👆Smoking Coffee Beans And Grounds Is The Newest Trends

the smell of brewing coffee is enough to
wake most people up in the morning but
could those fumes be part of a larger
caffeine high tea between us Chris
Gilmore reports smoking coffee beans and
grounds is one of the newest trends
among teens in their videos Paige these
bean heads appear to be enjoying the
temporary high but physicians say they
may be putting their health at risk when
you think you've seen it all smoking
cigarettes pot spice alcohol and now
coffee believe it videos are surfacing
online of teens and 20-somethings
smoking coffee grounds into beans Robert
Greer hasn't tried smoking his morning
pick-me-up but he says he is experienced
and inhaled secondhand highs while
sitting in a coffee shop while beans
were roasting and you feel very alert he
says getting the secondhand high for him
was the equivalent of drinking two to
three cups of coffee very quickly that's
coming from someone who's no stranger to
coffee he admits to drinking at least
two pots of the stuff every day well he
may not feel any damage being done to
his body though others say what's going
on inside is completely opposite
smoke damage - yeah just just like
anything else if you inhale it you're
going to have minor mice microvascular
damage the medical daily website site
side-effects from smoking caffeine like
difficulty breathing dizziness vomiting
and hallucinations those symptoms are
likely to last until the caffeine leaves
your body the latest trend though has
done little to change their daily
routine - pots coming right up I eat a
tighter focus cigarette papers glass
tubes and pipes our common tools used to
smoke the Joe I called local law
enforcement this morning to ask if
they're familiar with smoking coffee
they said no I did however run into
several people today who said they've
heard of it before and they did not want
to go on camera