👆Does The Novel Corona Virus Have An Effect To Vaping

Today we're gonna do

something a little different because

I've been getting a ton and I mean a ton

of questions from a lot of vapours that

want me to talk about the corona virus

and how it affects vaping and to be

honest with you when I first started

getting the questions I was like Eddie

this really is this serious but I

understand why people are feeling the

way they feel about this corona virus

and about whether you know what effect

it has on vaping because let's face it

unless you're buying stuff that's

american-made 95% of our stuff that we

use the mainstream stuff comes from

China now the good news is most of our

stuff comes from a city called Shenzhen

it doesn't come from Wuhan which is

where the epicenter of the corona virus

is but it's still in China and before

they got a hold of this corona virus it

was the Chinese New Year and they locked

down all the cities but five million

people from Wuhan have been traveling

all over the country so it's a

legitimate concern so I just wanted to

address it and how it affects our lives

as vapors and what you could do maybe in

order to lower the minimal risk that

there already is now I'm no medical

doctor never claimed to be never will be

however I can read and I did do my own

research on the subject in order to

understand exactly what type of virus

we're dealing with here I think we have

to talk about the corona virus a little

bit and from most of the research that

I've done it seems like it's very very

similar to the common cold it just seems

to be a lot more contagious because of

its similarities to the common cold it's

also spread the same way right it's

spread by coughing by sneezing right you

call off on your hand you touch a

doorknob somebody else comes after you

they touch the doorknob they touch their

face boom you can get the virus okay so

it spread the same way as the common

cold or flu is spread because it's very

similar to the common cold and just a

little bit more contagious most

scientists are saying that you know even

if you sneeze directly on something

within 24 hours that virus should be

dead on the area that you actually

sneezed or coughed on now what most

experts are saying is when the symptoms

of the corona virus reveal themselves

it's very similar to an upper

respiratory infection symptoms would be

a stuffy nose a cough and a sore throat

so in order to talk about the corona

virus in this video we should know a

little bit about it now experts are

saying that the common flu has a death

rate of anywhere from 0.9 percent to 2.5

percent conversely experts are also

saying that the corona virus has a death

rate of around 2.5 percent so it's on

the high end of the spectrum of where

the flu viruses death rate is but it's

within that spectrum now the other thing

with the death rate of the corona virus

is it seems to be the most susceptible

people in our society are the very old

and the very young and isn't that the

way it is with most diseases right but

it seems to me that from what I've read

that the very old and the very young are

more susceptible to it especially if

they have a pre-existing condition that

weakens their existing immune system so

just keep that in mind let's try to put

things in perspective I don't want to

cause a panic it's hard to know if the

media is hyping this on purpose because

it's not like us as vapors it's not like

we haven't seen that done before by the

media and if they are they need to be

held responsible and it's shameful it's

actually criminal what they're doing if

they're creating a false hysteria over

that now there's no way of knowing that

because we really can't trust the

numbers that we're getting you know it's

a funny thing

we probably live in a day and age right

now where more information is available

to us than ever before I mean all we got

to do is whip out our smartphone and we

can google anything we can check

anything the problem is we don't know

because of

all of the mass information we don't

know what's real and what's fake and it

really has become that bad out there I

mean you guys remember what did the CDC

do to us as an industry they knew full

well what was going on with a volley and

they didn't care they pushed out a false

narrative the same thing with the World

Health Organization who write have you

seen some of their stuff against vaping

I mean it's absolutely criminal so I

don't believe a word they say about the

corona virus and as far as putting my

trust in a communist government I

honestly believe that the corona virus

is a lot worse over in China than they

are leading us to believe I really do

believe that we basically have to become

our own filter we got to use some common

sense and we have to filter out the

noise in order to get to the real facts

another great way to do that especially

in the vaping community is to go over

and check out our Facebook group because

I can tell you right now just by the

questions that I've gotten on the

coronavirus most of them were in PM or

an email it seemed like people felt

weird asking that question out in public

and you want to know something when it

comes to vaping the worst question

that's ever axed is the one that's never

asked ok guys I'm always there you see

me in my comments in my videos I'm happy

to answer any questions ok I'm pretty

patient with everybody I think I'm more

active in my youtube comments than most

reviewers hit me up if you have a

question you know the only time it

actually gets annoying for me if it's

something I actually covered in the

video you know because it makes me feel

like you didn't watch the video but I

still answer those questions too so the

big thing is if you're new to vaping and

this worries you ask questions join a

group it doesn't have to be our group

join any well-established group and ask

questions of other knowledgeable vapors

so just to get everybody feeling better

about the mods that they're using or the

stuff that they're ordering I'm gonna

cut down low I'm gonna show you the way

I traditionally clean my atomizers every

one of them before I vape on them the

process that I'm showing you is what I

do to every atomizer and since the

coronavirus hate

with all my mods this is what I've been

doing with my mods okay so here's what I

do when I get any new device I get some

Lysol disinfectant wipes right I take

the box I unbox it this is brand new all

