👆AAA Matrix 40W AIO Pod System Review

like disco balls on my feet so honestly
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hey mop unboxing and usage first
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that's what I really want
I want a vaporizer just coated little
jumps a little sparkly things but
anyways to the poll we go so I want to
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Sofia reviews and so what you all doing
for New Year's I have no plans I did not
arrange anything yet but I got the shoes
I got the shoes and they're gonna make
the day cuz they're gonna get me to
where I'm going to be going that day why
am i laying down I have a video to do so
next video would you rather see me do a
vape video vape review whatever a Sophie
vape review or would you want to know
more about these shoes or maybe I can
unbox this mop for you so would you
rather see vape stuff or anything else I
will use the mop so I got it I bought it
with my own money the video would not be
sponsored but this one is this current
one is I should probably get back to it
I'm usually distracted so the vape it's
called the matrix and it's made by a
company called triple-a vape this is the
user manual it's riddled with words
there's just words and instructions all
over the place maybe I should do a video
about rescuing my nails so the picture
on the box is not necessarily what
you're gonna get the colors actually
listed right here inside of this is an
1100 milliamp hour rechargeable battery
and it recharges through the USB port
located here by your button or on an off
switch the screen plus and minus or up
and down buttons and at the very top is
the drip tip for the pot and it is a
standard size 510 drip tip so you could
use other tips with this pod to just pop
out like so and there's two of them in
the Box they are both kind of different
each one holds a different coil and the
coils they just pop in and out so each
coil only works with its respective pods
so if you take one out from this pod you
can't put it into the other one it just
won't fit right one of them is a point 3
ohm coil and this one can move a between
22 to 25 watts the other one is 0.15 ohm
resistance and this one can be vey
between 28 to 32 watts and over in this
box there's extra parts a lanyard
endless itty bitty dinky little orange
USB cable for charging I don't use
lanyards but if you really want to this
is how you put it on
one two or three four five clicks turns
it on and five clicks also turns it off
so right now I'm in power or wattage
mode I can use the up and down buttons
to adjust wattage hold one of the
buttons down to do this faster caps out
at 40 if I keep going it tells me that's
max power so it doesn't round-robin
however if I go in the other direction
it's gonna stop at five and if I keep
it's switches to 40 that's kind of weird
I've never seen a round-robin only in
one direction I would like it to
round-robin in both directions I mean
why don't I want another button on here
cuz when I click this it does fire the
mod before it gets into the menu next
one over VC this is voltage that's the
lowest 3.3 volts and then the highest is
4.8 and you can see it does a
round-robin in both Direction back into
the menu the next one and the last one
is stainless steel this is temperature
control the lowest is 200 and then the
highest is 500 degrees Fahrenheit once
it reaches 500 it does round-robin and
it round robins in both directions let's
say you want to lock in some settings
like this other side at the same time
until this is locked and now it's locked
so here I can still fire the device but
I can't change anything and then to
unlock it just click both buttons at
once they don't even look clean anymore
but they are they just just look so
I absolutely dread the up-close parts of
the video so the pods they just slide in
and out like this when it's brand new
they'll be little sticker on the bottom
of it so you don't accidentally fry your
coil when you have it in here take the
sticker off when you're ready to use it
the fill hole on these things is right
here if it was up to me I wouldn't have
it on
side it looks like there's plenty of
room on top that would have been awesome
or at least if you're gonna have it on
the side don't use one of these black
rubber stopper dealios they're just kind
of chintzy and oftentimes there can be
leakage from these I'm not saying this
leaks I don't know yet I haven't used it
long enough I've used it for about three
days I want to prefer like a little
latch something more durable since the
pods cartridges tanks whatever you want
to call them they are reusable which is
nice so once you got liquid in there
give it like 5-10 minutes for a brand
new coil so that cotton can saturate
that's it just click the button and
vapor if you don't remember what
squirrel you have in there on the screen
it also shows resistance as showing
point 3 2 I know there's a point 3 ohm
coil so that's the one I have in here
and right now I do have about 22 watts
this thing fire is really quick the
airflow on here it's pretty smooth
there's no turbulence and it's more on
the area side I would say with either
coil and flavor honestly I think the
point 1 5 ohm coil for me is more
flavorful it's also a slightly warmer
vape - but flavor is good out of both of
them it's pretty much on par with like
everything else that's out there
rectangle is one of my favorite shapes
for vapes
metal is one of my favorite materials
for vapes and this has both I like how
it doesn't have that chintzy feel you
know I'm talking about just a really
cheapo feeling to it wears kind of like
too light weight matters mm-hmm that's
it that's it for 2019 I wish you all the
best in 2020 and I'll see you guys next
year bye