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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

👆Sun Grown Tobacco For Cuban Cigar Master Blender

well we say abandon sweetly fading Cuban
handmade cigar 90% of the tobacco leaf
production we sell to the government and
10% we came for the water with that 10%
will make a war on sugar that we may
hear in the farm and we give to taste to
the people visiting here we also settle
them on one of the local to DJ and I
will explain you everything concerning
in tobacco within the busy you can be
silly you may with the guy right in the
world is Nadia that's me that in the
same plant of some tobacco that is four
different varieties of only two leaf
from the top of the plant we call it
mega tiempo menu tempo and the strong
taste until live it's rare only to live
from the top of the plant a little bit
low we'll ahead of the hero is a full
flavor filling leaf also from the top of
the plant the liver in the middle would
call in Seco second is a medium
flavorful liver in the middle essential
for aroma and the live from bottom we
call bolado which is laurel leaf supply
the lighter flavor fillers and binders
which are well combustion how to obtain
this all the nutrients and energy from
the solid goes to the Apple leaf they
live there are situated from the middle
to the top they are more thicker in
texture more flavor because received
more energy and nutrients but also
receive more sunlight that's why when we
make the inside part of the cigar we
combine different sort of leaf for
example they leave that we called binder
binder made two functions from the cigar
binder made the shape of the cigar and
welcome bushin binder coming from the
bottom of the song ground tobacco plant
they live from the border not the sinner
live in the song gran tobacco plan
because is they live they receive less
energy and nutrients the rest of the
leaf are the feelers Philips giving the
flavor and aroma according to the brand
we make a recipe of fillers we enveloped
into the binder with press to tighten
the cigar and then we pass the wrapper
lived outside leaf wrapper leaf are not
coming from song ground tobacco plant
wrapping leaf is coming from shade
around tobacco shade on tobacco
we don't plant here in Mineola shake it
on tobacco's grow in the south-west of
the region on the districts of someone
in Martinez Ansari there at 50 kilometer
from here there the farmers close the
fields like a greenhouse which is some
field lighters less Sun more humid in
the bottom the plants they're taller
compared with the Sun ground tobacco
they live more develop more elastic more
thinner more reaching oils from the
middle to the top reduce the darker
color from the middle to the bottom
no no it's also Mary last time I saw him
was in 2001 or mm I don't remember
exactly about 20 years ago 27 different
brand of cigars 250 different sizes and
shapes sorry I forget to bring my car
today that's why I made with my with my
finger nerve we may hear in the farm
only one size of cigar the name of this
size is Mareeba Mareeba
is a size that we find in 12 different
brands Parrish bran will make a
different recipe of so you did the cigar
in honey yeah now we're going to light
when are we gonna roll it you shut up
buff several times
shouldn't buff okay yeah and puffs
right did that often take a bigger small
turn the cigar at the same time to burn
a uniform
otherwise the influence of the wind
coming only from one direction and we
will advance more from one side and from
the other I still do and it's still
doing later please I hope you understand
my english still doing take a big smoke
yeah still doing to Brennan well once
you got is burning we smoke it slowly
right see God we smoke for pleasure yeah
right so now you're smart you tasting
the smoke in your mouth right fermenting
the leaf and after we may age in process
getting out of the leaf getting out of
the leaf takes minimum one year the
longer the age the better the result
that's why cigars are expensive it
tastes long and everything is handmade
understand ladies
so once the leaf already we make in the
sea girls the cigar that we give in to
taste and the cigars that we sell for
sell cigar here in the farm it's
forbidden for us to label the cigar we
can sell and to put in the the advantage
of this is that this is consider like a
souvenir and you don't need to declare
in custom the center vase
yeah on the central bane and why do you
remove it because we try to make Yannick
cigar here we're going on your I see
right here yeah not as much nicotine in
it okay right so ladies making a cigar
blended honey only for the demonstration
Tony doesn't glue the glue using cigars
is a vegetable glue vegetable glue is a
resting of the tree imported from Canada
maple sap come to Cuba like the salt of
Porter we mix with water and the
Restless a vegetable glue no smell not
flavor right that's the glue using
cigars and I'm going to make a different
one than the classic head I make a
pigtail a pig tape head
I make it and that's the technique to
make I mean I wish I could have I want
to I want to do it they can making know
Marsh video👆


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