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Smoktech G-Priv 3 Review|Classy Looking And Powerful

today has been amazing I woke up and

smoke paid me money to show you guys

this I've decided it's smoke because

that means dragon in Polish so I'm not

gonna say smoke smock anymore

so it appears that smoke is using a new

chipset it's called the IQ dash G which

really means nothing to me so there it

isn't purple there's definitely a

sticker those are an easy way to get

this off No there we go well there's a

little pull tab on this side it does not

come with batteries you do have to get

your own batteries 2:18 650s this little

ribbon makes it easier to remove the

batteries the battery door cover

attaches by magnet there's three of them

oh yeah

batteries are important even smoke

stresses it with this card so if the

wrap or the battery itself is damaged in

any way don't use it there's also a

manual with pictures here are the specs

if you want to pause the video 1 2 3 4 5

clicks turns on the device one two three

four five clicks gives you this message

and here you can turn it off or and

leave it on I'm a wattage kind of girl

so right now I have this in wattage mode

on the screen you can see a battery life

indicator for each battery over here

here's where the watts are gonna show up

to adjust that you can just use these

over here hold one down it does this a

lot faster and it caps out at 230 watts

is a bummer it doesn't sound robbing

smoke you guys know how much I love a

round robin egg like what the heck it's

not necessary it's just I don't like it

okay I like it for this part I don't put

the tank on here cuz I often fry the

coil but once there is one you're gonna

see resistance here voltage when you're

hitting the fire button and this is the

puff counter so this over here brings me

into the menu to go back click this in

case you forgot this is the G probe 3 so

over here in mode you have the option

between VW which is power or wattage

mode and TC temperature control these

over here preheat these are vape

strength so there's soft normal hard in

max it basically bumps up the wattage or

decreases it for like a second or two it

just a couple in the beginning that's it

and here again you can adjust your

wattage that or you can just do that on

the main home screen so in this mode you

can use coils that are made out of

Kanthal or a stainless steel in

temperature control you gotta know you

gotta know which material your coil is

made from there's nickel titanium and

stainless steel stainless steel works in

both of them and on this screen I can

also adjust the TCR temperature

coefficient of resistance which will

vary depending on which metal you're

using and yeah adjusting water in

temperature control mode is a thing even

though someone laughed at me for seeing

it but yeah you can so here's how you do

it and this does cap out at the full 230

watts this gives you like a little

preheat or boost in my mode over here

you can program in your own settings so

you can pick a wattage preheat and write

in a flavor yep this thing does kind of

have a full keyboard next one is puff so

here you can set a max amount of puffs

never is infinite and that's where I

leave it I don't I don't know why I

would ever need this maybe if you're

regulating your puffs I guess after that

is how many puffs you've already taken

so 0 P is zero to clear it click this

and as that after puff is settings so

here in general you have some

information about

the device after that is factory reset

you can reset it if you want to

accessibility so here you can have it

out of lock after the screen times out

or not and power off this is another way

to turn off the device chip that's just

more information about the chipset that

I - gee after chip is themed so here you

can pick different colors if I go back

now it's yellow I can have it why I can

have it purple or pink whatever you want

to call that that's that and on the

bottom is the screen timeout time so

this is how many seconds before the

screen goes dark and it caps out at 240

no it does not round-robin this is a

child a safety feature you can choose to

have a passcode on here my pass codes

are really complex just I put one in

here 1 2 3 4 ok put it in again ok and

my 4 lucky numbers well there's this

obviously ok and my last 4 codes of your

cell phone yep it's all the same it's

all the same there we go

so now if I turn off the device I can

turn it off in here so I'm gonna go

ahead and turn it off and then I try to

turn it back on I'm gonna get the best

code ok there we go so here I have to

put in the code in order to get into the

device what if I take the batteries out

will it reset on my passcode oh it

actually kept it so that's how that


so here's the tank it holds 5

milliliters of a liquid and called the

tfv a 16 light yeah

really easy to remember so it opens with

this little button right here you push

the button and then you swivel it swivel

it out let me try

again that wasn't a perfect swivel I

only want like swivel perfection on this

channel and that just was not it push

the button

push the button swivel out it doesn't

like perfectly line up on this tank so I

kind of have to push it down and then

push it in are they all like that

no the tank has adjustable airflow on

the bottom two of these floods to get to

the coil grab the tank turn the base

counterclockwise and these are pull and

plug kind of coils so this tank uses a

conical mesh coil and here's a look at


so this coil that was already

pre-installed as a point two ohm coil

and they're saying it's best between 60

and 85 the midline try to keep your

liquid at or above that preferably above

and in the box there is another coil so

this one is 0.15 ohm coil and it can be

vape between 60 and 90 watts again

there's a midline this one's slightly

different it's a dual mesh coil so

instead of one coil being down the

center there's doable and there is an

additional piece of glass for the tank

this is extra parts for the tank and a

USB cable for charging pretty decent

length and it's type-c oh yeah this

thing is quite the fingerprint magnet on

the screen side the other side not bad


alright so now that I have a tank on

here you can see resistance voltage you

can only see when I'm firing and then it

disappears over here is a little lock

symbol so to unlock it I can hold down

this button just lightly so now I can

adjust my settings to lock it you can

lightly hold down this button again and

to make the screen go completely dark

and lock it at the same time click the

button so I can still fire the device

but I can't do anything on the screen so

there it is this thing's like 60 $90

something like that depending on where

you look plus batteries cuz it does not

come with batteries and now the moment I

know some of you have been waiting for

vaping with a white background

effects will leave it on stroke effect

while I babe for me it's best around

like 7075 waltz I also like to do fun

tricks like sexy that's my proudest one

that's definitely my best trick that I

have and that's it I gotta go see you

guys next time please subscribe please

subscribe ring the bell

it may not do anything at all but it

might so I'll see you guys later

Tolu delete lose


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