Does The UWELL Crown Open Pod System Live Up To Expectations

gonna take a look at the latest open pod

system from you well it's called the


welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm

Tony yeah this is what we're looking at

today it comes from you well this is

their latest of the open pod systems

this one is called the crown totally

open pod system you can refill the pods

and I probably get maybe about five to

ten uses out of each one of the pods

depending on what kind of liquid you're

using and if the sweetener fouls up the

coils and all that kind of stuff pretty

sure that it uses the same coils as the

Caliburn because they are the as it says

on here the pro focused testing

technology or flavor testing technology

from ul gives you an unparalleled vape

experience it sent me a little fact

sheet on it it is dry activated or

button vape you can lock it or unlock it

you know basically five clicks on five

clicks off refillable pods there are two

pods in the package one is a 0.6 for

restricted direct to Leung and one ohm

for mouth along and the parallel coil

design atomizes the e-liquid fully it

gives you better flavor bigger clouds

and smoother throat hit well I can tell

you that their coils in these pods that

they've been putting out have proven to

be very good as a top fill design

adjustable air flow kind of a cool way

that they did that and it has long

battery life with 1,250 milliamp hours

also their Bane chip which I believe is

the same chip that they've been using in

the Caliburn has a lot of protections to

it capacity on the cartridges are three

mils it is 25 watts maximum but you're

not even gonna worry about that because

you don't set that and that's the beauty

of something like this you know while it

might not be perfect for everybody if

you're trying to get off of cigarettes

all that stuff that you have to worry

about what wattage do I use ologies did

I just burn my coil I don't want to

replace the coil what batteries do I get

and all that kind of stuff is kind of

taken off the table because they just

make it really easy now I've been using

this blue one we're gonna open up this

red one right here so we can check it

out completely fresh all right they

always have a seal on there let's see on

the box here it says one pod system

refillable pod installed and a 0.6 ohm

refillable pod you just decide which one

you want to use I'm using the one ohm

right now but I did use a 0.6 om now

they give you the option to buy some of

these and a in a little box like this

let's open this

then when you get them it even has the

anti-counterfeit on there there's a

little card in here explaining about

using them so that that does make it

nice you might not have your box anymore

and then they're completely sealed like

this all right pull the rest of this out

of here now this says on here that it is

red it looks more like pink doesn't it

looks like a magenta or hot pink and

this one's kind of like a purple blue

and it says well it's hard to tell on

camera but in person it looks kind of

like purple blue and it says on the

package that it's blue just something to

pay attention to got a micro USB cable

inside of here no it is not USB see

little card telling you about taking off

the tip of it and FDA regulations let me

get a manual and that is where you're

gonna find your antique counterfeit code

the manual is very easy I'll leave this

up here for just second a case you want

to read the specs on this go ahead and

pause it if you need to and yeah there's

graphic illustrations on how to use it

and it's it's actually really very easy

so you've got the device over here and

your extra pod over here and on the

bottom of the pods it will actually tell

you 0.6 mm 18 to 25 watts again you

don't have to worry about the wattage on

it but you know they put that on there

for you just so you can know this is

right here on it Pro focus to pull the

cap off of it to fill it you just pop it

over like that and then that right there

is your fill hole it does have kind of a

gasket or lips on there to make sure

that liquid doesn't come back up through

it and then that is a hole to relieve

pressure as you're filling it and that

right there you want to make sure liquid

does not go in there that's probably why

they put red on it that's actually your

chimney then once you fill it you just

put this back on so yeah you just pop

this thing off stick your nozzle down

inside of that fill it you might want to

hold it up to the light so you can see

real well and then put that back on and

this over here is your airflow

adjustment pretty cool down here it says

max or men right there so you can just

slide this up to close that little slot

that's there boom that's all the way

closed all the way open all the way

closed all the way open pretty simple

with that looking at this device right

here you know what it's not red if you

ask me anyways but you know it's maybe

that's because it's like aluminum

anodized and whatever reason it's it's

more like a hot pink magenta light red I

don't know down here at the bottom is

where your USB is and again

that is a microUSB got a couple of

ventilation holes there for battery and

they have this really fancy edging on

this part here in the middle which is

very nice and the button has a crown on

it that's a you know it's a nod to their

heritage that's where they come from man

that crown tank or when that first one

came out the first top fill crown boy

that was that was a big deal the back of

it mirrors the front zipper you have a

button there in the front that little

thing right there is kind of like a view

window it's also a convenient place to

put your thumbnail and pull that out

just like that now when you first get

these they're gonna have a little seal

on there so if it's not working that's

why that's to cover the contacts while

it's shipping and then you got contacts

down there it goes right back in like

that so you do have a little LED right

down there it's five clicks on five

clicks off it's on right now so one two

three four five and it's going to turn

itself off one two three four five and

it's gonna turn itself back on I kind of

look at the manual real quick here I

couldn't remember the percentages

exactly but when the battery capacity is

over 60% the color is green when it's

within 30 to 60% it's blue when it's

below 30% the LEDs red and when it

flashes red ten times it's time to

charge it cuz it's gonna stop outputting

