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A Quick Recap Of The Current State Of Vaping Including FDA, CDC

- We've talked about vaping

before on this channel.

But with this many people getting sick,

I think it's time to

take another deep dive.


(hypnotic hiphop music)

What's going on right now

with the vaping situation

is just absolutely absurd.

We have about 500 cases in 33 states

of individuals suffering with lung illness

that is suspected to be caused by vaping.

And the scariest part, up to

five deaths have been reported

with the same type of lung injury.

They're having a chemical

inflammation in their lungs,

and the only thing that they're doing

that could possibly cause it is vaping.

These are not elderly

folks with lung disease

or those suffering with pneumonia.

We're having young people

who are otherwise healthy

being admitted into the

intensive care unit,

put on breathing machines

just because they were vaping.

- [Narrator] He was

hospitalized this week.

- I'm 18 years old.

My lungs are like a 70-year-old's.

- Why is this happening now?

Many people have speculated that, oh,

it's because we're more

likely to recognize

that people may be vaping

and ask the question,

therefore, identify more cases.

Well, last year,

when we were asking the

same vaping question,

we didn't see this uptick in cases.

This is a genuine uptick, and

there's been studies actually

that have been done on this

and proven this to be true.

I think two reasonable things

that can be happening is,

A, products have changed

somewhat over the last year.

They've become more potent.

They've added new flavors.

They've added new ingredients.

And the second thing is

if someone's been vaping

for a longer period of time,

they're more likely to have side effects.

And possibly one of these side effects

is lung-related injury.

Is this caused by a specific product,

a specific chemical, a

specific modification,

or a specific frequency of use?

Now, we don't have answers

to those questions.

The one pattern that we have

seen in the recent times,

they've been using not

only nicotine products,

but the huge majority of

them use THC vape products.

In those THC vape product,

there is a chemical

called vitamin E acetate.

And New York State

Department health officials

have a suspicion that it's this chemical

that's causing many of these cases.

And, of course, the big companies

like Juul are jumping in

and saying, well, our

products don't contain THC.

So we shouldn't really

be affected by this.

I don't think that's the case.

There have been some instances

of people not using THC vapes

and just using nicotine vapes like Juul.

So jumping to a conclusion

now is just too early.

That's why the CDC mentioned

that there's a pattern

but are not saying anything definitively.

As I said before, I

much prefer to be alert

in these circumstances

rather than anxious.

So I wanna give you some symptoms

that are good to be on the lookout for

if you or your loved ones vape.

The obvious one here

is shortness of breath.

It can develop slowly over

time in a progressive manner,

or it can happen really quickly,

at which point you have to call 911.

The other symptoms are less specific.

We're talking nausea,

vomiting, fever, chills,

and even a cough.

Now, all those things may make you think

that you have a virus or

some other sort of infection.

But that's exactly why it's important

if you see any of these

symptoms and you vape

to go get checked out by your doctor.

Now, if you're using it as

a form of risk reduction,

you're a habitual smoker, adult smoker,

and you'd like to get off cigarettes

and vaping is the only

the only way you can.

You've tried all of the other

methods, and they've failed.

Maybe, in that circumstance,

I can say vaping works.

But right now, what we're

seeing is a generation

of young people that actually

weren't smoking cigarettes

that are now starting to

get addicted to vaping.

And the reason why

vaping is so addicting is

because of nicotine.

Nicotine affects your frontal cortex.

That's the part of your brain

that's responsible for decision making.

When you're a teen, that

area isn't fully formed

and developed yet, so

you're very susceptible

to outside influences on that area,

meaning that you're more likely

to develop an addiction potential.

In fact, the reason we regulate products

like smoking, alcohol, gambling

is primarily because of this reason

that we don't want the frontal

cortex affected by this.

When Juul and all these other companies

launched their product,

they really benefited

from the perception that

vaping is safer than smoking.

And while that may be true in some cases,

if you weren't smoking to begin with,

there's no real reason to vape.

But the way they advertised

it to young people is that,

uh, it's pretty much safe.

They showed picture of cool

and hip young adults using it.

They even created flavors

like bubble gum, cotton candy.

Who's that attractive for?

The young mind obviously.

Now, in this specific circumstance

where we're seeing all these

vaping lung-related injuries

start to rack up, we need to take action.

I don't like that the CDC said

we should consider stopping vaping.

What does consider even mean?

I recently heard a doctor

say this really well.

Imagine you're in a building.

And the fire alarm goes off,

and the announcement that's

made is not to evacuate

but to consider evacuating.

What are you gonna do there?

You might be left in flux and confused.

So I don't think that the

current level of alert

by the CDC is appropriate.

I think what we should do

just like we do when there's

a salmonella outbreak

in lettuce for example, we

say don't eat any lettuce

until further notice, until

we figure this thing out.

I think we should exactly that.

We should stop all vaping

until we figure out what is causing this.

Is it a specific chemical?

Is it a specific product?

Is it a specific frequency?

We need answers before

we start giving guidance.

And until we can give guidance,

the proper guidance is

to say, don't do it.

As I told you in the past,

the way doctors make recommendations

is based on evidence.

And evidence sometimes changes.

Right now, with all of these

vape-related lung injuries

piling up, I think it's

best to hold off on vaping.

That may change.

I may change my guidance and

make an updated vaping video

in the new future, so be

on the lookout for that.

If you enjoyed this video,

check out this playlist

that I made for you.

And as always, stay happy and healthy.


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