Canadian E-cigarettes Remain Popular Among Teens Thanks To Online Market

it's illegal to sell e-cigarettes and

vaping products to minors in Canada and

yet the devices remain popular among

teens that's because it's easy for kids

to get their hands on these products

Global Nationals Heather York's West has

been looking into the gaps that allow

the law to be broken

Brianna Ghandour says nearly everyone at

her Calgary high school vapes almost

every kid I see has one here in Alberta

you must be at least eighteen to

purchase East cigarettes or other

products but el ganador says younger

teens at her school seemed to have no

problem purchasing the products both in

stores and online convenience stores

Mac's 7-eleven anywhere and some kids

sell them to look at compliance in

stores in general the compliance has

been less than under Canadian law

convenience stores and vape shops must

verify a customer's age before selling

products but online proof of age varies

from site to site for example if you

want to buy from I quote switches from

the back of companies you know I had to

actually send a picture of my driver's

license companies like Jule have quite

good age verification online third-party

sales sites like Facebook marketplace

and Kijiji have both banned the sale of

vaping products we put that to the test

we found no vaping products were

available for sale on Facebook but on


there were plenty up for grabs in a

statement Kijiji says we commit

significant resources towards the

detection and Prevention of activities

that infringe our policies asking that

users let us know if they see an ad that

they think is illegal advocates say the

rules need to be better enforced across

the board we'd like to see more

inspections of stores on a regular basis

test shoppers should be used to ensure

that there are high levels of compliance

and the enforcement should be parallel

to what we see on tobacco health Canada

says it regularly inspects retailers

including those online for compliance

visiting 3,000 stores in the last six

months alone but despite those efforts

from algún doors perspective east


it become any more difficult to get

everyone has one

everyone Heather your ex West Global

News Calgary