How To Quit Vaping In 7 Days

every day asking me how do I quit vaping
I'm so addicted to nicotine I have no
idea how to quit and I don't really have
a good answer for them because I've
never tried to quit it myself so that's
why I decided to make this video I'm
gonna be attempting to quit vaping for 7
days guys that's 7 days straight
cold turkey no vaping at all the reason
I decided to do this is because I've
actually been getting a lot of heat from
YouTube lately that's why I had to
private all my videos I haven't posted a
video in like six weeks so I'm very
sorry to all of my fans that have been
patiently waiting for me to upload but
basically I'm into the kind of spot
where if I post one wrong video
I lose my channel I thought to myself
you know what how could they possibly
ban me on a video that's about quitting
vaping you know what I mean it's like
pretty much a reverse 180 of the kind of
videos I normally make I'm planning on
starting this challenge today it is
January 1st 2020 as I record this I got
my Stig right here and I got my aspire
Odin right here so basically what my
plan is is I'm gonna take some phat
holes off them right now and I'm gonna
put them down and I'm gonna see how long
I can go without them I do think I will
probably fail to be honest guys I don't
know if I'll make it the full seven days
but whether I fail or I succeed I will
make sure to vlog all of it you guys
will see all my struggles you guys will
see how addicting nicotine really can be
sometimes I struggle to even go ten
minutes without hitting the vape so I
have no idea how I'm gonna do this shit
I suggest that you guys all do this
challenge with me if I can do it you
guys can do it so let's all try to go
seven days without vaping comment down
below if you think I'm gonna fail and if
so what day do you guys think I'll fail
on just pause the video right now scroll
down and let me know where we really get
into this let's take our final vape ists
cheers everybody
okay final vape it before going seven
days without vaping now stay tuned guys
because I'm gonna be vlogging this
entire journey
eske okay guys it's only been ten
minutes and I'm already craving nicotine
so fucking bad I have this big in my
hand right now but I need to get rid of
it the longer I hold this thing the
better chance there is I'm just gonna
fall and hit it I think we're gonna hit
my girlfriend's hot tub I think that'll
be a good stress reliever for sure so
I'm gonna start the video back up when
we get there
wish me luck guys yo so we out here in
the hot tub now but it's been like two
hours it's not as bad as I expected it
to be I'm definitely nicking out pretty
hard considering the fact that she keeps
hitting this big all the time right in
front of me I'm gonna go we're gonna go
out to the movies with Matt tonight
Hammond and girlfriend we're gonna go in
a nice little double date definitely a
lot of things to do today to keep my
mind off of vaping and I feel like
that's definitely the key to getting
through the first couple days is just to
do stuff that distracts you so it's been
almost five hours guys and I'm actually
really stirring to get some cravings
like I really want a vapor and watch
another avatar so we just arrived at
High Street Mall here I'm here but boy
Maddy smokes dude I made it almost all
day without vaping I'm not even kidding
I started this at like noon like Matt if
I quit baby would you quit so but yeah
we're gonna go see Star Wars right now
it's like two hour movie so it should be
pretty good alright what up guys I just
got back from the movie theater pretty
fucking awesome movie you want to see
the new Star Wars it's almost 10 p.m.
here take a look I cleaned up my room
today actually so it was definitely a
pretty productive day so we got all of
my vape shit over here this is
definitely tempting me
got my bed here got my TV you know the
stoner setup right here got the gas
packs on deck but it's definitely
looking a lot nicer in here man I'm
really glad I cleaned up my room we got
some photos here we got the code Eko no
well Miller Daniel tall now I'm honestly
way more worried about tomorrow because
today was my day off of work super chill
and just spend most of my girl
and cut myself pretty busy this whole
time Mauro I have to go back to work
back to the vape shop I think I'm gonna
livestream a lot of the day just to make
it go by a little easier I feel like
being around the vapes all day and
having customers asking me like oh if
you want it can you try my vape like let
me know what's wrong with it type of
stuff I don't know there's just so many
situations at work where I like feel
like I have to be like we always get
sample bottles in good night guys and
I'll see you tomorrow they want complete
baby let's go what is up guys I'm still
at the vape shop it's about 542 p.m.