I did was take the plastic off you can

see the plastic is still actually on the

mod okay I take all that crap off okay

expose everything then what I do is I

get my disinfecting wipes I take one and

I just give it a quick wipe down man

just give it a nice wipe down get

whatever germs may be all over it okay

these things aren't that wet so it's

mostly alcohol in there so it's gonna

dry pretty quickly too but get in there

and just clean it up real nice and

honestly if you want to do the same

thing to the mouthpiece just don't go

inside you know what I mean but if you

want to do the same thing to the tank

part by all means go ahead and do it

just give it a disinfecting wipe and let

it dry out it'll dry out real quick now

when it comes to something like an

atomizer alright here's another one I

haven't touched yet all I did was take

the plastic wrapper off okay what I'll

do is I'll take it out of the box I will

put it on an a deist and in order to

disassemble it right pop that off okay

make sure you take it apart take the

drip tip out take the top cap out all

right take it fully apart then what I do

is I take my ultrasonic cleaner I open

it up and I take some hot water you can

take you know hot water from the sink if

your sink water is pretty hot or you can

put it in the microwave for a couple of

seconds pour it right in there okay

right in the ultrasonic cleaner then I

take the cheapest vodka I can find and

I'll tell you why I use vodka in a

second and I pour like a shot or so in

there alright just like that okay and

the reason I use vodka is because it's a

disinfectant naturally because of the

alcohol and it's non-toxic right if you

have a little bit of vodka left like

residue wise you don't got to worry

about inhaling that it's just vodka but

definitely use cheap

don't use the good stuff once

everything's loaded in the ultrasonic

cleaner you shut it down and you hit the

button now I think my ultrasonic cleaner

I got the oil master one see the window

fogging up already because the water was

hot I think this is a this one has a two

or three-minute cycle right so what I do

is I normally run it through run one new

atomizers through they're anywhere from

three to five cycles depending on how

much time I have and I let them sit in

there and I let them disinfect and then

when they're done I take him out i dry

him off and I build them that's the way

I use all my atomizers all my atomizers

go in the ultrasonic cleaner first I've

been doing that even before the whole

coronavirus thing I never really wiped

down my mods before like I showed you

I'll admit that but with the coronavirus

thing I don't think it's a bad idea to

actually wipe everything down that's

coming from China especially since we're

not sure you know we're not sure if

we're being told the truth about this

virus so once you're done with the

ultrasonic cleaner you flip it open you

got this little basket most of them come

with this little basket right and you

run it under the cold water in order to

rinse off any vodka residue there maybe

and then you dry your atomizer off and

you're ready to build it now everything

I showed you down low with the wiping

down the mod and using the ultrasonic

cleaner you know that's gonna be a

personal decision for most of you like I

said I know I'm getting a lot of

questions on it in reality the chances

of you know somebody sneezing on your

mod or atomizer right before they put it

in the box and that virus actually

surviving the trip from China to America

are probably slim and none and slim just

left the room however there are people

out there that are kind of germaphobes

that have a fear of germs and this

really bothers them that their stuff is

coming from China and there are people

out there with trust issues with both

governments the Chinese government and

the US government there are a lot of

vapors out there

that have trust issues with the CDC if

you're one of those people and it makes

you feel better to wipe down your mod

with a Clorox wipe before you use it by

all means do that do what makes you feel

comfortable what makes you feel safe now

as far as the atomizers go I already

told you what I showed you down low has

kind of been my practice with every

atomizer for the last three or four

years I always clean all my atomizers

out of the box just the way I showed you

I clean I clean my used atomizers that

way you know once they you know once

they get a little crusty I I take them


I throw them in the in the ultrasonic

cleaner and then I rinse them off just

the way I showed you that'll definitely

kill anything that's in there that's for

sure the vodka will definitely handle

that but like I said you know whether

your fears of this are rational or

irrational that's totally up to you it's

a personal decision so if this video if

doing the things in this video makes you

feel better by all means do it it's your

body your decision you do what you feel

is comfortable to keep yourself safe

really just a lot of common sense in

this video nothing crazy

you know what if you're feeling a little

you know worried about the stuff that

you're getting from China get yourself

some wipes and wipe the mods down that's

what I would do okay and the same thing

what I showed you with the tanks with

the atomizer the RDAs and everything you

should honestly you should be doing that

with every tank you get I never vape on

an atomizer until I run it through my

ultrasonic cleaner that's just been a

habit of mine for the last three years

if you don't have an ultrasonic cleaner

you can do the same thing I did get a

bowl with warm water a toothbrush and

dump a little bit of vodka in there and

scrub away you'll have the same exact


I do recommend though if you are into

vaping if you're a hobbyist maybe it's

time to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner

there are some great ones out there the

one that you saw me use I've had

that one for five years it's a coil

master one there are better ones out

there but it's not a bad idea to invest

in an ultrasonic cleaner if you have

more than a dozen or so tanks because

you should be cleaning those tanks every

once in a while anyway and the

ultrasonic cleaner just makes it that

much easier in the top link down below

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watch our vaping myths video and that's

it insiders that's all I got for you

guys today

you keep living that vape life we're out

of here deuces