An In-Depth Review On The DotAIO | The Best AIO Of 2020

okay if you own a dot AIO

from dot mod this one you might want to

pay attention to today we're looking at

the rebuildable at mizzou buy at Mazzone

this is the dot shell

welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm

Tony today we are looking at this just

this piece right here the dot shell now

this is an RBA that's made for the dot


system you know these are the dot a iOS

here which this is actually the latest

dot AIO

which is a less expensive version of it

it's actually called the S II and on

this one it's made of zinc alloy they've

got some nice laser etchings on the

inside of it and all that a little bit

heavier a little bit less expensive I

think it comes in around $70 on the dot

mod website it is made in China it's

designed by dot mod in California they

are serial and all that kind of stuff

and then this is actually kind of a cool

little thing this is just an aside on

the inside of the se it actually tells

you very soft soft medium strong tells

you the lights flashing rapidly and what

those warnings are and it also tells you

how to use this little button down here

so it's just kind of a cool thing now I

think they did that on this because you

could do that in zinc alloy but it would

be a little bit more difficult to do

with aluminum I still prefer the

aluminum ones however this one does look

pretty cool the other thing about this

one is that the doors they're just

straight-up plastic they do have some

nice edgings in them and all that but

they're just straight-up plastic that's

what she looks like inside now let's

take a look at the rest of this here

before we do that this is the dot RBA

that's inside of here so you can see let

me pull this one open here you can see

that you're actually going to get a

little bit more capacity when you're

using the dot shell as well now the

difference is this one is 50 bucks for

the dot RBA which I've shown here in the

channel and this one depending on where

you get it I got it directly through

their website and because it was coming

from Greece it was around $80 for the

actual item and then well when I was

sitting down with shipping and handling

and all that kind of stuff through DHL

which was very fast

it was around 110 115 dollars just for

this right here it does come with the

plastic we'll show you here in just a

second a lot easier to build on and all

that but you know I mean this one does

just fine for 50 bucks and I did buy two

of these I got one of them directly from

their website and then Scott over at

squonk America had them as list and I

was able to buy that here in the US

shipped and everything else for about

$85 so this one I've been using and with

this one I've got James Buckland coils

in here they are

and eighty two point five millimeter

diameter aliens between point four seven

point five three is what they come out

to now he does these so that they're

wrapped either both leads going the same

way or one lead going you know the leads

go in the opposite directions for this

one you want the leads going the

opposite directions also I use cloud9

cotton this comes from Australia man I

tell you what those poor guys over there

there's just so much going the animals

man my heart goes out to you folks in

Australia and I've been praying for you

guys now the one that's inside this box

I did build it I haven't used it yet I

put the same build in here that I've got

inside of this all right so two point

five diameter five wraps and twenty-four

G this is Kanthal a one wire got this

from vapor DNA okay so this is a stock

tank for a dot a IO and basically what

these guys did at at Mazzone at mizzou

they got with dot mod and said hey look

we'd like to use your reservoir or tank

and use it for our RBA and they got

their blessings to do so so you can see

in here that there is like a little seal

that goes around this so when you pull

this out of here this piece right here

can pull out of that it's kind of locked

in there with those little clamps you

know the little tabs that are right

there but that can come out of there so

if you've got old tanks like this you've

got a colored one a purple one something

like that and you want to use it you can

do that you just got to get this piece

right here at this plastic piece so the

Box dot shell stainless steel DS six one

four that is your serial on this

manufacture date and all that kind of

stuff and a lot of information here on

the back about checking the internals of

the device and all that kind of stuff

slide that out now it's nice that you

get this little box because you do want

to keep all of your parts together open

this up we've got your warranty and

authenticity card right here and then a

user manual and I gotta say this is

actually something you will want a

manual for I'm gonna leave this up here

for a second in case you want to read

that their specs on here and what's

inside the box I'll show you all these

parts here in just second if you want to

pause that to read it go ahead and do so

right now and I love this because it

breaks down all the parts now I have not

completely disassembled one of these

things but you know it shows you all the

different parts here and stuff like that

if you want to disassemble this thing

completely you can do that it's made of

stainless steel 316

great main device metal parts stainless

steel 304 post screws and food great

gaskets and o-rings and all that stuff

but yes there are two different as they

call them positive tubes in here the

spare is a different diameter than the

one that comes in here this one's wide

open this one's a little bit tighter but

to me it is very helpful that you can

see the entire thing broken down just in

case you want to take it apart and clean

it out and take it you know whatever you

want to do to it and then they give you

tips and everything that you need to

know on how to use this thing and I

think that's pretty darn great you see

it has these airflow holes down here it

does kind of tell you what its going to

be like if you uncover the holes and all

