👆Why Quitting Smoking Is Not Easy?

the FDA released a statement
that was nothing short of astounding in
Scott Gottlieb the FDA commissioner says
that they have a plan to save millions
of lives a plan whose benefits would
dwarf the introduction of any new
medical technology the statement
announces that their plan is how to stop
people from smoking
the FDA claims that analysis shows that
our plan has the potential to drop
smoking rates from the current 15
percent to as low as 1.4 percent this is
huge news after all smoking is the
public health crisis to end all public
health crises we've grown numb to it so
it bears repeating just how dire the
situation is even with all the progress
we've made to reduce smoking rates if
you take aids alcohol car accidents
murders suicide and drugs all epidemics
in their own right smoking kills more
people than all of them combined okay so
that's the stage solving smoking is the
holy grail of public health and the FDA
releases a public statement saying and
I'm back today to talk to you about how
I plan to fulfill that that promise and
then they say something that is almost
incomprehensible they're not gonna do it
the latter the whole purpose of the
FDA's letter is to explain why they
can't quite bring themselves to execute
that plan this is the story of that
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hon lik was in a crisis he smoked just
like his dad before him but his dad
before him had just died and yet every
day he lit another cigarette as a
pharmacist he knew what the remedy was
he tried everything patches gum cold
turkey everything the problem was
nothing replaced the feeling of a
cigarette ask any smoker who tried the
patch or gum and they'll tell you it
just isn't the same doctors talk about
curbing the craving hon lik wanted to
satisfy the craving so being a
pharmacist by training he decided that
if a solution to his problem didn't
exist yet he'd invented there's a famous
quote by Douglas Adams that goes it's
not the fall that kills you it's the
sudden stop at the end this simple quote
encapsulate a simple idea an idea that
Han liqu realized could be his saving
grace often what we think of as the most
dangerous part isn't what kills us and
if you can extricate one for the other
you can achieve a relatively safe
experience such as skydiving big fall no
sudden stop han Lix epiphany was that
smoking might be the same what people
often blame is the nicotine and yes it
got you into this mess it's what keeps
you in this mess but nicotine isn't what
kills smokers it's this smoke produced
by combustion the burning of products
like tobacco leaves creates tar and
other dangerous carcinogens and
breathing that is what causes cancer and
eventually kills you it's not the
nicotine so Han Lix idea was that if he
could remove the tar and smoke could he
make nicotine safe again or at least
safe in the way we'd call skydiving safe
not harmless but to use the analogy far
safer than throwing yourself out of an
airplane with nothing on and so the
e-cigarette was born vaping as we know
it here in the States
it looks like a cigarette it's inhaled
like a cigarette but there's no burning
no combustion expert estimate that it's
95 percent less harmful than a
traditional cigarette
this is what the FDA was excited about
this was their plan they realized how
disruptive this technology could be for
years our attempts to curb smoking rates
has centered around lecturing taxing and
banning and it's work to some extent but
the process is slow so slow in fact that
while many countries individual smoking
rates have gone down because of
population growth the absolute number of
smokers on the planet has actually risen
and suddenly in the midst of this
disaster out comes this solution that I
all accounts is a much less harmful
alternative to smoking that mimics
smoking almost perfectly it's like if
for years you've been trying to get
people to stop eating meat by giving
them tofu and suddenly someone invents
the impossible burger the opportunity is
just huge and for many isn't
hypothetical or a theoretical plan ISA
Kretz is already a life-saving device
from the UK that IT engineer used to be
a chemist and used to be a smoker I
tried at RT and I tried cold turkey and
I tried all sorts of things to try and
give up smoking because I knew it was
making me ill just over five years ago I
came across this bad boy I haven't got
rid of it because well kind of a savior
and that day I stopped smoking in
tobacco that was it I quit that's pretty
powerful stuff I just got a device
myself I didn't need anyone's help
I just quit smoking and yet despite all
the plans in spite of all the smokers
who could be saved by this technology
it's on the brink of getting banned in
fact San Francisco recently announced
that it was banning vaping for the same
reason the FDA didn't want to follow
through on their plan and is now openly
considering banning vaping products as
well kids are picking up vaping
the FDA is at a crossroads on the one
hand they know they have the public
health innovation of the century that
can save millions of lives but on the
other hand they're afraid allowing these
products is causing a whole new
generation to get addicted to nicotine
who in their view may not have otherwise
picked up smoking damned if they do him
they don't the FDA Commissioner makes
his decision in the letter they're
siding with the kids and it's announced
in a sentence that I find heartbreaking
but unfortunately in order to close the
on-ramp for kids we're now going to have
to take some actions that we think are
going to narrow the off-ramp for adults
and that's a trade-off that we have to
make and so that's what they've been
doing making a series of ads in izing
the very product they say can save so
many smokers lives presumably to get
kids to think twice before vaping
there's an epidemic spreading scientists
say it can change your brain it can
release dangerous chemicals like
formaldehyde into your bloodstream
it can expose your lungs to acromion
which can cause irreversible damage it's
not a parasite not Myron
it's vaping but of course all of this
comes at the cost there's the problem
Scott Gottlieb mentioned a body like the
FDA is never giving advice to just one
group they're always speaking through a
megaphone so even though this ad is
clearly targeted to keep kids off vaping
it's seen by adults too and they're
