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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Anti-Vape Advertisments Are Cringe

what up my fellow vapers today we'll be

talking about some cringe es anti vape

ads yeah it seems a lot of crusty old

white men are trying to put our vapes

down but they kind of backed out of it

which is good because we should have the

free will to vape as we choose now as we

puff those phat clouds we're be watching

several ads on people saying oh why

vaping is bed and why you shouldn't do

it ironically these ads have given me

more cancer than the vape and I've been

blowing fucking vapor water on my

asshole so yeah I'm an expert vey pused

alright I can't do this shit anymore I

just want to say that I don't like

people that vape because typically

they're douchebags or fuck nuts

but these ads are just as bad as those

people so without further ado grab your

popcorn and grab your vape let's get

some tumors I know you want to quit your

habit but why are you gonna pollute the

earth while you're doing that just

fucking throw that shit in the trashcan

well you got to send it off in the sky

now some birds gonna grab your ISA guys

are puffing clouds yeah that's gonna

help me quit vaping some annoying ass

bitch screaming in my goddamn face is

this just another poor attempt of loud

equals funny cuz that's what I'm

sniffing here haha that's so funny she's

screaming and smacking the jewel away

next time I come across someone who

disagrees with me I'm gonna scream in

their face and slap their nutsack

ah was he a troglodyte again why don't

you just throw the thing away instead of

wasting money pouring liquids on it well

I recognize that bebo that's so


there is nothing worse in this world and

a bunch of executive old boomers trying

to use memes you see people like Whaley

ponds just being loud and random they

automatically think oh these kids today

are into comedy where people just yell

and be random which is perfect because

think of good jokes takes effort what's

up guys it's me Doug the Pug

social-media influencer we're out here

to manage drool not test on humans and

next we'll take down mailman do you

honest to god think kids are gonna see

this ad and be like oh that talking dog

is absolutely correct I should really

stop vaping know what they're gonna do

is vape even more so they could forget

about seeing this dumbass commercial

shit me singing that talking dog maybe

want a hotbox myself to death which is

very hard to do by the way yeah you can

die from vaping but mm-hmm you can die

from vaping but it's not an epidemic

there's an epidemic spreading people are

acting like vapes are worse than

cigarettes still not good for you and

very douchey but still a better

alternative this is nothing more than a

bunch of cherry-picking but that's not

the only cherry-picking happening now

one in three LGBTQ smokers use menthol

cigarettes yeah whose fault is that

scientists say it can change your brain

it can release dangerous chemicals like

formaldehyde into your bloodstream

Stephanie isn't fear-mongering yeah I

have a better solution why don't you

just show pictures of people like this

or this you can do some hashtag like

hashtag don't be a fuck-boy or something

like that unless people are willing to

vape if they think that society believes

they look stupid doing it because at

that point they're self-conscious

don't vape kids it'll make you stay off

in the distance and all you'll think

about is your dumb little vape

yeah that's realistic if a child is

getting this hyped up during a video

game he must be on vape or smoking a

joule also he got a lot of unsubtle


it sounds like background music you

would hear in the dark night whenever

there's a joker scene tone it down

you're making us seem like these kids

are addicted to crack or something beep

gotta have my vape I would just like to

point out the kids who typically act

like this

we're probably already behaving this way

before they picked up the dreaded vape

and they only picked up the jewel to be

different from society and they're cool

and hipstery a parents understand me man

I'm gonna go hotbox my room that's good


you never want to talk about a dream I

said I do want to talk about it wait

wait trait what are you doing

oh wow did you guys see that the vape

causes kids to get out of a moving car

to get away from his dad this is such a

horrible drug it's killing everyone no

no get out listen to me get out of my

room okay mom I'm turning a hotbox in

here get the fuck out of my room Jesus

is bad

yeah don't babe kids it causes

schoolyard fights who fucking wrote this

someone from the 1950s I also gotta love

how the entire school is running over to

see two girls argue because that never

happens I swear to god I thought these

students were running away from some

school shooter and they're gonna try to

blame mass shootings on vapes the fact I

thought that was a possibility is really



it's a fucking vape yes right kids if

you vape you're gonna end up just like

this woman do you know where I can get

any crack you say what you do where you

got a crack yeah


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