A Bill Regulating The Sale Of Flavored Vaping Products Was Approved

a bill regulating the sale of flavored

vaping products is one step closer to

becoming law tonight it's one of nearly

a dozen proposals this legislative

session to change the rules for vaping

Fox 13's L Thomas is on the hill tonight

l yeah hey Bob you know we hear a lot

about these flavored vaping products

bubble gum tutti-frutti con candy they

all sound great right well this bill

would make it so only shops are licensed

as specialty retail tobacco shops could

actually carry that product we have a

witness in favor in this house committee

meeting then I saw one witness in

opposition yeah please a laundry list of

items is presented and debated some

clarity would be nice looking to shed a

little light some lights are on

statewide issues on today's agenda

House bill 118 one of many pieces of

legislation addressing vaping and

anything that we can do to keep this

harmful product out of the hands of our

youth is is a good step forward the

retail tobacco amendment aims to change

the way flavored vaping products are

sold there are over 15,000 different

types of flavored products basically

unless a business is licensed as a

specialty tobacco retailer flavored

products are off the shelf we see this

as a way of having the things that are

most attractive to the kids in stores

where kids are not supposed to be in

meeting the bill was well received

obviously I'm supporting the legislation

I support this bill but others believe

it will bring more harm than good

that has drastic ramifications in a

statement to Fox 13 the Utah vapor

Business Association said the bill quote

arbitrarily shuts down businesses that

are operating legally by not allowing

businesses without the licenses to sell

flavored products inconveniencing

businesses is an OK is OK collateral

damage to protect our kids and that's

really what it comes down to still in

this meeting motion is that we pass

first substitute House bill 118 out

favorably all those in favor please say


the eyes have it are there any opposed

that passes unanimously

so now that the bill has passed in this

house committee meeting it is one step

closer to becoming a law but not quite

there yet it still has to undergo this

same process in the Senate live with

capital L Thomas Fox 13 News Utah