Aspire Rover 2 Starter Vape Kit Review|NX40 Mod & Nautilus XS Tank

if you're a fan of cute little mods

you're gonna want to check this one out

this is the aspire Rover 2 kit

welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm

Tony today we're looking at a new one

from aspire this one is actually called

the rover 2 kit this is the ruby version

of it right here so the rover kit

consists of a small mod which they call

the mod the NX 40 and then the tank is a

nautilus XS tank a two-point mill tank

so it's a Nautilus tank XS maybe extra

small has top airflow and all that stuff

on the box you've got your scratch in

check and your hologram over there and

it says inside the box you've got two

coils the Nautilus excess mesh coil at

0.7 ohms pre-installed and then a

Nautilus X coil at 1.8 ohms so if you

want to do your mouth too long or you

want to do direct long you can do either

one of those with this it does have

type-c on it by the way this one is the

turquoise kit and they've kind of real

nice finish to them let me just pull

this out of here so you can see this so

when they come they actually have a nice

seal over this so that this does not get


I believe it's seems like a plastic

material but look at the facets in that

it's hard it's really hard to tell here

but when you see it in person it's just

it looks pretty cool actually it's super

small I mean it's isn't that cute it's

just cute let me show you what else is

inside the box course your tank in your

mind you do have a warranty card inside

the box there's a manual which is

actually very easy to use if not you

know the words are very very small I

have to put on some some good glasses to

be able to read all this I'll leave the

specs up here for a second if you want

to read those go ahead and pause it the

battery is built in it's 2200 milliamp

hours output range is 1 to 40 watts the

screen is a 1.3 inch OLED display type-c

charging it does variable wattage

variable voltage and bypass you get your

USB C charging cable inside of the box

you also get a little baggie with extra

o rings for the tank extra glass and

your extra coil and stick look at that

real quick I just used the coil that was

pre-installed when I got it this coil

here is the Nautilus X 1.8 it's 12 to 16

watts so if you want to have battery

life this is the coil you want to use

it's gonna be a tighter draw for sure

nice big wicking holes though so that'll

help to alleviate your fears of dry hits

let's look at the Nautilus excess tank

first its first of all it's got really

nice machining to it it feels a very

good quality it's got a little heft to


some cooling fins up here at the top

your airflow is at the top on this one

just turns like that to adjust it there

are two holes on here actually and look

at the Micro knurling on this it's a

it's actually quite nice so to fill it

you just screw off the top like this and

you fill it right there just fill it on

the side there if you want to replace

your coil take off your glasses on there

really tight and what I do is I put my

finger on here and the thumb over here

and just push it and look at there I

just broke the glass so yeah that is

that's an inherent risk with this stuff

perhaps after you've been using it for a

little bit that will get lubed up and it

won't be as much of a problem but yeah

let me clean that up yeah so it wasn't

my technique because if you just try to

pull straight up then it's just too much

of a vacuum and it won't come off so I'm

putting the other glass on here so yeah

once this glass is off you would just

unscrew the coil and put a new one in

there I don't want to break that glass

again there we go the threads on this

are really smooth so that is nice to

know the only thing about this

high-gloss finish on here is that yeah

it you will get fingerprints on it so I

find myself wiping it on my shirt a lot

but you know for just a small portable

device I mean that is nice it's pretty

much Paul Mobil got your USB see over

here up and down buttons right there big

display on there and a fire button on

the display you've got your battery your

wattage is what your mode is right now

that's the amount of time that your last

hit was right there and that's your

wattage your voltage and your ohms so

that is the mesh coil that's inside of

there right now

it's the Nautilus x-mass coil zero point

seven ohms 18 to 22 watts it's a bigger

coil so it does take up a little bit

more room inside the tank but it's

supposed to be 2 mils

let's take this off real quick your 510

it does have a gold-plated pin inside

there for your positive pin let's do

this I'm gonna pull this off of here

real quick we're gonna hit the fire

button it says no atomizer you can see

that so it does have warnings to it so

real easy if you want to adjust it point

one watt increments and if you hold it

down it goes faster this one's up to 22

watts so we're gonna go around 20 that's

one thing I don't like about the point

one increments is that when you get

close to it you got a big dick and tell

you get down to it now if you hit this

fire button 3 times 1 2 3 then the

screen is off the fire button still

works but these buttons do not operate 1

2 3 screen comes back on so if you want

to say battery I'm

I'm sure it's not going to take that

much battery to run that screen but

stealth mode if we click the button five

times one two three four five it locks

everything so the mod is just locked if

you want to turn it off just hold this

button and now system off one two three

four five turns it back on if you want

to go through the different modes or

functions on this hit the plus button

and the fire button at the same time and

you're in voltage bypass and wattage and

then if you hit the down button in the

fire button at the same time now we've

got a little lock right there still

fires you cannot adjust it it also says

something in the manual about switching

