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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Detroit Surgeon Shares Thoughts On The Dangerous Trend Vaping

it was an unprecedented medical

intervention to save a local teenager

from a vaping related lung injury this

is an evil that I haven't faced before

evil I haven't faced before that's the

view of vaping through the eyes of the

surgeon who performed the life-saving

lung transplant on Daniela meant dr.

Frank McGeorge is here tonight with the

challenges of Daniels case and how it

has motivated his surgeon to stop

children from picking up the vaping

habit doc absolutely Karen and Devon a

lung transplant is rarely ever done in

the setting of an acute lung damage

usually there's an extensive evaluation

and planning period but the lung injury

in this case from vaping was so rapid

and ferocious

the only option was to find new lungs if

you have scaling things between zero and

ten with ten being the worst he was at

ten dr. Hassan Namie is the director of

the heart and lung transplant program at

Henry Ford Hospital he led the team that

performed annual immense lung transplant

our awareness came from a phone call

that we received in one afternoon from

Children's Hospital from an intensivist

at Children's informing us that they

have a young gentleman with lung failure

due to VAP an injury-time was not on our

side it was it was precious so we needed

to move as soon as we could

Daniel had already been on ECMO

extracorporeal membrane oxygenation a

very special machine that takes blood

out of the body oxygenates it and

returns it to the body replacing the

function of the lungs but you cannot

survive on ECMO long-term if I recall

correctly it was on ECMO 11 days when we

got the call the clock was ticking for

Daniel being on ECMO is a high-risk

situation and by itself so complications

do arise and we see patients picture go

from relatively quasi stable to

completely unstable and progress into a

multi-system organ failure once the

decision was made to do a lung

transplant he was placed on the list and

everyone's relief in time a pair of

lungs became available during the

six-hour surgery dr. Namie was shocked

by the damage I would say functionally

he was near 100

gone the lungs were terrible they were

destroyed the lung destruction that I

faced with this transplant was worse

than anything else I've seen

despite that the rest of Daniels body

was healthy it was lucky in the sense

that his injury was soll early to the

lung all his other organs were

functioning beautifully kidneys liver

everything else was working fine that's

helped Daniel successfully rehabilitated

from this massive surgery still while

the lung transplant saved his life he's

not out of the woods in terms of

prognosis lung transplant among all the

solid organs seems to carry the worst

prognosis among all the solid organ

transplants because it's a very fragile

organ and it's in touch with the outside

world for long transplantations

50% of the patients are expected to be

alive and well between 7 to 8 years the

other 50% don't make it there this

entire experience put the vaping

epidemic in a different perspective for

dr. Namie this particular case was a

life case I saw the agony of the parents

I saw the young beautiful face of a

young man dying in front of me because

of the injury it I felt how senseless

this is really I mean this is this is

something that should not have happened

should have been completely avoidable so

it's made him into a crusader against

the dangers of vaping this is where the

value in my mind came up and you know

bye-bye my mission as I stated on a

couple occasions before is to just

prevent our kids from having access to

this and prevent it from being promoted

for the kids and even though his team

was able to save Daniels life there is

no question that vaping induced injury

to his lungs changed his life forever

now doctorin Amy and I actually talked

quite a bit about some of the theories

on what caused the spike in vaping lung

injuries while vitamin E acetate has

been implicated and other chemicals are

being investigated it's his belief

Namie's belief based on the aggressive

and widespread distribution of the

inflammatory damage that he saw this

injury was a combination of a chemical

plus a cascade of other damaging

processes in the lungs and he notes that

it seems to be unpredictable so vaping

is very much like playing Russian

roulette with your lungs and there

clearly is something specific to Daniel

to his own physiology because he was

vaping what other people were vaping her

exactly in Amy's words basically

everybody may have been using similar

things but there was something specific

about daniel's genetics or physiology

that triggered this particular reaction

in him so frightened yeah yeah


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