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👆The Vaping Ban Passed This Week

👆Can You Get High From Smoking Coffee Bean?

today we are reliving one of
the most you know popular videos on my
channel one we've got smoking a teabag
or he's got around forty two thousand
views which I'm taken back by so we're
going to try and recreate but do it a
different style video today so we've got
king-size Rizla's and we have got yes
coffee so we're gonna roll it up
actually rolled on canvas a like we
didn't do last time on the tee by one
but you're going to roll it and we're
going to attempt to smoke it and see
what the outcome will be so let's get
this don't want that one I'm really bad
at rolling king-size but I will roll it
in front of you guys just to show you
that we are actually smoking it so you
can see me yep it's so that ready
yes well that's a don't try this at home
because you know why would you want to
smoke coffee
I'm just very stupid and I don't
actually have a pre rate I don't
actually have a rope so what we're going
to be using is pre-rolled a roach which
is basically just tell for piece of
paper you know bum bum bum bum I'll show
you that's putting in X I know people
was a bit weird about me last time and I
don't smoke really anymore so you know
you Steve I've never rolled coffee fag
okay so
some bits walking fallen out because it
is coffee tanks iteration your guys you
know anyone can learn how to roll coffee
bags or cigarettes fair place yeah
okay it's not gonna be the best role
ever so don't okay it's more let's turn
that like I could join but but how the
row is but that is it we're gonna we're
gonna attempt to smoke it there so we've
got the very terrible role what we're
going to do as is we can do this we're
going to refill it up a little bit
right so we've got the role here
I've tried packed it a little bit more
top so we're going to light and see what
goes on
yeah I probably got that so much let's
just do it it's gonna be difficult it's
going to keep going out okay that's just
the hands going to work
oh yeah ah do like coffee but we have a
ashtray it's pretty much side burn in
life Clady head crazy but you know it's
how many days you say you'll have coffee
no it's not great but it's very coffee
fired it literally to keep side burn and
heavily and going out they find like
okay Costin
God has rank
Jesus Christ
new to light every second to keep going
because it hasn't got anything to that's
it a light keep it a light like tobacco
slashing your lifetime work
try 50 front recoveries here we are no a
liar draw
we get a little bit of smoke from that I
should turn up
patio is ranked show discussed on
if you wondering what coffee was it's
gold gold brand coffee and these are
blue R is the skins king size don't use
user my attention even today just for
the video so smoking's not good guys
it's better younger generation bump
smoke technically I'm not really smoking
so much here I'm smoking it coffee but
you can only smoke
contact my lab it's just so bad it goes
out every second
today only make me gay but this coffee
just couldn't
it's fucking order where it is
perfume on it
it's a killer it is you ain't a bashing
in the world
give it up
you know what there's no reason you life
you think why this one there's no
offence if it is I'm sitting there I
love entertaining people I'm sitting
here smoking coffee you got a love it
right you gotta love it only a year ago
I didn't even like coffee we drink I'm
smoking it
lonely love bad coffee Oh
hmmm it's good it's good
no drinks as well no drinks are loud
that's my mother always like no girl
that gals allowed no drinks allowed
makes no sense but follow that rule
there's only one thing what can make
this taste even better put that there
make that taste better is a nice bit of
oh yeah there to spot bloody out some
strong shirt huh
strong ass whiskey it's pretty much dead
now it's dead okay guys that is it well
I say is I'm stupid but oh well I live
anyway so if you did enjoy this video
make sure you smash that like button so
bad you know I mean not a lot of people
would do that it's just what's in it and
stuff but me I'm not your average


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