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The Proposed Law Includes Banning The Sale Of Vaping Products To Under 18s

The Real Cause Of Lung Illness|CDC Has Released New Studies On Vaping

what's up guys
Nick from baby here the CDC has released
yet another update on vaping and things
are looking up I've posted videos in the
past about updates from the CDC and now
it seems we finally have some concrete
information before we get into it make
sure you subscribe to the veined
official YouTube channel and don't
forget to hit that notification bell now
let's get started just last week on
Friday January 17th the CDC published
several articles presenting findings on
vaping in the New England Journal of
Medicine one article in particular looks
at the causes of the alleged vaping
illness often known as evalue the report
confirms that the vast majority of those
affected by the long illness use THC
products the CDC interviewed patients
had found 82 percent of those who had
become ill reported use of THC products
versus 14 percent that claimed only to
use nicotine vapes
additionally in 51 samples of tissue
from patients THC was detected in 48 the
CDC is also retracted previously
announced warnings about vaping up until
now a warning on the CDC website advised
to avoid the use of e-cigarettes the
warning now simply refers to THC
notably those obtained from informal
sources like off the street a warning
advising against vaping nicotine has
remained but is specifically for
children which I'd say is understandable
another CDC report in the New England
Journal stresses that lung illnesses
continue to be strongly linked to
vitamin E acetate which is known to be a
common filler in black-market THC vape
products I've covered counterfeit THC
products in the wrists of vitamin E
acetate in a previous video right around
the time illnesses started to pop up so
feel free to check that out if you want
more information the study discusses the
difference in that nicotine and the
other ingredients in a liquid are water
soluble and when heated create a vapor
versus oils which are described as
sticky and can be caught in the lungs
air sacs triggering inflammation another
report shows how flavors play a role
with minors a survey conducted by the
CDC has actually shown that flavors
aren't the main cause of youth vaping
according to the survey over 75 percent
of high school and middle school
students chose reasons other than
appealing flavor as the reason why they
baked coming in as the number one reason
with a 56 percent response rate was the
statement I was curious about them other
highly rated responses where a friend or
family member used them babes can be
used to do tricks and I can use them
unnoticed at home or school
unsurprisingly getting and nicotine rush
wasn't available as a response all this
information coming out of some great
progress for vaping but one big question
still remains for me is the damage
already done for months now vaping has
been demonized and this has led to a
serious snowball effect from unnecessary
media attention to legislative action
like bans on products the result has led
many businesses to close up for good
simply over misinformation
now that the correct information is
finally coming to light I wonder if it's
even enough after the amount of scrutiny
this industry is faced in the past
months I'd want to see important
information like this get passed over
which is why I tried to fit as many
facts into this video as I could if you
care about the future of vaping


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