Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking|Vaping VS. Smoking

so I have a question is vaping actually
better than smoking let's chat about
that today 480 thousand people die each
year related to smoking so we know
that's toxic but how many years did it
actually take to recognize that smoking
actually kills people well 50 years and
vaping has only been around since 2003
and there is no long-term studies and
that is the problem you're actually
inhaling an aerosol which is a certain
it's a vaporized mist of propylene
glycol which is a chemical glycerin and
by the way propylene glycol turns into
propylene oxide which is a class 2b
which means that it can possibly cause
cancer in humans now some of the pods
that you use when you do vaping contain
more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes
and if you start to experiment with
nicotine before the age of 20 the risk
of addictions goes way up
not just to smoking but to other things
as well like I said there's no long term
studies and it's an electronic device
that has the capacity to explode there's
been people already who have died using
this device there's all sorts of
different flavorings they're using the
chemicals are cytotoxic to your lung
they can create irritation in lung which
can then lead to lung problems there's
heavy metals it has the ability to
impair D and a and it can cause
oxidation to the inside lining of your
arteries the endothelial cells but other
than that it's perfectly healthy now I
have a really good video that I highly
recommend you watch relating to stopping
smoking too suddenly there's some great
information about it check it out now I
think you'll find it very interesting