A Smoke Shop In Phoenix Selling Vaping Products To Minors

hi how are you my name is Joe Dana I'm

with 12 News we're with the attorney

general's office can we ask you why he

would sell to a 16 year old girl

actually by mistake it was because from

what we understand she knew that she was

16 and she decided to sell to her

anyways she didn't speak that good

English she must I understand that she's

16 that's what happened how long have

you had your shop here I'm actually I

don't own it I just work here it's been

here a while yeah I'm I guess yeah

couple of years yes do you guys

understand the seriousness of not

selling nicotine to minors by my watch

she's my wife just come and help me and

she misunderstand it like she's 16 but

you could have stopped it yes I did you

didn't stop it no actually I did stop it

and I just go to the back I'm moving

some stuff and I thought she already

left but the guy he came and he lighted

my ticket for it yes do you think that

nicotine addiction is a serious problem

among youth right now that is do you

feel like you have a responsibility to

try to stop it to try to help prevent it

- well everybody has responsibility you

know we want a better community better

people you need to get responsibility

somehow but you cannot stop people

addicted to smoke you know we try but

people they want it you know do you

really feel it's worth trying it's worth

not selling to these kids it is worth it

for kids yeah it is worth it for kids it

is worth it

have you sold the kids in the past no no

so could you say publicly right now you

absolutely will make sure

you won't sell to kids in the future

exactly hundred percent what about your

wife hundred percent yeah she as usual

doesn't work here she just come to help

and she ties a customer she never

thought like to ask a few sixteen or

eighteen you know she just tried to bail

that's it