Arizona Stores Selling Tobacco And Vape Products To Minors

only on 12 news an i-team investigation

exposing business owners who sell vape

and tobacco products to teens I just

asked for Easter goats and he said

suggests that these no they didn't

that's for anything no ID no age they're

supposed to be the gatekeepers at the

very least following the law but instead

they're assuring in an epidemic Arizona

business owners and clerks caught on


selling underage teens vape and tobacco

products Joe Dana went undercover with

state investigators here's the problem

teachers parents and police are having a

difficult enough time trying to keep

vape products out of the hands of teens

instead of helping them in the fight

these store owners are making it worse

agent how are you I'm Joe an undercover

sting the Arizona Attorney General

deploying full-time investigators

alongside undercover teens a 16 year old

girl and 15 year old boy equipped with

cash and a state ID are the buyers looks

like you got something there in your

hand do you want to be an undercover

agent when you're older I always wanted

to be part of the like the SWAT task

force or CTU test work which is a

counter-terrorist unit we'll follow you

and then regroup


the operations in west Phoenix and Tempe

20 stores in all the kids go in and out

putting store clerks to the test this

Glendale hookah lounge owner would not

take the bait

I say consulate to you assorted man I

think it's important we have people like

you we want to do the right thing

thank you so much but six of the twenty

store clerks did sell to the teens at

tempies up in smoke this store already

has five violations and this time uh he

did ask for my ID he looked at it he

handed it back to me I was like is there

a problem sir he is like no the clerk

not only sells to the undercover teen

but recommended this the concentration

of nicotine and this one cartridge is so

high it's equal to about seventy five

cigarettes it's not uncommon for someone

to smoke what's in here within a day or

two this product has an extremely high

level of nicotine when we try to get

answers can we ask you why you you

recommended this to a 16 year old at

smokers heaven in Phoenix the undercover

teen bought 50 dollars of eight products

she saw me pull out my ID he didn't even

s so this is the second violation for

smokers heaven in the last year my

name's Joe Dana I'm with 12 News could

you tell us why you sold the products to

a minor

don't do it this is the first time

happen the Attorney General's Office

tells us this happened in the last year

its first time had never happened if you

have a school over right over there it

seems like you would be much more

careful yeah but with this stores caught

get fines around $300 citations to both

the business and to the clerk I gave

them information a diversion class but

is it all enough Attorney General mark

burnovich worries tobacco retailers view

the fines as the cost of doing business

he wants stiffer penalties so the way

the law is written right now it doesn't

matter whether you're a first-time

offender or this is your tenth time

being busted it's the same fines the

feint same fine structure some smaller

stores might feel it but for large

retailers like Food City which was also

busted the fine is hardly a financial

hit regarding the incident the parent

company of Food City fascism tells 12

news bashes family of stores takes the

sale of tobacco extremely seriously in

the particular instance the individual

involved was relatively new to our team

and had received all of the proper

onboarding training immediately

following the occurrence that member was

disciplined in addition to attending a

retraining program no ID no age the

Attorney General wants lawmakers to

stiffen penalties for stores that

repeatedly violate the law in the hopes

they stop selling to minors if you don't

do something about this now we're not

aggressive about it we are gonna have a

whole generation that's gonna be

addicted to nicotine tobacco products

this is a statewide problem we found

over the past three years alone 959

Arizona businesses will repeat offenders

caught more than once

selling nicotine products to minors they

include big-name grocery stores and gas

stations see more of our investigation

at 12 News calm back to you