šŸš¬Smoking A Bowl Of Coffee

so hey how's it going be smoking a pipe
today this is uh at this from Daniel
Schorr and it says it's coffee from his
local shop and he doesn't really care
for it and so coffee and I like more
savory type flavors so that might give
it a try
it smells good
it's good moisture content let's give it
a try
I had a friend over to play bass with me
last night
it's really fun I played so bad
it's embarrassing he never really heard
me play before I think he thinks I'm
really awful and I kind of am so but it
was fun because after we were done with
we had I even ate a pizza biessed the
fun time was actually late we play we
put on a band
I forgot the name of the band some band
did we played drums along to it it's
almost like a drum circle was a good
time I liked it a lot so it's like a
really nice day you know for December
December's have a lot of nice days in it
but usually colder than this you know
sometimes rain here
so far
but that is a thing listening a lot of
times in life if somebody tells me tells
me they don't like something and they're
like here I usually end up liking it
it's not like a rebellious thing it's
it's more of like it's almost like
they're telling you don't expect too
much and then your expectations are
really low and then you're surprised and
it actually makes it it gives it higher
because you know you weren't expecting
much so that's what usually happens I'm
always surprised when it happens but
happens almost every time somebody says
something isn't good for me
not that the opposite doesn't apply if
somebody says something is good usually
I believe that too but you know
some things are just terrible innocent
well I don't find this terrible
my least favorite tobacco I ever had was
Lane very cherry smoked it last night
it's my friend mainly because he we had
multiple tobacco's out here and then we
let our pipes go out and he he doesn't
really like relighting he likes to just
empty it start again and when we emptied
it started again he grabbed the very
cherry and he added to me and I smelled
it right away I don't like ya because
maybe it's time to give that another try
you know I don't know it was better you
know it's just not one you can just just
like go off on kind of gotta slow down
with it
I don't like slowing down I mean kind of
I do but you ever noticed that
everything I say almost immediately
after I say I say but I you know I kind
of do the opposite I kind of see the
other side of the view look who's here
when I moved he got spooked he sounded
like a scared dog
is coming up for attention and then
before I petted him
I did something unexpected so that's why
they got spooked
actually I kinda like this
with a name like coffee though
it's a definite like plus
reminds me of that joke I forget what
movie it was but it was Danny DeVito
he's like everybody likes money that's
why they call it money I still that feel
about coffee
so unless Thank You Daniel sure it's
pretty good kind of like it and it's
nice that it's almost like recycling if
you don't like something you give it to
somebody they do like it didn't got away
reminds me a lot of this rum rum tobacco
that I smoke
so anyways I'm just gonna sit here and
enjoy the day a little bit here it's
stormed last night hmm
so I don't know if I ever told you but
we've had two major trees hit our roof
on this house they do major damage so
that like come through the ceiling and
then we had another tree fall on my
dad's truck and another tree total my
mild PT Cruiser and we had all kinds of
little trees like my dad added a 66 GTO
a little tree hit that it just damaged
the roof it was pretty much fine it saw
as the dam and trees fall here all the
time there's a million trees around here
and I was out here with Arthur I said
his name I was out here last night and
we was storming and we hear this crack I
look at him I go
well we didn't die maybe we should go in
he's like just sitting there oh that's
I'm like you know that might not be a
bad idea
dig inside because of the history here
is trees fall all the time and it was
starving pretty bad yeah now I'm not
scared of branches that much I mean if
you hit take a branch right to the head
a big one to get hurt you know hurt you
pretty seriously but a tree is gonna
kill you
but I thought that was kind of funny oh
you're so funny and wacky can dude let's
just go inside settles down anyways um
catch you later
see in the funny papers