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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

👆Are Bans On E-Cigarette Products Necessary?

vaping products haven't been around very
and yet the devices are everywhere and
lately so are headlines like this urging
people to avoid vaping THC products
after a 13-person dive not long ago
vaping was touted as a smoker's Savior a
product that would finally bring an end
to the scourge of cigarettes but now all
of a sudden the word vaping is toxic the
subject of an epidemic and public health
crisis the federal government today
warned Americans not to use e-cigarettes
following several mysterious and deaths
went to vaping India Brazil and Thailand
have joined a fast growing list of
jurisdictions that have now banned the
sale of electronic or e-cigarettes but
are these warnings and bans really
necessary or a knee-jerk reaction
cigarettes are pretty much the same when
you talk about cigarettes and their
harms there isn't much difference from
one brand to another but e cigarettes
come in various shapes and sizes they
use liquids and cartridges that contain
different chemicals different flavorings
different nicotine concentrations there
are a ton of vaping devices on the
market but the most popular are vape
pens they're easy to use and most work
by heating a liquid that contains either
nicotine or THC that's the psychoactive
ingredient in cannabis that makes you
many of the cartridges also contain
flavorings and other chemicals that
combine to produce an aerosol I think
there's a lot of confusion the word vape
in vaping is an industry term
it connotes vapor and water vapor and a
lot of people think that's what it is
but it isn't now unlike a water vapor
which is harmless the aerosol contains
tiny particles chemicals and organic
compounds such as benzene which is found
in car exhausts and cinnamaldehyde which
produces a cinnamon flavor but has also
been known to impair the ability of the
lungs to get rid of mucus it's ashli
inhaling what are likely very dangerous
things into your lungs and your
respiratory system was not designed to
inhale smoke or to inhale aerosol so we
don't know for certain what the
long-term dangers are if you are to vape
on a regular basis for the long term but
we are learning what the dangers are in
the short term more and more concerns
this morning about e-cigarettes and
vaping a patient died from a severe
respiratory illness and it could be the
country's first vaping related death
there have been thousands of reported
cases of what health officials call
vaping associated illnesses symptoms
include shortness of breath cough chest
pain vomiting and fever dozens have died
their ages range from 75 to his young as
17 in the United States the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention recently
announced that they may have found a
culprit vitamin E acetate which has
traditionally been used in supplements
or skin cream it was recently added to
some vaping cartridges to make the THC
oil appear thicker and go further but of
course when you inhale oil is very very
difficult for the body to to get rid of
it so this is part of the the issue that
we're seeing with we believe that we're
seeing with these illicit cartridges
fortunately most vaping devices do not
contain vitamin E particularly those
purchased from legitimate retailers a
fact that the vaping industry has been
very keen to stress so no commercial
nicotine containing electronic cigarette
contains vitamin E they don't need to
they have glycerin they have
like oh they have water in them there is
no need and no function that vitamin e
plays in a commercial cigarette so
that's it
vaping vitamin E E is evil mystery
solved case closed right well not
there is a danger to simply blaming
everything on THC vaping with vitamin E
acetate in the liquid while that may be
a good part of the explanation it's
absolutely not the whole story
the whole story is more complicated most
of the serious illnesses have involved
people who vaped THC with vitamin E
acetate but others got sick after
smoking both THC and e-cigarettes well
some only smoked nicotine cigarettes
without vitamin E I would say that it is
still somewhat of a mystery also needs
to take into account that it's already
been several years that millions of
people around the world have been vaping
and yeah it's it's alarming that some
2000 people have become quite sick and
then tens of people have Ashley died we
don't understand it completely and I
would say stay tuned and that's the key
well there have been a relatively small
number of illnesses from short-term
vaping it's the long-term consequences
that are both unknown and unsettling
really that is the big fear is in what's
gonna happen long-term and the early
suggestions of especially respiratory
entities are quite alarming the first
long-term study on e-cigarettes tracked
the tobacco habits of around 32 thousand
Americans over a three-year period now
it found that e-cigarettes increased the
chances of developing chronic lung
disease by about a third the study also
found that the vast majority of
traditional cigarette smokers who then
tried e-cigarettes ended up using both
and their risk of developing lung
disease more than
the long-term effects of vaping are
particularly troubling because the
number of young vapors is rising fast
one study from the University of
Waterloo found that the rate of teenage
vaping in Canada nearly doubled in a
single year jumping from eight to
fourteen percent one of the world's
largest East cigarette makers which owns
Joule Labs is now facing a slew of
lawsuits and investigations over
allegations that it deliberately
marketed and sold its flavored nicotine
products to teenagers I'm really
concerned and I have kids of that age
and they've got friends who are heavily
into this these kids are addicted there
is a silver lining for smokers while
vaping is dangerous research so far
suggests it may not be as deadly as
traditional cigarettes which remain the
leading cause of preventable death in
North America and vaping can also help
users to kick the habit
in fact study suggests that between 15
and 20 percent of vapors quit smoking
cigarettes that's twice as effective as
traditional nicotine gum sprays and
patches bottom line if you don't already
smoke don't vape and even if you do
consult a doctor before making the
hey thanks for watching global news if
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