right now so I've almost went the whole
day without vaping been here for about
five hours only a couple more hours left
in my shift I had one very close call
today so this girl came in just think my
babes not working can you help me fix it
so I took it and then she I was like
what's not working it's not firing so I
went to go to put it to my mouth to hit
it to see and I was like wait a minute I
can't and then so what I did was I took
out her coil I cleaned up the firing pin
I cleaned up the o-ring put it all back
together gave it to I was like okay now
you try and it worked and I was like
okay thank God but I was really this
close to hitting the vape by accident
there's a close call for sure we're
almost made it to two days boys once I
get off work at 7:30 I feel like it's
definitely gonna be a breeze getting
through the rest of this day - hey boys
it's six o'clock and the cravings are
actually eating bad right now
I went pretty good all through the day
without craving it but like right now I
really wanted to vape man I'm definitely
not gonna fail no no I'm like I'm like
talking to myself more than I'm even
talking to you guys right now it's not
looking too great though to be honest
this guy's actually trying so hard to
convince me to vape again this is my
boss and he's just sitting there just
vaping and blowing clouds in my face and
just going oh yeah that's good I'm
feeling good right now but I've been
getting headaches today just from the
sky boy clouds in my face no I'm not
vaping no so I just got out of the gym
just finished pretty much day to have no
vaping everybody I made it through the
rest of work usually I just went and
worked out for like an hour
I have nowhere to vape whatsoever at
this point I'll catch you guys in a bit
so we out here at the sushi restaurant
I'm here with my boys calling he did
Jacob and we're gonna be mucking on some
all-you-can-eat sushi dude
IV these rolls super hard these are the
deep-fried California rolls oh yeah I'm
a professional with the chopstick
boys we literally put that whole plate
down in less than like 30 seconds boys
10 minutes later
round two who are we my second favorite
roll right here boys called the crazy
girl rule oh don't answer sheet we did
it boys good morning it is day three
honestly this morning I've been coughing
a lot I've been having tons of mucus and
slamming shit coming out of my chest
area and my nasal area and I definitely
can feel all my Airways just clearing up
but it's definitely pretty gross man
definitely not fun but I was looking at
up and apparently that's just part of
the process once you quit smoking all
this shit kind of gets out of your body
apparently day three is actually one of
the hardest days not a hundred percent
looking forward to it I do have a lot of
confidence in myself at this point
should be pretty standard day to day yo
guys it is 4:30 p.m. on Saturday it's
day four this day went by way easier
than any of the other days like a barely
even craving Nick at all it's kind of
funny though two of my friends took a
break since the same day as me since
January first they came in and I
literally as a joke I put I put a vape
on the table and both of them hit it
they both just failed off it just kind
of put over people and I actually feel
like Nick no Doster off and another guy
not you but this guy right here he
successfully done it he's oh how many
dudes deeper you for days yeah go to
four days deep valve
livid we're breathing too long stuff how
do you actually feel cuz I actually feel
these guys are coming to bye babe hey
you guys got a quick vaping bit so long
so we're six years yeah exactly you're
still okay aren't you no serious health
defects actually really oh yeah I do not
think that I'm gonna keep doing that I
don't think I
you tell people not to vape at the vape
shop because like that's at the same
time it's kind of bad for business I
think I think I'm just gonna keep my
opinion on vaping at the vape shop to
myself from now on
but you know what maybe at the same time
I help them yo guys it is 952 on
Saturday night just got off work a
couple hours ago went home for a bit out
some dinner
how did nice drink with my dad but now
I'm gonna go head out to my boy Isaiah's
house trying to convince him quit vaping
I had a pretty good talk with him today
about it let's see how it went
let's see if he actually quit how's the
know Nick good boy I'm four days drive
I'm telling you real the first day was
the hardest please put your vape in a
place where you can't easily access it I
hope that this video motivates all of
you guys to quit vaping man like it's
been a crazy journey even though it's
only been four days so far I feel like I
