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Unbox The Smok Nord 2 Kit|Button-Triggered Pod System Device

I'm guessing you

click because you wanted to see this

there it is there you go look Nord get

to the other day a friend who's a smoker

/ joule user came over and we saw this

kit my friends like can I pop it like I

really wish I could help you man but I

don't really have that many mates no III

gave it to them and then later that

night I got a text this thing is so much

better than the better than the better

perfect I'm a professional unboxer and

all that means is I got paid to do this

so first up inside of the box there's

this you can't you can't see it a

warranty card good luck with that and on

the backside of that is the verification

code next the user manual also inside of

the box you're gonna find a USB cable

for charging but this is not type C C

type it's just can you see how standard

that is there we go as you can see it

comes with two pods two pods with two

coils not each each pod has one coil

already pre-installed the pods hold

roughly 4.5 milliliters of a liquid the

coils are different from each other one

of them is a point 4 ohm coil this one

is mesh style

Carolee C in there but believe me it's

mesh style and on the other one is point

8 ohm resistance blurry and it is just a

regular coil just kind of all those

little spiral things the fill hole is on

the side of these things I don't like

little stopper dealios I break a little

latch or something else but it works

it's cold in Florida it's like in the

thirties forties it's so freezing well

the rest of the country just kills with

this on a regular basis Mike

I'm just gonna cover this message

because it's just a dumb nicotine

morning there's no nicotine in my tea

time I'm really digging this flavour to

Earl Grey but yeah if you look on the

back there's nothing in here

there's just VG vegetable glycerin

propylene glycol and some flavorings but

there is no nicotine this is a drug-free

kind of channel kind of establishment

did you think this was we do need a

little time to saturate so give like

five minutes if you have a brand new

coil in there yeah the cotton in there

needs to get wet it's really wet and

then the last thing inside of the box is

the mod this thing has a pretty

decent-sized battery 1500 million amp

hours so one more time without all the

wraps and dings and this isn't the only

color that this comes in these will come

in a whole bunch of colors I put the

tank in like this and then I push it on

till I hear a snap and now it is like in

there so one of the sides is actually a

screen one two three four five turns

this on push the button to use it and

you can see the wattage you can also see

puff timer voltage resistance to change

the wattage one two or three clicks it's

blinking now I can change the wattage so

I could click it just slowly click it

because you can quickly click it turn it

off and if you want it to go faster hold

the button down it caps out at 40 watts

it stops but if I keep going it round

robins a little screen that makes me so

happy makes me so happy because whenever

I see those stupid little lights where

you click the button three times and you

see the red green blue or whatever order

they decide to have it in its I get so

many vapes like is red the lowest or the

red the highest bucket I don't even like



I'm gonna try out the other coil 0.4


oh yeah those ones best at like 25 watts

the other one like under 12 I would say



so that's it if you like it there's this

whole internet out there you can search

for it and find it and that's it I gotta

go please subscribe

reading the bell as well and hopefully

I'll see you next time to Lully loose



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