Asmodus Pyke Pod Kit Review|Ultra-Portable Kit

if you're a pod system user you can no

longer buy prefilled pods that have any

flavors other than tobacco or menthol so

I've got something today that might be a

really good solution for you this is the

pike from his modus

welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony and yeah today we're looking at the

pike from his motifs now there's

probably a lot of people that are

thinking whoa wait a minute I thought

pods were banned well the flavored pods

that are self-contained prefilled pods

in the US are now banned by the FDA you

can't buy flavored pods unless they're I

think menthol or tobacco jewel fix the

prefilled types that you can't buy here

unless they are those two flavors but a

fillable pod you can now when this thing

first was released which was a guess

maybe about within the last month or so

they were touting that they had the

prefilled pods and they may still have

them for other markets where those are

allowed but for today we're gonna be

focusing on the refillable pods as

motifs always sends a nice little fact

sheet which I'll go ahead and share that

with you now it shows the specs here as

aluminum alloy chassis so it's really

light an internal 480 milliamp hour

battery and like I said it says

available in both prefilled and open

designs to milk capacity side fill

design for the open one 1.2 m Advance

black ceramic heating element and that

is I guess the big thing with this one

and we'll get into that in a minute

gold-plated magnetic connection designed

for MTL vaping even though I don't like

a really tight MTL vape it still works

good for me leak resistant it has a

unique five layer leak proof design for

the prefilled and four layer leak proof

design for the refillable it does use

micro USB they say that's because you

know look if you have micro USB it's

ubiquitous it's everywhere you're always

gonna be able to find one and I kind of

go with that I just highlighted some of

the stuff in here because there's a lot

to read in here externally the Pyke's

aluminum chassis inspired by their

previous pod system the flow with the

soft contoured corners making for an

incredibly economical trap or table

device the pike pod system offers

excellent battery life thanks to an

internal 480 million power rechargeable

lipo battery working in conjunction with

the relatively high atomizer resistance

of 1.2 ohms

ensuring that the pike will easily last

an entire day

now that's something that I'm looking at

because I'm getting ready to have a

family vacation and this is I'm gonna

take one of these with me after using it

for a little bit here while the pike

might seem like your average

run-of-the-mill pod device at first

glance what really separates it from the

rest of the pack are the unique ceramic

cartridges replacement pods have been

designed from the ground up to deliver

an exceptional vaping experience with

the airflow tuned to deliver the perfect


the replacement cartridges make use of

an advanced 1.2 on black ceramic heating

element that not only offers a

one-of-a-kind flavor experience which

I'll tell you it does really give good

flavor but a longer total lifespan than

round wire even comparable ceramic coil

configurations resulting in changing

pods less often which i think is that's

going to make people happy ideal for use

with both nicotine salt and CBD liquid

the black ceramic pods enable it to

easily vaporize even the most viscous of

liquids due to a larger amount of

surface area and the excellent porosity

of the outer ceramic layer I know that

was a lot to read but when you look at

something like this you think well what

makes that different and that's what

they're saying I gotta say I really like

the size of it it's lightweight the

battery does last a long time especially

at 1.2 ohms and I kind of dig that here

on the side of the box it tells you

what's inside of there got more

information here on the back your

authenticity over here and their

certifications battery is sitting right

here a micro USB I've got a couple of

these and I actually ended up giving a

couple of them away to other people

because they're like dude that's

actually really nice it comes with two

different pods in here they're both the

same pods I mean but you get two pods

warranty information inside of here and

a very easy to use manual yep

instructions for use that's all there is

to it right there it does give you a

breakdown on the parts and also how to

fill it and all that kind of stuff

alright so here's one of the pods you

can't really see through it very well on

camera here I mean you can see your

juice level and there pretty easily in

person but when you're looking at one of

these it's you know on camera like this

so you can see down there that's the

coil inside of there

nice big holes for wicking and I don't

know if it looks like it's ceramic all

the way out to the outside there for

wicking gold-plated magnets on here for

contact and then to fill it you've just

got this little port that's over here

you just stick your fingernail in there

pop that open fill it in that hole and

that's a big enough hole that I don't

get any backup or anything like that

once it's filled you just pop that back

in there just like that and you are good

to go and I gotta say it is a really

good looking device it's nice and

rounded organ Amish it's got this cool

laser engraving down here that actually

it looks really good and that's your LED

light when you hit it it is draw


and it is also a battery indicator so

that's good so if the red light is on

it's three point two to three point five

volts that the blue light will be on if

it's three point five to three point

eight and the white light is on if it's

three point eight to four point two

volts meaning that it's its fault to

replace the PAS to thrill easy man just

pull it out like that and you'll see

that it does give you an indicator when

you pull that out there's your contacts

down inside of there and on there as

well drop it in and it gives you an

indication boom so yeah this might be an

ideal vacation mod I'll be going on a

family vacation soon and I'm like man

I'll tell you what this with those coils

if it can last twice as long or three

times as long as a regular coil in a pod

I might be able to get a whole week out

of it even on heavy usage with a 480

milliamp hour battery it's more than

most things of its size this thing is

really lightweight convenient I could

just drop it in a pocket or whatever I

think I think this is gonna be really

good for that now I've used a lot of

different pod systems because the well

that's what everybody's making right now

actually it's kind of shifting over to

more of the a iOS like the the Billa box

on the dot al and stuff like that but

yeah a lot of companies are making pods

right now a lot of them have come

through here I gotta say this one works

really really well the flavor off of it

is good

there's no adjusting of anything on here

so if you're somebody who just needs

simplicity it's gonna be great for that

most of the people that I've converted

from smoking or at least tried to

convert from smoking

they'll try the vape stuff for a little

bit and then they get really frustrated

Oh what batteries do I need to get Oh

what coils do I need to get oh this is

very confusing forget it I'm gonna go

back to my cigarettes easy to pull one

of those out of the pack light it when

I'm done throw it away you know that

kind of thing so something like this

definitely appeals to them and that's

okay we you know don't let anybody tell

you that oh you're you're vaping wrong

or something like that oh the way you

vape is bad as long as you're vaping and

not smoking that's all that matters to

me but yeah I really like this one I've

had more tight MTL things more tighter

more tight I don't know I've had MTL

pods that are tighter than this to me

this is just right man I mean it's tight

and tighter than I usually like but for

this type of device where I'm gonna have

higher nicotine and smaller hits it

works out really good

flavor is really good there's no

gurgling there's no spitting and I don't

know what they're doing for leak

proofing in here but there's been

absolutely no leaks in that so that is a

huge plus the fact that it looks really

good and even has that laser etching on

there that I don't know that just ups

the game a little bit for it I like it a

lot recently I've been using more billet

boxes and a iOS and things like that as

well as my squads but yeah there's

always a place for something like this

in my vaping repertoire if you will so

you know if I'm traveling or something

like this this is really good and for

the most part as møtes' is very good

with their products very well designed

they're sturdy they hold up and the

quality on them is usually very good I'd

say that this definitely lives up to

that that's the pike from his modus and

well thank you so much for your support

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