feel like I'm really making a big
difference over here man
day four no nicotine you know this is
probably poor you guys don't want to
seem a pretty talk but apparently it's a
good thing as I said before yo guys so
it is 2:50 p.m. on January 5th right now
and I am finding the fuck out I don't
know why but like I was I was so good
all day yesterday even working at a vape
shop I had no urge but right now in this
very moment I really really want to hit
a babe and that's the only reason I'm
even making this little video here now
is just because I feel like people I
could somehow talk myself out of it it's
a bad idea
so it's safe to assume that you probably
think I'm smoking weed right now but I'm
actually not I'm smoking on a flower
called Blue Lotus we've got a fresh one
right here
so I'm currently at a little spa called
Devon full you can tell that it's called
Devon foam from this big ass so I had
some pretty bad nicotine withdrawals
today guys really surprising cuz it's on
day five and pretty much all the
nicotine has actually left my system
what I'm using to help me get through
this kind of hard patch I guess you can
call it that a hard patch is actually
smoking this flower called Blue Lotus I
want to talk a little bit about this
Blue Lotus stuff so this stuff actually
does not really get you high it's super
super mild to flower it's a it's like a
lily grows in Africa specifically around
the Egypt area as I said before it
doesn't really get you haidle it's super
calming super relaxing it gives you a
little bit of that euphoric feeling it
definitely puts a smile on your face I
definitely think this stuff is awesome
for quitting nicotine because it does
not really have any addictive property
and I could see this definitely being a
great replacement for cigarettes or even
vaping I actually love going to sports
like this just cuz it's so beautiful
here like look at this
what up guys day five is now pretty much
complete I wish I've logged me going to
the gym and I actually went to go out
wings but I kind of forgot I permed out
on that so my bad just out here chill
with Dave go not too much to say guys um
I got over my cravings pretty well today
I've been feeling a lot better a lot
healthier I'm hoping to do some homework
right now good morning guys today is
January 6 a Kay the sixth day of my
challenge I gotta say one thing is
today's the first morning that I'm not
teaming up for nicotine it's actually
crazy because every single morning so
far the challenge the first thing I
think of in the morning is hitting a
vape because I became so accustomed to
doing that every single morning it was
like kind of part of my morning routine
wake up in the morning get a big fat
dome and go back to bed for five minutes
and then start my day the first few days
was super rough I'd like reach around my
bed to grab a beat but today no I didn't
even think about it I'm honestly really
excited about how this challenge is gone
it's been awesome it's worked out super
well I'm feeling healthier it's like
everything has gone so perfectly and I'm
so happy that I can say that because you
know there has been a few bumps along
the road but for the most part I've
stayed very strong I have controlled my
urges and soon tomorrow will be day
seven and then I'll be done this
challenge and I'll decide where I want
to go from there my man Isaiah couldn't
even go the whole week without bathing
look at him taking it
what a disgrace ladies and gentlemen I
think what was it on day four day three
I filmed a little clip of Isaiah he told
me that I inspired him to quit but he
failed that is totally fine though you
wanted to walk that's something I really
got to think about guys like he quit
Isaiah is a good example that you know
it's not always gonna work out for
everybody I mean children my nicotine
exactly as I bet you a lot of people who
tried to do the challenge with me also
quit and it is a totally fine is okay
not everyone can kick quit cold-turkey I
totally get it
there's two kind of ways you can quit
you can crack cold turkey like I did it
and there's no way we even wean it you
can be a weiner you can read off Isaiah
at one point was vaping on 65 Nick and
now he's on 35 so he's slowly cutting it
down then what are you gonna give you
next 24 yeah and that's another great
way to do it guys if you
getting discouraged and having a hard
time quitting like that that's what
vaping was a meant for originally think
about it with cigarettes you can't
really cut down your milligram excuse
drink you can cut down the amount of
cigarettes you smoke a day but you can't
really cut down the strength of them I
mean some smokes are harsher than others
obviously a lot of people kind of stick
