👆Smoking Tea And Coffee Beans With The Trailer Park Boys

park spring cleanup is now please take
all your garbage take it on to the
supervisors trailer and leave it on the
front lawn Ricky really wanted to talk
to you guys a little bit because um
remember you know a little while ago you
guys taught me how to you know grow some
pot yeah so I just think I can't stop it
how do you stop it from growing
it's all over my parents backyard oh
really taking over some weed
that's why what's your address
effectively creating Canada's marijuana
industry they want to legalize it it's
gonna happen they can't leave a lot of
Stoke now I mean look what I've got
going on here legalizing part it's it's
gonna be tough for you guys what's going
on there yeah I don't know why they
couldn't have just left they could
legalize but why do they have to all of
a sudden grow and so it's not fair
these guys like me out of a job
unemployment's gonna go way up there
probably ruin the country I think this
is the way it's supposed to be
well guys listen I I feel for you cuz
it's gonna be tough but you know I hang
in there alright you know with this
whole legalizing thing and I come
bearing gifts
alright okay this one is since the
Colombian Jesus oh wait this one is oh
that's vanilla ice Wow and this is a
you do not mess around it's really well
rolled oh I have something skill you
choose discretion you're there but it's
tompa we