👆How Vaping Mistake Impacted Sports Performance

I have something really
important to tell you guys I had a story
throw that was so intense and it felt
like I was swallowing glass I kept
getting more headaches I felt awful I
literally felt like I was gonna black
out or pass out from a heart attack my
lungs felt like I couldn't breathe as
good and it was the scariest thing as
I've gone through I was 17 and I thought
I was dying
my name's Isaac and I started vaping
three years ago my name is max I started
that when I was 14 my name is Logan I'm
14 years old and I started vaping about
a year ago my name is Gabriela I started
vaping two years ago well throughout
high school and middle school I was an
athlete I used to play volleyball and
softball knowing that I was a part of
something like that made me feel
included or like special I really enjoy
sports because it's a way for me to be
surrounded by friends and people who
care about me
football was always such a big part of
my life growing up as a kid I used to
play in the front yard with my dad and
transferred into high school ball which
could have transferred into college ball
when I first started being I didn't
think that I would change so drastically
just like after a month at the beginning
I felt fine but then a few months in I
started feeling very sick I didn't want
to leave the house I didn't even want to
go to my practices anymore I played
Nathan made it harder to play as an
athlete you have to focus having
something that you're addicted to it
takes away from that focus my addiction
actually got me suspended from school I
was at the gym one day and I walked out
and it felt like someone put a 500-pound
weight on my chest I definitely was a
sense of self control I've had times
where I was like I worked hard for this
and now it's it's all gone once I
started vaping I wasn't as fast I wasn't
as coordinated I just lost the passion
for it a little bit
I was at this point in life where I had
this tremendous opportunity to play
college ball it was such a hard time in
my life not knowing what decision to
that's when I would pull out the VAP and
hit it vaping for me though negatively
impacted my performance I felt like I
wasn't as good as I once was I liked
having that ability to make a difference
for a team I feel like I had didn't have
much to offer anymore that um I was kind
of just there baseball is my true love
and I gave in to the addiction and it
took over now I'm realizing what
repercussions I'm gonna have to go
through for the rest of my life taping
comes with consequences if I could go
back and like take it all back I
hundred-percent won it really upsets me
to think that if I wouldn't started
vaping where I could be at right now I'd
probably be in the best shape of my life
I wouldn't start vaping I had to live
with what it did to me to this day the
only way for it to get better and for me
to not hurt anymore
was to quit I quit vaping overall I'm a
lot happier
I still have stressful days but I'm
extremely happy with where I'm at in
life my addiction to vaping it's been
broken we only can go up from here👆