to their own brand
but with vaping you can keep keep the
same brand keep the same flavor but just
have less and less nicotine so if you
find a flavor you like you can still
continue to use that one you don't have
to switch over the brand just get less
nicotine that's why I've aping if you
use it for what it's intended for for
quitting smoking and eventually quitting
nicotine altogether it's actually a
great system guys I'm here at the vape
shop it's been a pretty good day I
haven't really been craving nicotine
whatsoever except for when this guy
blows clouds in my face this is what
happens when you do one nicotine guys
happen to new vape I'm not trying to
trick you guys I'm trying to do this
shit for myself I'm trying to do this
shit for the better of my own health so
if I cheat it off camera I'm like I
would only be cheating myself if that
makes sense
do any better I definitely thought I was
gonna fail and I mean tomorrow's gonna
be day seven it's give me my final day
after that I'm kind of have to decide
whether I want to continue on with my
vaping journey or not I don't feel like
maybe go a little bit longer than a week
ago maybe 14 days maybe a month so it is
January 7 it's like 7 p.m. so I'm almost
done my final day of the no vape
challenge I'm here with my boss right
now and he didn't believe I could do it
they'd be proud of me sure are you
surprised I was able to make it that far
yeah did it inspire you to quit never
why not I'll never quit not a quitter oh
that's a little bit of a shame why not
what would I have to do to get you to
quit what if this video gets a thousand
likes no no how many likes and likes to
hear folks million likes my boss will
quit vaping I'm not even sure if the
challenge is over today if the seventh
day means it's over or if I have to get
through the seventh day but just to make
sure I'm gonna do this day - I honestly
I'm at kind of a weird spot right now
where I don't know how much longer I
should quit vaping for if I should just
pack it in altogether over the seven
days this little piece of acne cleared
so pretty hard about that
gain this one though kind of a trade-off
if you ask me so at this seven-day point
something that
I really noticed is that I don't really
feel like I physically need to vape
anymore at all
when I'm not here at the vape shop when
I'm at home when I'm outside like or
when I'm at the gym I don't even think
about vaping at all but when I'm here
it's like I stare at all the juices I
look at the Stig's I look at the babe I
look at all the stealth pods drool paws
and all and I'm like some of my favorite
juices and that shit like really
psychologically gets he-man just one
puff but I know deep down I know that
one puff leads to two puffs to Puffy's
to four puffs and boom I'm right back to
where I was seven days ago so the seven
day challenge is over I made it through
I'm so proud of myself let's go baby
but um I want to take this last couple
minutes of the video just to reflect and
give some advice first day and the
second day we're by far the hardest I
mean the first couple hours were the
hardest I'm telling you guys I was so
addicted to nicotine to the point where
if I didn't have my back for even ten
minutes I would freak out and look
around for it and even go buy a new one
if I can't find find it like that's how
serious my nicotine addiction was so
making it through that first day was so
so crucial to getting through the seven
day challenge what really helped it was
vlogging it to be honest guys like just
having my phone out every time I had a
big urge and just turning the camera on
and just being strong and confident and
acting like I didn't need it really made
me think that I didn't need it and
really helped me get through this
challenge and another thing that helped
me get through this challenge guys is
all you guys is motivation man I got so
many messages so many positive messages
and people are like I'm gonna do this
shit with you however long you go
without vaping i'ma go without vaping
and that made me feel like I had more of
a duty to finish this challenge out and
see it through even more than I was
already going to just because there's so
many people so many of you guys standing
behind me and doing this shit with me
and honestly it's a great feeling to
know that I'm able to help out the
community a little bit help up my fan
base get them off nicotine if because a
lot of you guys it seems that you guys
really wanted to quit in the katene and
I feel like a lot of you guys did
succeed so I'm super proud of everyone
that did this challenge with me I want
to talk a little bit about how I'm
feeling now I have a lot more breathing
in my lungs back after only seven days