between English and Chinese I have been

able to do it but you're supposed to

click both of these buttons ten times

one two three four five six when it does

give you that ok one two three four five

six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve

thirty forty I don't get the the choice

to change maybe that's because this was

sent to the US dono as far as

functionality that's about it but that's

all you really need with something like

this we're gonna leave this up around 20

watts and then let's go ahead and lock

it there we go all right so we're set

the buttons on here nice and clicky this

is more like a rocker that it is

individual buttons for something with a

2200 milliamp hour battery in it it's

relatively light so yeah it's pretty

nice for that on the go use I kind of

dig it and I've been using this with

other atomizers I put a couple rdas on

here and stuff words quite good I mean

you know if you're only looking for 40

watts this will do the trick and aspire

is a really trusted company for me so

there we go that is the NX 40 and the

Nautilus X tank combined they are the

rover 2 kit so aspire is a good company

they make good quality products all the

way back they were the first ones that

made a sub ohm tank that I got that I

was like wow man this is awesome so I

kind of have an affinity for them the

Nautilus tank I wasn't as big of a fan

especially the original Nautilus that

big bulbous looking thing that looked

like what did it look like it looked

like a tube for like a tube amp or

something like that wasn't a big fan of

even the looks of it and the performance

of it was ok but when they came out with

the it was at the Atlantis is that what

it was that sub ohm tank I was a big fan

that now they've made great strides

since then with the Nautilus and the

Nautilus coils people seem to really

like those coils now this one has a

standard Nautilus type coil at one point

what is that 1.8 ohms which is almost 2

ohms be great for mouths too long I've

got the mesh coil in here because that's

what I like and I have the airflow all

the way open it does have 2 cyclops

airflow holes there at the top which

helps because it's going to pretty much

eliminate the leaking the quality of the

tank is actually really nice with the

micro knurling on there and those fins

on there and everything and this mod is

just itty bitty and oh so cute you know

what I've used it with several different

RBA's tanks and things like that and it

does work really well with all those but

it's really well suited with this tank

that's on here alright so I've got this

of 20 watts and the coil is coming out

to 0.73 which is good because they say

that their mesh coil is 0.7 and so 0.73

that's pretty darn close for a you know

a premade store-bought coil the coil is

rated at 18 to 22 watts I've got it at

20 watts I don't you know I often don't

push my coils all the way up to the top

of what their recommended rate is or

even above that and sometimes I will

just to test them out or if it's not

working well for me but this mesh coil

in here is working really well I've got

a standard liquid in here at 3

milligrams from the cloud chemist it is

the I don't have it up here right now

frosted strawberry and man it's it's

tasting really good so if you want it to

produce a lot of clouds and you want to

do a direct lung hit you can do that

it's not really restricted at all for

what I'm using it is the perfect amount

of airflow all the way open is what I've

got it right now and I will tell you

that the flavour is banging on this

they've done they've really made some

strides with these Nautilus coils he's a

dude I didn't love them at first but

they're really good especially this

meshed one

like I say this mod is just so tiny and

so lightweight you could put just about

anything on it and bring it with you I

mean you know 2200 milliamp hour battery

it's gonna give you a good amount of

battery time it is not replaceable

battery though so you are gonna have to

charge this thing it's one of those kind

of Discipline things before you leave

the house make sure you've got your

charged mod with you you know that kind

of thing cuz you're not gonna be able to

replace the batteries now even if you're

a collector and you just like novelties

like a little tiny mod like this it's

pretty nice I remember some of the tiny

mods in the past like the mini volt and

things like that and this definitely

beats those out I'll say that for sure

yeah man

very good flavor actually quite a bit of

vapor production off of this but again

if you want to go with that 1.8 ohm coil

the coil that's in here the mesh one is

called the X s and then there's the

Nautilus X coil that is also inside the

box that 1.8 is gonna definitely save

you on battery you're gonna be running

low watts and yeah they work well I

tried it I just prefer the mesh one and

the other thing that is really good

about aspire is that while they're

really popular they're a big name and

pretty much every shop is gonna have

coils for these things that'd be the

worst thing you buy a mod and tank and

think oh this is really great and then

you run out of coils and you can't find

them well you're definitely gonna be

able to when it comes to aspire

typically these days my preference is

either a good squawk a single battery

squad or maybe something like the billet

box or a dot AIO but this is definitely

one that's gonna stay in my rotation I'm

gonna use this and it's gonna have multi

purposes I may use it with this tank I

may use it with some other kind of

cartomizer I don't know but this is one

that I will definitely keep around and

use well that's the aspire rover 2 kit

it includes the NX 40 mod and the

Nautilus excess tank XS extra small I

don't know but either way it works

really well and I want to thank you so

much for your support here and the

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