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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Review On Smoke Free Cocoa Bean Sticks

good glorious morning everybody that's
country mouse and today don't mind the
mess behind me we're still working on
this deck trying to make it bigger and
better today we are going to do two
different kinds here as we have the
smoke free cocoa bean sticks a hundred
percent nicotine 300 cent tobacco free
regular sticks they look like this and
we also have the menthol and there are
20 in each one you get them off Amazon
and I will leave that link down below
for a price and everything I can't
remember off the top of my head as soon
as you open up description it'll be the
top line alright so let's get into this
now these these are shorts these are not
like Marlboro light 100 so like I
normally smoke they have a cold looking
oil paper in there
that smells like cocoa these may be good
after all they look like this packed in
get out here sweaty I'm not sweating yet
that's pretty good okay let's give us a
okay tastes like stale cocoa cut like a
stale cigarette case
but with cocoa
there's no burning when you take your
hit you don't have to pull very hard for
the draw that was harder she would have
to pull on a regular cigarette like a
marble red or I'm a marlboro fan so I
don't know much about the other ones out
there kind of gives you a dry stale
taste in your mouth though
it's a little smooth but it's not like
the honeyrose ones where they have like
a creamy smooth smoke situation
I can gravitate towards this is it my
favorite no but I think it's that
aftertaste that kind of stale cigarette
cocoa taste plus I'm drinking late great
drink over here and that's probably not
a good combination he's hurt
they don't bond very fast
I can get on board with this this is
more like this is not like the honeyrose
where you need you were smoking a
cigarette like it with the honeyrose
you could kind of taste the clover in
the after taste it wasn't bad though
this is just like open a pack of
cigarettes lost them in a car three
months later you find them again you
light one up we all have had that where
we've lost a cigarette over pack and
came across seven was hard up enough to
light that but that's what it's like
like smoking a stale cigarette
Hey I will be back with my review on the
menthol all right
so let's give the menthol try that
aftertaste does go away if you drink
something with it so just let that be
known if I'm gonna smoke the regular
ones take a sip after each hey and
you'll be fine you will have the
aftertaste all right
mint those are not my my favorite thing
in the world and I really don't care for
him but I figured you know what I need
to give him a try they could be
incredible they could change my whole
mind about the whole menthol situation
but you also out there might be more of
a menthol person and this would actually
give you a little bit an idea or maybe
you're one tries for over two menthol
and so regular cigarettes or this is
also you can attempt to try to quit
smoking if this is what might help you
there is a lot of things out there that
seem to help people you know patches and
gums and hypnosis and I can't get this
to come open what is going on here
it is literally stuck it's super glued
on the side or something what is going
on oh my god
there we go
there we go and that's kind of gold one
tail yeah I don't know if you guys can
see where this little part over here
it was stuck like they put glue on there
or something
okay if I can get the container to close
we'll be good all right it looks like
this like a regular menthol cigarette
like a short one I don't know if they
come in rolls - this one smells like
okay these are nothing like the
honeyrose menthol
like this has got more menthol in it
than those that this had a real real
good hit of mint on back of my throat oh
god I should have just stopped anyway
now this is more like an actual menthol
cigarette this has gotten more cooling
feeling no Bert taste in the back of the
like smoking vicks vapor rub and cocoa
if you like minty chocolatey things
these might be your special treat I mean
it's not bad I'll stick with the honey
Roos if I want a minute though because
it's a lot lighter and I'm not a mentos
person but it's kind of a little bit
these are what I remember what menthol
cigarettes taste like so if you're
trying to quit and you need menthol and
you know however you're attempting to
try to quit everybody's body's gonna
respond differently to everything this
might be your your saving grace
let's that meant fold it you can kind of
feel the burn in the nose
and you know what put my nose up that
cliff that cigarette actually smells
like you know more sunny days what you
could grow it smells like a grill has
been lit up
like I said if you're into the whole
menthol things I would go with these
ones and sir the honeyrose menthols but
I mean try out both I could be
completely wrong if you've been a big
menthol man
I don't think I'm going
now these Center these herbal smokes
don't burn down as quickly as some of
the honeyrose ones still so if you're
looking for something that's got a
little bit of longevity to it this might
be the branch you guard for but I'm
gonna finish smoking on this I'm gonna
say goodbye to you guys you need my
channel don't forget subscribe to get to
you I know they had back quarters
situations with the regular ones because
apparently they're coming to the spot
where people are loving them
I'll keep smoking them I already bought
them might as well but don't forget to
leave a like leave me a comment let me
know of any other cigarette humble brand
things like this or out there that you
would like to see me try let me know
this down below and I do have a few more
videos it's going to be coming up of
other brands that I found off the Amazon
that I would like to give a try and make
peak you guys's interest so I will see
everybody later



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