that kind of stuff so that's actually

pretty cool it's an airflow tuning guide

warnings warnings warnings all that

stuff so this is that positive tube I

was talking about see it's actually kind

of tight right there so if you wanted to

tighten it up that way you can that's

where the airflow is gonna come in and

up through that just like the dot RBA

this little piece comes on here so that

you can it's a 5-10 adapter basically

you're gonna put the the deck into this

put this on a ohm reader and you're good

to go

well look at this in just a second this

right over here I have a feeling they

have these it's it's extra to get them

they're little inserts that you can put

inside of the other one of these because

it's wide open and you know I didn't

need them so I didn't get them but I

have a feeling that they have that there

just in case they want to put them in

there I don't know but we do have a

couple of extra positive screws

underneath that down under here got a

little at mizzou sticker and then you

get extra o rings and this is actually

pretty cool they give you a little guide

right here it's one-to-one so if you're

trying to figure out which a ring is

which well you got to do is take that

o-ring and place it on there and you can

figure it out that's that's actually

pretty cool

very smart extra seals for everything

that is involved now because you

actually get the full assembly when you

buy this if you wanted to put your old

tank in here just for safekeeping you

can do that let's get to the star of the

show the meat and potatoes alright so

this is the dot shell over here it says

at mizzou buy at Mazzone and then on

this side it says dot shell and you'll

see that it's kind of you know there's a

gap right there

this thing is held together with

pressure I mean there are rings inside

of here but once it's inside the mod

it's pressed together like that so they

do tell you that if you're going to fill


make sure it's inside the mod before you

do so because that's how its held

together but what is really cool about


that say you need to get in there and

work on the deck it even has your serial

number on the on the chimney there but

say you need to get in there and work on

the deck and you got a full tank you're

like dang it so all you got to do is

flip it upside down pop this out and

guess what all your juice is safe inside

there cuz that sealed up there so yeah

that is actually a really cool little

benefit they see inside of here there

are two holes that's where the liquid is

gonna come in and hit your wicks and

I'll show you that in just a minute and

then right up into the chimney there is

a little bit of doming they're wide open

though and then what you can do is pull

this out there we go oops okay so we

just gotta get this back on here again

there are extras in there in case you

need them that goes on here get this

back on right there we go just sits on

there like that so there are your two

wicking holes now this is what I was

talking about see that's open right

there this little piece right there can

come out of there the plastic piece it's

right there and you can use your old

tanks alright so we'll go ahead and put

this back in here I like to line it up

the way they lined it up with dot gel on

the same side as the fill just slide

that in take a little bit of working to

get it in there just right slide it up

make sure that it's nice and sealed in

there like that

so here's your build deck let me do this

real quick I'm just going to take this

off of course that's your air flow

control ring and what you do is put the

adapter on there and you can just put

that right on to a ohm reader or

whatever another mod and then when

you're done take that off and put this

back on airflow adjustment like this

small hole to big hole I pretty much

usually prefer them wide open depending

on the build now on this one because

I've got a pretty sizable coil in there

I've actually got to close down to three

of the holes so this is the bill that I

have in here right now it's a very

simple five wrap twenty four gauge a one

kanthal wire and you know it works so

well and this one with the dot RBA I

figured I'd try the same build in this

one why not got it spaced and everything

this comes out to about 0.47 0.5 so I

got to do is drag your wick through

there and then these little channels

your wick is actually going to lay right

in those channels you can also use those

channels to use your tool to position

the coil because you want it down as far

as you can close to that airflow that's

right there in the middle here's a

picture of the deck without a build in

it so you can see I mean there's just a

wide open and by the way that post

that's in there is the one

that's in there when you get it so if

you were to take that other one and

stick it in there it would already start

out tighter so you wouldn't have to

worry about using those little adjuster

adapters that they sell but if you want

to get those you can use this one and

stick them right into that anyways if

you do have an adapter in there then you

want to make sure that you raise this up

a little bit but as close to that hole

as you can get it they suggest that you

put your leads on the bottom so that the

coil is sitting up above them that also

helps to keep the legs out of the way of

your cotton because they're underneath

so yeah you just put your cotton through

there lay them in there snip your cotton

off at the sides there and you don't

want any hanging out there so that's why

they've kind of made it at an angle so

you can just kind of cut that like that

it's not necessarily a less-is-more type

of thing because you do want enough

cotton in there because remember when

this is sitting right on there the

liquid is coming right down to your

cotton it is nicely machined on the

inside of there though so it kind of

closes those off liquid is constantly

sitting under cotton so that is actually

kind of nice I will tell you that with

this thin wire it's a little bit harder

I'm not as big of a fan of these type of

capture systems just because it's like

