👆An In-Depth Look On Vape Tanks And How They Function

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now with out of the way let's talk about

tanks tanks come in all kinds of shapes

and sizes but all serve the same purpose

which is to hold your a liquid so it can

be baked although I'll be using a few

different tanks for demonstration in

this video you might be using something

different and that's okay

almost all tanks have the same general

parts and functions but if you have any

questions be sure to leave them in the

comments below now let's break down the

tank the main parts of a tank are the

base coil glass tube top cap and drip

tube each part has a specific job in the

function of your tank the base allows

your tank to communicate with your mod

inside of the base are contact points

that your core will sit on on the

outside is the 510 connection which is a

universal threading that allows your

tank to connect to your mod on most

tanks the base is also where your

airflow ring is this allows you to

change the amount of air coming into

your tank more open will have a looser

draw and give you more vapor closed up

the draw will be tighter the coils where

all the magic happens inside is cotton

and a coil made out of metal wire

basically put the cotton absorbs your

eliquids and wicks it to the coil the

coil then heats up your a liquid and

that's how vapor is made clothes come in

many varieties which allow you to

customize how your tank vapes many coils

these days have a wattage range on them

making it easy to know what wattage

setting your mod should be at next is

the glass tube it surrounds your coil

and holds your eliquid in glass is the

most commonly broken part of a tank if

you're a clumsy vapor like me vape bands

are a lifesaver

the top cap seals off your tank and is

also home to the filling port this can

be in many different spots on your tank

common examples are threaded caps that

screw off swivel caps that stay attached

to the tank or ring style caps that pop

off with a port on the side versus the

top some tanks have an airflow ring on

the top cap these work the same way as

having one on the base but can help

against leakage the last part of your

tank is the drip tip this is where

you're inhaling from on most tanks your

drip tip is removable making it easy to

replace and clean most drip tips come in

two sizes five-10 or standard and 8 10

or wide bore drip tips also come in tons

of different designs so if you're

looking to give your setup a personal

touch start with the new tip and that's

everything you need to know about tanks

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