to film

so that's why I had anxiety there's just

too many things all over the place that

haven't been done yet

and I need to get to doing them yes like

most people out there I do have anxiety


I'm Sophie oh yeah the gem can't let's

get back to that so this gem 25 watt pod

kit comes in red black blue and white

which I…

Unboxing Of The Aspire Nautilus GT Kit|World-Class Vaping

hello welcome I'm Sophie and today I

wanted to show you guys this this is the

Nautilus GT kit by aspire I have always

wanted a wattage only device I've asked

for it many times in the past and I

haven't gotten it even when I did that

vapor wrestle collab they they would not

honor my wishes they would not create it

as a wattage only mod and that's that

some wanted only kind of girls it turns

on really quick unlike my vapor a soul

mod which took nine seconds I like how

it feels in my hand as well it's a good

size good shape

good weight did I mention this video

sponsor it is so next up the unboxing

here is a look at the box here it is in

stainless steel and underneath this this

is a little card about warranty

information not sure how well the

warranty works but at least there's some

words about it on this card yes right

here is the user manual here are the

tank and mod specifications if you want

to pause the video and then finally

towards the bottom is another and…

Unbox The Smok Nord 2 Kit|Button-Triggered Pod System Device

I'm guessing you

click because you wanted to see this

there it is there you go look Nord get

to the other day a friend who's a smoker

/ joule user came over and we saw this

kit my friends like can I pop it like I

really wish I could help you man but I

don't really have that many mates no III

gave it to them and then later that

night I got a text this thing is so much

better than the better than the better

perfect I'm a professional unboxer and

all that means is I got paid to do this

so first up inside of the box there's

this you can't you can't see it a

warranty card good luck with that and on

the backside of that is the verification

code next the user manual also inside of

the box you're gonna find a USB cable

for charging but this is not type C C

type it's just can you see how standard

that is there we go as you can see it

comes with two pods two pods with two

coils not each each pod has one coil

already pre-installed the pods hold

roughly 4.5 mi…

Will Vaping Increase The Risk of Depression

- Hi, I'm Dr. Tracey
Marks, a psychiatrist,
and I make mental health education videos.
Researchers at Johns
Hopkins published a study
in December 2019 showing a link
between E-cigarettes and depression.
And this isn't the
first study of its kind,
there have been others.
Depression and vaping are seen
to have a bidirectional relationship.
Depression leads to vaping
and vaping increases
depression symptoms over time.
In the scientific community
study findings need to be replicated
before the ideas presented in the studies
are generally accepted.
That means that we need to see
the same findings or conclusions
from multiple studies
with large sample sizes
and randomized controls.
I mention this because occasionally
I will get a request from someone
to weigh in on an
article like a recent one
that concluded that anti-depressants
increase risk of death.
Well that one article
was criticized for having
a small sample size, not separating out
certain factors that
could skew the result…

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking|Vaping VS. Smoking

so I have a question is vaping actually
better than smoking let's chat about
that today 480 thousand people die each
year related to smoking so we know
that's toxic but how many years did it
actually take to recognize that smoking
actually kills people well 50 years and
vaping has only been around since 2003
and there is no long-term studies and
that is the problem you're actually
inhaling an aerosol which is a certain
it's a vaporized mist of propylene
glycol which is a chemical glycerin and
by the way propylene glycol turns into
propylene oxide which is a class 2b
which means that it can possibly cause
cancer in humans now some of the pods
that you use when you do vaping contain
more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes
and if you start to experiment with
nicotine before the age of 20 the risk
of addictions goes way up
not just to smoking but to other things
as well like I said there's no long term
studies and it's an electronic device
that has …

👆The New War On Vaping

welcome back to the channel ladies and
gentlemen let me know in the chat if you
can hear me and see me okay
sometimes the audio gets a little weird
think we're doing good
appreciate you all all joining in we
have a really special guest today his
name is Ethan Adelman the founder of
drug policy Alliance Ethan thanks so
much for taking the time
hey man it's my pleasure to be on your
show so let's you don't have to go too
deep into it because you have such a
long history but just to give those
people a backstory that that don't don't
know your story yet do you want to kind
of kind of give that how you how you got
into the the drug policy world and why
you started drug policy Alliance yeah
sure Matt I mean I mean you know it's I
spent most of my adult life in the cause
of drug policy reform which basically
means ending the war on drugs and yeah
well obviously I got interested
initially because I was 18 years old a
long time ago and started smoking weed
when I …