getting the wire under there making it

stay and all that stuff can be a little

bit finicky the fatter wire that I used

was a lot easier so anyways this is what

it looks like with the cotton wick in

there from the other one that I used so

once you get your wicking going and all

that stuff all you go do is drop her in

like that put it inside the mod and pop

this open and fill it up actually works

out quite nicely

I've been enjoying it that's not to say

that the dot RBA that you know the dot

mod sells is not good I have four of

them and I have four of these mods so

I'd have to say this is my favourite AIO

of 2019 that's why I own four of them

yeah I still use the PAL two and all

that kind of stuff and the PAL two is a

great little mod I mentioned that one

because that was a Toni B project and it

was only around 25 30 bucks whereas this

one's you know $70 for this and this one

is 120 dollars so big difference but you

know if you can afford it I really like

these and now that I've got the dot

shell in my life I like it even more if

you already own the dot mod RBA and

you're happy with how you build it and

all that kind of stuff you might not

need this one it is not inexpensive I

mean if you buy it directly from Greece

it's gonna be about a hundred and twenty

dollars shipped and you know deliver if

you're able to fight a US retailer that

has it like I was able to get one from

squak America Scott McCann that one was

I think what 85 bucks shipped or

something like that maybe 90 shipped

either way they are not cheap they also

make the vape shell that is used for the

billet box I've got four of these things

that should tell you something I really

like them I've got two of them with dot

RBA's in them the ones that come from

dot mod and this one is officially

sanctioned by them so they were like

yeah man if you want to make one of

these for our mod we would love that

I will tell you that this one is a

little bit easier to build because

you've got so much room and what is

really nice about it is that I can just

pull the tank out pull that deck out of

it work on the deck with the juice still

in the tank with the dot RBA you cannot

do that you got to wait until the juice

is low enough that if you lay the tank

down you can pull that out of there you

know what I'm talking about it's just it

is a lot easier to manipulate and work

with flavor-wise they're both really

about the same to be honest with you and

of course it's very dependent on the

build that you put in there so for

example I've got this dot a iOS right

now this one has got a James Buckland

coil they're very good coil it's an

alien coil it's about 0.47 ohms which

this is also about 0.47 ohms with a just

single wire build in there it's just

spaced single round wire and this one

fires a lot quicker and it's also this

is Kanthal this one is nichrome so

anyways this one right now let's see

I've got this one set at 3/4 power so

three of the lights on the on the fire

button now it takes a second for it to

get up to heat that's that's one of the

things because it's not adjustable

wattage per se I mean you can adjust the

wattage with just the four different


so it takes a couple of seconds for it

to actually get up to heat now keeping

in mind that I didn't put one of the I

didn't put that alternative post in

there that reduces the the airflow and

I've got the airflow closed on both of

these the same amount just one of the

airflow holes is closed so that's that

one now this one here completely called

and I've got that you know that round

wire build in here immediately get the

hit so you know it just depends on what

you put in there right I have not had

any problems with these things leaking

and that's kind of a surprise to me

because I can't remember the last time I

saw a build deck or any kind of

rebuildable where the liquid is just

completely open at the top there's two

holes liquid is constantly sitting on

your wicks and I was like okay we're

gonna see how this thing works I don't

know that it's gonna hold up you know I

figured it was just gonna leap but I

haven't had any leaking whatsoever a

little bit of condensation inside the

chamber that's inside of there you know

you might get a little bit of

condensation right down in the in the

bottom of it there but other than that

really haven't had any problems at all I

just figured it was gonna be a leaky

machine but it is definitely not I

personally think it's worth it now I you

know some people are gonna say oh geez

well that's as much as the mod cost it

is and you know it really comes down to

this I have a friend that buys $300

pairs of sneakers he's like oh yeah 300

bucks that's kind of minimum I'll go up

to 700 and I'm like man I will go over

70 bucks for a pair of sneakers I mean

that's just that's just me that's my

preference so whatever your tolerance is

whatever your threshold is that's what

you got to look at I think it's about 50

bucks for the dot RB a 45 is actually

what it cost and this one you're gonna

pay around a hundred bucks you know give

or take ten or fifteen dollars either

way not much more for me to say about it

I didn't build it on camera because I

just I hate building on camera it's

always it's awkward you're around the

tripod and all that kind of stuff and

with the round wire it did take me a

little bit more because there's not as

much wire to grab onto that that might

be one of my it's not necessarily a

negative but it's not my favorite way to

have just a screw that secures your

underneath it you got to wrap your way

that isn't always my favorite way on the

other hand it is quite easy to build and

I will say that it is easier to build

than the dot RBA because the dot RBA has

that you know itty-bitty little screw in

there and yeah so overall it is easier

to build than the dot RBA either one of

those you're not gonna go wrong with but

I'm really happy with the dot shell from

a fazool buy at Mazzone and I liked it

enough that I actually bought two of

these things myself so there you go hey

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