my sinuses are better well I'm a little
bit sick right now so
it's kind of hard to tell about that but
I swear they are I feel healthier I've
been going for runs lately I've been
running a mile I run a mile yesterday I
ran him out the day before and honestly
I'm doing a way way better job of
exercising than it was before it's crazy
and that's such an amazing feeling so I
decided I'm going to do a 7-day no weed
challenge because weed really helped me
get through this week honestly without
weed I don't know if I would have been
able to do it but now I'm gonna try to
just cut out all my vices like my two
vices a hundred percent is weed and
vaping so if I can cut both those out
for a week I wonder how I would feel
I've actually I'm gonna feel like shit I
guarantee to be hard to fall asleep and
all that but I don't want to go on too
much about that that's for another video
I'm gonna make another vlog on that now
before I end this I want to give you
guys some advice on how to quit vaping
if you're wanting to or even just take a
break so my first piece of advice is you
really have to want to do it you have to
100% want to do it in your brain or it's
not gonna work
and once you're at that point and you
realize that you don't want to be baby
anymore or you just want to take a
one-week break just to see if you can do
it then my first suggestion after that
is to hide your vape or give it to
somebody that you trust and just get it
out of your sight because for me I don't
think I would have been able to make it
through the first day if I didn't get
all the vapors away from me like I had
to give all my faves to my brother be
like take these do not give them to me I
told my girlfriend do not vape in front
of me and doing that made it help me get
through the first 24 hours but after
that I personally had to go to the vape
shop I'd the people blowing clouds in my
face all the time it made it a lot
harder it was it made it honestly almost
impossible I'm really surprised I even
made it through this shit for some
people I feel like if you had a weaker
willpower you wouldn't be able to do it
if you have friends at babe I don't know
maybe take a couple days off of hanging
out with them if you don't think you can
handle being around it because being
around it will tempt you right and the
temptation is sometimes all it takes
because once you take that one hit bro
you're right back down to zero again you
have to restart
speaking of restarting I actually did
take one vape it after the challenge
ended you guys probably saw it on my
snapchat I hit 50 Nick out of an RPM 40
and I honestly regretted it so much man
like I got a fat headache I was oh I
didn't I'm just laying in bed for an
I've been vape since then so I just
don't really only took one hit I don't
know if I'm going to use me
to help me with this wheat challenge or
not I haven't really decided yet another
great piece of advice guys it's just to
keep your schedule busy like honestly if
you can plan out your day to the point
where you're always doing something when
you're always doing something in your
mind is always occupied you're not gonna
think about nicotine nearly as much as
if you were sitting on your bed just
hanging out watching TV or something
like that if you're just laying around
you're definitely gonna wanna hit the
fave especially if you're just used to
doing that like if you used to just
watching a movie and hitting your vape
then you're gonna be like sitting there
watching a movie and wishing you had
your vape but if you find that these
really just not that much to do and
you're having trouble keeping yourself
busy try to find like something else to
kind of keep your mind off of it so a
couple of good suggestions for that it
would be you know just have something
beside you to like snack on like popcorn
anything like that even though snacking
is obviously not that healthy either
it's definitely the better of the two
definitely keep some water beside you
always stay hydrated make sure to just
drink water all the time that will help
you a lot 'mother advice would be if you
find it is impossible to quit
and it just won't work for you and you
can't just get yourself off of it I
suggest weaning yourself off I already
talked about this a little bit early in
the video but basically just always cut
down your nicotine strength guys now the
last thing I want to say man is I am so
glad I did this challenge I'm so glad
that I was able to push my way through
all the seven days I'm so proud of all
of you guys that did the challenge with
me whether you failed or succeeded it's
trying and putting in the effort that
really counts and guess what guys a
failure is a lesson in itself