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Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

Eleaf iStick D Disposable Vape Pod Review

okay so there are new FDA regulations

not saying any pod based system like the

Joule or the fix where you actually have

a little pod that you buy in a pack and

stick it into a battery may not have any

flavors other than tobacco or menthol

but there might be a little bit of a

loophole I don't want to give any

misinformation I don't want to miss

inform you but all the information that

I've been receiving as of yesterday and

this morning points to the fact that a

disposable that is completely contained

and sold maybe in a vape shop where

children can't get them like this right

here the istick D is going to be okay so

I want to show them to you



welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony today we're looking at the istick d

yeah like I said the FDA has new

regulations out and new guidance and

basically if you're somebody who's the

fix of the Joule or any such there's

probably hundreds of them out there that

use the little cartridges t…

Does The UWELL Crown Open Pod System Live Up To Expectations

gonna take a look at the latest open pod

system from you well it's called the


welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm

Tony yeah this is what we're looking at

today it comes from you well this is

their latest of the open pod systems

this one is called the crown totally

open pod system you can refill the pods

and I probably get maybe about five to

ten uses out of each one of the pods

depending on what kind of liquid you're

using and if the sweetener fouls up the

coils and all that kind of stuff pretty

sure that it uses the same coils as the

Caliburn because they are the as it says

on here the pro focused testing

technology or flavor testing technology

from ul gives you an unparalleled vape

experience it sent me a little fact

sheet on it it is dry activated or

button vape you can lock it or unlock it

you know basically five clicks on five

clicks off refillable pods there are two

pods in the package one is a 0.6 for

restricted direct to Leung and one ohm

for mouth al…

The Vapefly Kriemhild Sub Ohm Tank Review |Childproof And Top Filling Design

got another one from German 103 and vape

fly this is the crime Hilde sub ohm tank

welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony yep this is what we're looking at

today it is the crime hild I think is

how you pronounce that I don't know my

German is real bad so sub ohm tank from

vape fly and German 103 the German 103

is a group of a hundred and three people

that's all their names right there that

are a German team of designers creative

dreamers and of course vape fly also

cooperating on this project I'm using

this on the swell mod right here with

these nice custom panels I got that hat

on there and Tony B project at the

bottom down there these were done by CS

wood designs he made these ones out of

all acrylic those so that the mod could

still be waterproof yeah this is a lot

of proof mods as well but this is a

standard size mod and I'll just say

right off the bat look how big that tank

is on here man I mean let's just pull

this off here for a second from the

An In-Depth Review On The DotAIO | The Best AIO Of 2020

okay if you own a dot AIO

from dot mod this one you might want to

pay attention to today we're looking at

the rebuildable at mizzou buy at Mazzone

this is the dot shell

welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm

Tony today we are looking at this just

this piece right here the dot shell now

this is an RBA that's made for the dot


system you know these are the dot a iOS

here which this is actually the latest

dot AIO

which is a less expensive version of it

it's actually called the S II and on

this one it's made of zinc alloy they've

got some nice laser etchings on the

inside of it and all that a little bit

heavier a little bit less expensive I

think it comes in around $70 on the dot

mod website it is made in China it's

designed by dot mod in California they

are serial and all that kind of stuff

and then this is actually kind of a cool

little thing this is just an aside on

the inside of the se it actually tells

you very soft soft medium strong tells

you the lig…

Top Quality Gear Innokin Kroma R Zlide Kit Review Simple And Elegant

need a really reliable 18 650 80 watt

mod well you might want to check out the

chroma arm from Innokin

welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony today we're looking at the chroma

are well this is a kit that comes with

these slides so it's called the chroma

our slide comes from Anakin this one

obviously is black and this is its you

know I gotta tell you at first I was

like okay another little internal

battery device then I started looking in

the our I think it's for a removable

battery or replaceable battery 18 650

it's very nice actually if you're

looking for something that's relatively

simple you can rent it with low watts

because the coil in here is recommended

up to I think like 14 watts or something

like that gonna get a lot of battery

life out of it from a company that makes

a really reliable device this might be

something to take a look at I'm using

some vinyl and vapor deep cuts today

this is side CPB party peanut butter

party three milligrams…