App Allows Kids To Report Their Classmates For Vaping In School

okay we're going back to school here

cheating on a test skipping class

the question is would you tell on your

classmates Tammy how about you all right

well maybe not for those kinds of things

but now there's an app where you can

read out your classmates for vaping on

campus and get this two teenagers

designed it let's take a closer look so

there's this fading problem which I'm

sure the administrators know of but it's

nothing's getting done about it so what

can these two high school juniors do

about it well Christian Adam created an

app to help catch their peers there's

almost no way for an administrator to

know whether the baby's happening in the

bathroom unless they walk in the app

allows students to anonymously report

when they see other students vaping they

simply selects what gender the restroom

is which building it's in and what floor

I'd say it's the number one thing that

we deal with associate principal

Christine Bonita has worked with the

teens on the concept for nearly a year

she says it was her way to help solve

the crisis and get students involved

they don't understand what they're

putting in their body we really have to

educate them on how to make that better

choice and how to put them their health

first in one week students reported 300

vaping incidents don't do it because it

could affect not just you but even

younger generations so what happens when

a student is caught - all they have to

attend a ten-week health risks program

the teenagers developed it for their

school but now other districts are