👆Are Vaping Conspiracy Theories True ?

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today I have my tinfoil hat on so we can

talk about some vaping conspiracy

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much better now let's get into our first

theory with vaping becoming more and

more popular as a method of quitting

smoking more and more people are getting

on board with the idea current vapes are

easy to operate and maintain offer a

healthy alternative to smoking and cost

less what isn't there to love well the

whole thing if you're a tobacco producer

or shareholder their theories floating

around that Big Tobacco is behind the

negative press surrounding vaping as a

way of reducing vapors every coupang

smokers leading to more sales and happy

shareholders if you look in the past

it's even easier to see the truth

November of 1998 marked the completion

of the tobacco master settlement

agreement or MSA between the tobacco

industry and 46 states to help with

health care costs from smoking the MSA

was created and essentially the tobacco

industry would make payments to the

states involved the agreement also

stated it exempted the tobacco industry

from any legal liability for harm caused

by tobacco use this was signed off with

a guaranteed minimum payment of 206

billion dollars over 25 years this is

already pretty bad but here's where

things get interesting

several states wanted an upfront payment

versus annual payments and to do so

tobacco bonds were sold states that

opted to sell tobacco bonds include

California Michigan New York New Jersey

and Massachusetts these are all states

that have recently imposed bands on

vaping products eventually the billions

of dollars made off these bonds need to

be repaid and the amounts given solely

depend on tobacco sales MSA aside it's

clear that the US has a vested interest

in tobacco and you can find evidence of

that even more recently almost instantly

after the u.s. president Donald Trump

proposed a federal ban on flavored east

cigarette products tobacco stocks rose

after the announcement Altria had a 1.1

percent raise and Philip Morris

International raised two percent after

previously dropping it's unfortunate to

say but it seems like access to

life-saving technology could be lost

just to make some already fat pockets a

little fatter

moving on to theory number two similar

to tobacco another industry losing out

to vaping is pharmaceuticals nicotine

replacement therapy

or NRT is a multi-billion dollar

industry including products such as

nicotine gum patches and inhalers

although many large health organizations

are nonprofit if you look deep enough

you can find some pretty interesting

relationships for example Pfizer one of

the largest multinational pharmaceutical

corporations is one of the biggest

affiliates of the American Lung

Association vaping serves as an

increasingly popular method of nicotine

replacement that is not under the

umbrella of NRT vaping also does not

result in adverse health effects such as

nausea and mouth irritation from gum

skin irritation with patches and

headaches from sprays so why would it be

so wrong to have a cheaper and safer

alternative to expensive pharmaceutical

products well if you're starting to

catch on to the trend it's money

revenues are decreasing due to many

people adopting vaping as their method

of choice to quit smoking a 20-19 study

found that in a randomly selected group

of smokers 80% were willing to stick

with cigarettes versus only 9% of NRT

users who were given the choice of

delivery methods between patches sprays

and gum if you're a shareholder this is

bad news and what might be one of the

easiest ways to get rid of the

competition scare the public back onto

your products our next theory relates to

more recent developments in the vape

industry on September 13 2019 CNN

responded Chris Cuomo hosted an

interview with Gregory Connelly the

president of the American vaping

Association if you watch the interview

it's easy to tell that Connelly was not

going down without a fight and responded

with factual information versus constant

blaming and misdirecting which came from

cuomo side needless to say things got

pretty heated at times check it out

once again this is a product for adult

smokers to get off of cigarettes the

most deadly habit known to man and

that's all it's for why does it get

marketed to so many young kids if that's

all it's for at least 95% less harmful

than smokers and smokers need to know I

get the less bad argument whatever I'm

saying is you got teen vaping heads you

got scholarship edge you're throwing

concerts that's not for adult smokers

and you know it concerts aren't for

adults there are kids concerts we've

been to a concert in the past 20 years

I've been to a lot of closing my head

I'm a very hip so that happened and just

two days later on the 15th of September

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced

his office was seeking emergency

regulations to ban flavored tobacco

products this was finalized on the 7th

of September don't you think it's a

little convenient that after an

interview so clearly biased against

vaping that the big brother of the

reporter put forth these regulations

yeah must be a coincidence right the

next theory has to do with one of the

largest growing industries right now

cannabis the legal cannabis industry has

exploded on the market generating

massive sales and employment

opportunities in 2018 alone the US

cannabis industry generated over 10

billion dollars and is expected to

surpass 16 billion in 2019 also in 2018

the industry was home to over 250,000

jobs and this is also expected to rise

with booming sales in more states

getting on board with legalizing

cannabis it's clear that this is a very

important industry in most recent news

reports of lung issues have spread

hundreds of primarily teens have been

hospitalized and there have been a

handful of deaths initially there were

claims that vaping was the cause but

this was quickly corrected and it became

apparent that counterfeit THC cartridges

manufactured with fillers are the actual

culprit if you're looking for more

information about counterfeit THC

cartridges check out my video covering

the entire case and see why you don't

have to worry if you're using a nicotine

baby now when the actual news came out

some reports were changed to reflect

these findings but it seemed very

downplayed many news outlets continued

to refer to THC cartridges as vapes

and some still referred to vaping as the

cause my theory on this is the legal

cannabis industry is being protected

with a successful track record showing

it can be a huge source of revenue and

jobs some bad press could take that all

away on top of that it's easier to put

blame on vaping for all of us which has

already been causing trouble for tobacco

and pharmaceuticals finally our last


Jugal is the mastermind behind all of

this bad press as the largest vape

company in the world you might think

they're in it to support the vape

industry but things took a dark turn not

too long ago on December 20th 2018

altria group a tobacco producer behind

brands like Marlboro purchased a 35%

stake in Joule with a price tag of

twelve point eight million dollars so

let's fast forward a bit to August of

2019 now on the 14th the vapor

Technology Association or VTA

an organization formed to protect and

promote businesses in the vape industry

sue the FDA over unfair requirements in

premarket tobacco applications also

known as PM tas these are essentially

applications for tobacco products to be

reviewed by the FDA prior to public sale

following this six days later on August

20th Joule labs announces to

from the VTA referencing disagreements

on quote-unquote critical policy issues

they then go on to say that they support

tobacco legislations and an outright ban

on flavors yeah they said that now you

might be thinking with a ban on flavors

this would hurt jewel as well but their

strategy becomes clearer when you look

at the big picture with a ban on flavors

or vaping in general babe shops would be

eliminated leaving only one source for

vape equipment the same source with

pockets full of tobacco money what do

you think about these theories do you

have any of your own that didn't make

the list let me know in the comments

below so we can talk about it as always

I'm Nick from baby thanks for watching