has all these protections on here low

power vaping over time open circuit

which is eight seconds on the over time

and short circuit and all that going to

good stuff there so it's on right now so

yeah the green light is indicating that

so if you push the button you can fire

it or you can just inhale on it yep

works just fine or you can push it you

can probably hear it on the mic

it's pretty lightweight and with 1,250

milliamp hours battery I think you're

gonna get a lot of power out of this

thing I mean especially with the 1.0 ohm

coil you're just not using that much

battery power so it should last a good

long time Oh what I almost forgot to

point this out something that I've been

mentioning with a lot of these pod

systems is how high the actual intake is

for the juice because sometimes like

halfway up and then it's got this

minimum line that's there and it's like

well then I can't use any of the juice

that's at the bottom look where those

are they're all the way down there by

that red silicone seal so it's all the

way down by the bottom love love love to

see that that is great that means every

bit of juice that's in there is going to

be able to be used so that is the crown

open pod system from you well not much

more to say about it I mean

it works it works well it looks a lot

like a lot of the other devices that are

out there and a lot of them are actually

very similar nowadays so I guess what it

comes down to is personal preference but

really more so how are the coils and

really the pro focused coils are

fantastic that is the thing that is

shine with the Caliburn the Coco and now

this and I got to tell you it works

really well I've used both the 0.5 and

the 1 ohm and right now I'm using the 1

ohm I have no problems with that at all

both pods can use either standard liquid

or salts right now I've got 6 milligrams

of standard liquid in here if there's

one thing I don't love that much about

it is this giant duckbill style

mouthpiece ads it's just something that

ever since these types of devices

started coming out I was like yeah I

don't really like that it seems like i

got a mouth the whole thing just to use

it but it's it's comfortable and it's

just a small thing and again personal

preference now the reason why I keep

pointing out that it's an open pod

system is because it is an open pod

system the FDA has said that they're

going to ban all flavors except for

menthol and tobacco when it comes to the

closed pod systems you know the ones

where you buy the little pods in the

packet they're already filled you can't

refill them you stick them inside of a

battery and use them you're only going

to be able to get tobacco and menthol

with an open pod system that isn't

included in those current regulations

but we have to remember that if the pmta

is the pre-market tobacco applications

do go through as they're saying they're

going to in May pretty much 90% of

what's on the market right now won't be

able to be on the market because nothing

has passed a PMT a I don't even know if

they're going to be able to pass a PMT a

PMT A's were originally created for

tobacco and tobacco products and

technology s there is nicotine in it but

you could also put zero milligrams and

nicotine in them you could put CBD in

them and all that so perhaps we'll see

some reforming of the pmta before that

actually hits I really don't know my job

with this channel is to show you what is

currently on the market give you all the

information on it so that you can make

an educated decision for yourself I'm

not here to make the decision for you

for all intents and purposes though this

should still be available after that

initial ban that goes into place in

February so I'm gonna continue to show

you the products that I receive as long

as I can and to me something like this

really does have a place in the vaping

community or in the world I guess


you know if you're gonna try to get

people off of cigarettes the biggest

hurdle that I always come into is

they're like oh you know they might use

it for a week and then they're like dude

it started leaking so I'm back on

cigarettes or I couldn't figure out what

batteries I needed to get what juice I

needed what coils what ohms all that

kind of stats dizzying so a device like

this it helps people that are either

transitioning off of cigarettes or maybe

they just they have and they've been off

of cigarettes for a year but they just

don't want to go for all that other

stuff some people don't like to tinker

and some people just want it to be fed

right to them easily and that's why

something like this works really well

that top fill on here just pop that

thing off just like this you just pull

the cap off just like that

fill it up in the one hole close it back

up just like that that's nice the

airflow adjustment on here is really

easy and it's effective personally I

just like to leave my airflow all the

way open but it's nice that you can

adjust it if you want that tight mouth

too long hit you can do that if you want

a restricted lung hit well you can do

that as well you know in the past I'd go

well why would you have dry activated

and have the button well it works the

same either way whether you're drawing

on it or pushing the button but the

button does allow you to turn it all the

way off so that is very good now that is

the 1.0 ohm coil and yes that would be

considered the mount to lung coil but

I've got the airflow all the way open so

I'm just hitting it the way I normally

do it's a nice warm vape works really

well that was pushing the buttons and

I'm not going to push the button to me

it works the same either way that I

don't see anything in the manual that

says that one is out you know whatever

as far as wattage selection you don't

have to worry about that it goes up to

25 watts but it will select it for you

depending on what pod you put in there

and the ohms that the pod has so yes it

does look very similar to other products

that are out there on the market but

where it really shines man is those pro

focused coils and we already know

they're good because they've been using

them in the caliber and the Coco and

people enjoy those yeah I've said it

before and I'll say it again those pro

focused coils that ul does are really

very good for this type of device so

overall quality is also very good so if

you like what you see you might want to

go ahead and pick one of these things up

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