👆Test The Possibility Of Systemic Effects Of Caffiene Via Smoking Coffee Powder

every one as you can see that I have set
up with EBD machine here split up
safety mascot that's right okay now I'm
going to check my BP no I'm not really
you know okay I agree that electronic
machines do not have the same accuracy
as you know human collisions but in my
experience they're fairly accurate and
not expecting a very high BP or anything
I walked around a bit so it might be
slightly elevated but I'm guessing 120
ish and pulse around 70 so everything
under normal circumstances now as you
can see I have some coffee powder over
here with some rolling paper and yeah so
slightly high systolic but I don't know
why anyway I think it's anyway let's
test it again there can be slight
increased because I walked around a bit
I'm slightly excited you know anxiety
okay calm down though it lies an Akita
really yeah
again repetition is science so let's
repeat an experiment to find out if the
video machine is working and if it is
then is it working properly yep I think
it's overestimating slightly not much
slightly if it is consistent yeah so
it's roughly consistent with the
systolic pressure ah anyway again not as
accurate as I would expect but what the
hell now let's get the experiment
started more than adequate coffee powder
and dish now let's try to make it
whatever this is
it's kind of ready anyway it's time to
light this up and do this
I'm not an expert at this guy's
it's it's something's there's something
the problem is to sustain the combustion
of coffee a coffee isn't very naturally
combustible substances are learned
you can see that it's caramelizing tips
yes and it's not going to sustain
combustion so alternate plan let's do it
in the kitchen this is what I'm doing
now instead because you know
there needs to be some sort of
coordination between breathing and
I'm not getting much reading on the same
thing damn it
okay so in the interest of science and
ruto places check what my bps I don't
think there's going to be any
precipitant change you notice will
change but just for the hell of it
because that is what is happening in
something I should have foreseen coffee
isn't very combustible as it when it
does it causes caramelization and the
Masters gets stuck there sort of a fumes
that I was trying to attain want with it
coming so I have to think of and see
that said there's my link reason pulse
systolic is almost the same diastolic
it's hovering around the same so not
I have another idea which I want to
explore then let's see what happens