Sigelei Snowwolf Zephyr 200W Vape Kit With Quick Charging Kit

hi there I'm guessing you clicked on

this video because you wanted to see

this kit sigelei is snow wolf Zephyr kit

if I was correct there that's a

wonderful thing because sigelei paid me

money to show you this kit welcome to my

channel I'm Sophie and I'm a 37 year old

lady that unboxes things on the internet

and I will also use the Zofia reviews is

not a regular review channel this is

more of a yes just based on looks to

thumbs up I mean I can see it being a

phone Wow I'll just quite the

fingerprint magnet see that get ready

for a lot of this kind of action hold on

for those of you that have been watching

my channel for a little bit and you

would like to see other stuff besides

vape stuff and you really want to see

the part two to the remodeling of this

room it's coming in little bits and

pieces because well there's a lot of

stuff to do around here okay I like the

color but if you do not it will also

come in blue and stainless steel the

batteries already inside of here it's a

five thousand milliamp hour a

rechargeable battery and it recharges to

the USB port so yeah like most vapes it

charges but not only that it's a good

length it charges three times faster

than your typical vape with this thing

it'll charge a five thousand milliamp

hour battery in about 35 minutes so

that's the spring loaded 510 connection

here is the fire button it's also the on

and off button and this mod is partially

touchscreen and this black portion

is the screen one two three four five

clicks turns it on one two three four

five clicks turns it off so right now I

can't do anything on the screen

besides muck it up with my fingerprints

because the mod is locked one two three

clicks unlocks it one two three locks it

or you can also wait for the device to

lock itself

eight seconds before it locks itself so

down here barely visible there's a

couple of dots those are like the

up-and-down or plus and minus buttons

but as you can see when I tap on those I

can't do anything cuz the device is

locked to unlock it one two three clicks

unlocks the device so now I can touch

these and while I'm doing this it is

vibrating by the way so I can hold one

down to scroll through the temperature

faster that's where it caps out and it

does round-robin as you can see maybe

you're not that into temperature control

I'm not

I like wattage mode so let's get into

the menu first I need to unlock this

thing and now that it's unlocked I'm

gonna go ahead and push these two dots

that I can barely see at the same time

and that brings me to the menu so the

first one in here is mode I'm gonna

click on that and here are all the

different modes so I was in temperature

control but there's also power which is

wattage mode so in wattage this goes all

the way up to 200 watts when it gets

there it stops and if you keep going it


I love round robin as many of you

already know the coils that come with

this there's two one is already inside

of the tank this thing holds five

milliliters of a liquid the tank just

slides open like this

there's the fill hole the drip tip on

this it is removable cap like this

low-profile kind of drip tip it's


I kind of like when they're in there

because when there to lose well you end

up losing drip tips I believe this is

size 810 the bottom has these air flow

slits and the air flow is adjustable

take it apart and grab the base and on I

spin it counterclockwise same with the

coil counterclockwise

righty-tighty lefty-loosey these are big

boys both of them are the same exact

coil they can be made between 40 and 80

watts but it's seen its best between 50

and 70 I often get asked what's the best

wattage what's the best temperature I

don't I don't know what do you like well

if you don't know what you like my

recommendation is just to start low and

then slowly work your way up which is

exactly what I'm going to do with this

but first I should put some a liquid in

here today I'm gonna be using

tea time as usual I don't really use

anything else I'm very boring like that

and this may have a nicotine warning on

it but it does not contain any nicotine

at all this video is drug free I'm

actually gonna take the tank off for

this part with a brand new coil give the

cotton like five five to ten minutes so

it can saturate I took it off because

I'm not done showing the mod oftentimes

when I'm showing stuff I end up frying

the coil so I'm just gonna leave the

tank off so back into the menu oh yeah

if you just go like this so you actually

have to hold the buttons to get into the

menu because if you go like this it'll

show your current resistance so right

now I don't have anything on there but

if I stick my tank back on it will show

the actual resistance so if I hold these

down it gets me into the menu click on

mode so there's power also temperature

control and here you can pick from

stainless steel

TCR which is temperature

efficient of resistance nickel and

titanium so if I go into one of these

click the fire button first I can change

the temperature unit so there's

Fahrenheit and Celsius click that sets

it in Celsius I can use these little

dots to adjust the temperature hold one

down it does this faster it caps out at

300 and it does round-robin here is TCR

so there's five different memory


immanuel comes packaged like this along

with a whole bunch of other stuff

there's a little QuickStart guide for

the tank quality control certificate

that they probably just tossed in there

let's just says for your warranty go

online and here is the manual oh and

there's a couple seals for the tank here

are the specs if you want to pause the

video I'm a wanted kind of girl so I

really just need power I don't care

about any of the other ones but the last

one on here is bypass so with bypass it

turns it basically into an unregulated

device like a mech mod so it hits that

max voltage or wattage and then slowly

drains the battery so back into the menu

the next one down is display first one

brightness this is the max and that's

the lowest so there's 10 different

settings after brightness is power

saving so you can have that on or off

after display is set so here you can

choose a preheat let's kind of boost

your vape strength for a few seconds or

lowers it it's usually like 1020 percent

something like that so there's hard

normal soft and user with user you can

custom set it so every time I hit one of

these little dots this thing vibrates I

don't even hear it or not but it does

you can have that on or off you can also

clear out the puff counter and that is

it and I almost forgot to mention but

there is this breathing effect wolf head

logo that's on the backside and it does

stop eventually it's just for like a few

seconds and then it goes

that's it for the mod and it's almost it

for the box the last thing in here and

last thing in the Box is an additional

piece of glass for the tink so now that

I have a portal in here it's seen its

best at 54 best out of 50 to 70 gods in

that range mm-hmm so I guess it

determines what's best by the resistance

of the coil which is 0.185 according to

the mod this will be a lot of fun to

watch because the vapors white and

backgrounds white so get ready for a lot

of excitement another thing you can play

around what to make flavor better is the

airflow but I want to see what it the

best out with the airflow completely

open so I'm gonna keep bumping it up I'm

gonna bring it to 50 55

sixty isn't this exciting 65 watts here

it is at 70 the tip gets a little bit

hot at 70

I don't think 70s a good one for this

coil the flavor is still there it works

at 70 just fine but personally for me I

am joined at most at 60 watts a flavors

really good like this apple spice that's

what I'm beeping it's really popping out

of these coils it's good it's really

good really my only complaint when it

comes to this is a bat drip tube it's a

low profile drip tip which is not my

favorite I think it looks cool

definitely looks cool but I like my face

further away from the coil it's just the

top part if especially when you're

vaping at higher temperatures like when

I had it at 70 watts it gets it gets

kind of hot so I would like a taller

drip tip so so yeah that's that's it

that's that's the end of the vape

portion of this video and a huge thanks

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probably got instructions first make

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recommended I think that's in another

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