getting smokers confused and angry
because if you're an adult smoker this
is just propaganda propaganda for a good
cause you could argue but propaganda
nonetheless and it's performing a little
too well when asked about the health
effects of vaping in 2012 51 percent
identified vaping as less harmful than
smoking but in 2017 only 35% of people
correctly answered that question and the
bottom line of this is that adults who
should be making the switch from
cigarettes to vaping now aren't sure of
what to make of these devices because of
conflicting messages this should concern
you possibly one of the greatest medical
and public health innovations of our
time as admitted by the FDA is being
demonized because kids are experimenting
with taboo adult products but it's not
like this is an easy issue we can't
swing the other way and ignore these
concerns it is troubling but my concern
is that policymakers are overreacting
and will continue to overreact to a
reasonable concern and use really blunt
policy tools to fix a very specific
problem blunt policies such as banning
flavored a liquids a favorite among
adult vapors who quit smoking it helps
them dissociate from the tobacco flavor
and also absolutely insane policy plans
like banning vapes altogether I'm
talking to you San Francisco the place
where it's totally fine to buy
cigarettes but against the law to buy e
cigarettes we have to be careful because
even though these policies will probably
drive e cigarette use among youth down
these policies hurt smokers and drive
them back to what's killing them in the
FDA's paper there's a lot of talk about
choosing between smokers and kids and
they said the FDA is clear they're not
willing to risk the kids fair enough
but I think it's worth looking for a
third option that while not perfect
doesn't involve just throwing one group
under the bus in favor of another
instead of enacting blunt policies that
affect smoker and youth alike we can and
should pursue targeted legislation that
affects the youths access to tobacco
products but that doesn't affect the
millions of adult smokers who like John
have tried everything and feel like
they're running out of time to quit and
a good place to start is with tobacco 21
laws which raises the minimum age to buy
tobacco products to 21 years or older
jool already publicly supports this law
as do many vape shops and the reason for
this is that it removes a huge part of
the supply chain of vapes for high
school students because in states where
the age of access to tobacco is 18
seniors in high school can always buy
for their younger friends tobacco 21
laws put a stop to this another
reasonable regulation is stronger online
age verification that consists of more
than just clicking I'm over 21 to be
able to shop because let's not pretend
for a second that's stopping anyone
underage the FDA is looking into this
idea but essentially it's the online
equivalent of forcing someone to show ID
instead of merely believing them when
you ask are you 21 or not but on the
other hand we also need to make sure
that adult smokers are not getting
confused about what we know about vaping
even for kids these commercials are
questionable propaganda even for a noble
cause rarely works in the long run this
is your brain on drugs
any question but even if you want to
keep those commercials you should also
create a message for adult smokers as
well that tells them that there are
clear health benefits to switching from
cigarettes to vaping and while it's true
that we're still looking for more
evidence as to the long-term health
effects of vaping nearly every expert on
tobacco products including conservative
health bodies like the FDA admit the
vaping is far safer than cigarettes so
we should support at every turn someone
switching from cigarettes to
e-cigarettes completely which is where
you see the biggest health benefit and
how we do that is we need to be honest
about the health effects of smoking
versus vaping publicly and while this is
obviously challenging since we once
again face the megaphone problem I think
this can be done you just have
the frame the commercial right I think
in recent years jewel has actually
established a decent case study for this
after making some advertising mistakes
in their past their new advertising is
clearly focused and targeted towards
adult smokers and this is the kind of
campaign we need from the FDA as well
otherwise we'll continue to have a
regulatory body which pays lip service
to the possibilities of e-cigarette
products yet is only giving a one-sided
portrayal of vaping in the media that
confuses adult smokers and prevents them
from switching look this topic can get
really divisive and in this
heartbreaking paper by the FDA you see
exactly why the truth about vaping is
complicated it's a dilemma because both
adult smokers and concerned parents have
valid concerns and the solution lies
somewhere in the middle in balancing
these interests the answer isn't simple
it involves nuanced public health
policies that keeps babes out of the
hands of kids and puts them into the
hands of millions of adult smokers who
are looking to quit but if we pull it
off we could potentially save millions
of lives stop don't go anywhere because
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now I want to also talk about something
that's a recent development it's an
unfortunate development I hate to bring
it up but it concerns Scott Gottlieb he
recently left the FDA and joined
Pfizer's Board of Directors that's a bad
look and worse than that Pfizer is the
creator of chantix and chantix is a
smoking cessation tool in other words
it's in direct competition with vaping
which is also trying to stop people from
so does that cast doubt on Scott
Gottlieb's intentions when he was in the
FDA supposedly seeing the issue from all
sides yes it's problematic that now he's
representing a drug company who the FDA
should be in theory regulating but with
that I want to move on to something a
little happier which is really cool it's
just extra content for you guys on this
vaping story I just recently sat down
with Aaron Bieber who's the
documentarian who will be soon releasing
his movie you don't know nicotine we
talked about these issues in more depth
so if you want to go ahead and see that
go to my second channel coffee Zilla
thank you guys so much for watching
y'all means so much to me and I hope to
see you in the next