DOVPO CLUTCH 21700 Mech Mod Review |Fully Mechanical Hybrid Mod

well I just got back from a cruise

vacation and it's always so hard to get

yourself back in gear but I've got the

clutch for Mike vapes dove PO and

signature tips to help me get there

welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony and I know you haven't seen a whole

lot of me lately there's good reason for

that well first of all we had Chinese

New Year which always means that they

completely shut down Shen gen which is

where most of the stuff is made that we

see on these channels on your websites

and in vape shops and then well it

usually takes them a little while to

ramp back up from that because from what

I understand like one third of the

employees never return because what

happens is they all go back to their

hometowns some of them just decide to

stay with their families you know that

kind of thing then to add on top of that

the coronavirus which is just horrible

I've been praying for the folks over

there that are dealing with that and

it's just it's so sad man I mean there's

just a lot of life's lost and a lot of

money lost because they can't go to work

and all of that kind of stuff so yeah

that made it so that virtually

everything in China has been shut down

so there has been no production and as

of yesterday February 17th they're just

now allowing some of the workers to just

trickle in and from what the folks over

there that I know are telling me are

like men even though we're able to get

into our offices and the factories and

stuff just a very small portion of our


unfortunately the raw material suppliers

aren't back so they don't have anything

to work with so they're telling me that

it could be the end of March before

they're back up to speed and that's

that's just a fact

so products such as this if they're out

of stock they may be out of stock for a

little while things like Tony be

projects that I'm working on well those

are going to be delayed and it's also

why you're not seeing stock on websites

and in local vape shops and stuff so

it's it's it's hurting everybody I've

been trying to look at the bright side

and I've been grateful for the time that

I've had because I've been I've been

able to sit down and do some music

writing yeah I'm a guitarist also work

on my local business some family stuff

that I've been neglecting and just you

know I've been using the time wisely and

part of that included the vacation so as

soon as I got back from the vacation I

was like oh I got to cover this thing

because this is actually really nice if

you're into mechanical mods this is a

great mechanical mod that takes a 21700

is super small there's no electronics in

it so if anything ever goes wrong with

it you can pretty much fix it yourself

it is the signature mods clutch it is

done in collaboration with davao mike

vapes and signature tips this one's in

black they have four different colors I

think it was black blue green and red

and then yeah I mean it's there's not

much to show you here on the box they do

have their security check here on the

back of it I've only got one this is the

one that I've been using so when you

open up the bar

they've got this little card that's in

here this little card flips over has

your battery safety guide on there which

is all important when we're talking

about a mech mod like this got a QC

certificate and a little informational

card about doppo technology this right

here is a little screwdriver that was

inside of the actual mod when I got it

and there's a couple of extra screws in

there that is for the 510 on here I'll

take this off so you can disassemble the

510 clean it whatever you want to do you

can see right down inside there there is

no positive pin because this is a hybrid

mod that means that this pin on this is

gonna touch directly to the battery so

that is why it's extremely important to

make sure that you have a safe battery

in there and that the atomizer that

you're using has an extended pin see how

that positive pin extends out beyond

that because you don't want it to short

out and so I'm just gonna put this aside

for right now all right so this mod when

I got it had a black button on here they

also sent along this Clear button which

I replaced and I'll show you how that

works it's actually really easy if

you've seen the other signature mods

like the SQ they all kind of have the

same look to them they've got the hand

grip thing they're panels on either side

but on the squat versions the SQ

versions you have to take the whole sled

out in order to replace the button

unless you don't I think it's actually

really cool what they've done down here

at the bottom it says doppo this is

serial number zero zero three zero six

mike vapes logo over here signature tips

there and certifications there little

thumb tabs right there and you can see

how nice and tight and clean these

panels fit on here anything that

signature tips is involved with I know

is going to be really good quality and

it's going to be really tight shake he's

super nice man him and his family just

I've been over to Birmingham and London

a couple of times and I've gotten to

hang out with them and I'm gonna tell

you right now that they're family shows

so much hospitality when they're hanging

out with you they just they're just

super gracious super nice and I'm proud

to call my friend but the fact that I'm

friends with them also Mike vibes that

is not gonna affect this at all because

this is a great mod okay so we're gonna

pull these off of here and they're on

there really tight man pull those off so

both panels come off this one has

positive and negative listed on there

and it's got a little indention right

there that little round thing that's

because right there is a switch you see

that little switch right there you can

flick it over and now the mod is locked

and it won't fire I'll show you that a

little bit more detail here in just a

second and you can unlock it by doing

that this

bar right here is actually where the

sled locks into the body and on previous

versions or you know the sq you would

have to take out the entire sled if you

wanted to change out your button or

whatever this is a 3d printed sled aside

from that and this brass piece up here

cuz that is brass everything is made of

solid billet aluminum and that includes

the panels and all of that kind of stuff

the contacts on this are solid silver

they're not silver-plated or anything

like that

solid silver but that does mean that

this is a little bit more flexible in a

way that's good because sometimes these

21 700s this is a Samsung 30 t they can

be a little bit different size like

Elise's a little bit bigger than all of

that so it is somewhat adjustable

because you could just bend this also if

you have problems with battery rattle I

saw Mike said that you could take this

end piece you see where the actual hole

is right there just take some pliers and

bend it down so that when you put your

battery in it'll push down against the

bottom of this so that is something you

can do now it is a pure mechanical mod

so adjustment is something you might

expect to have to do all you have to do

to adjust this for battery is just bend

that up yeah so this inner 510 piece

right here is brass and then there is a

peek insulator on there just to make

sure you can see that it's actually

slightly raised off of that right there

and oh no Kenny yeah so you can see that

so basically that keeps the battery from

actually touching that brass plate right

there so that's just a little bit more

protection now you can see that little

switch over here so you can see that

that's also insulated with peak so when

you turn it boom just like that then it

stops out from going all the way over

and then when you turn it back then that

can go all the way over and this is nice

because when it touches it's a flat

contact right there all the way they

even have a little bit of an insulator

up here's like a little you see that

little insulated piece right there so

yeah and these squat versions of this

you take the whole slit out of there in

order to get to that button so on this

one they made it really easy there's

just a little piece right here that's

also 3d printed you see it has little

rounded edge there in the bottom which

goes into that part down there all you

got to do if you want to swap out the

button is pull your contact out of here

just like that you just pull it out and

you can replace your button and then

stick it back in there just make sure

that you get it all the way seated you

know so that it's in there all the way

and then what you do there's a groove on

this piece right here you can see that

and then you just drop it in like that

and make sure that it's perfectly seated


and you're back in business so I've got

it unlocked right now so it'll go all

the way over and touch let's put this

back plate on here you can clearly see

through there positive negative they've

got the positive on the top so you just

drop this in and if it's a little bit

too loose you can bend this up you know

Bend that up right there and then if you

find that it's bending down too easily

or whatever you can bend that end piece

down so it goes down and touches the

sled that's down there but this Samsung

30 T it fits in there just perfectly a

little bit of play it moves a little bit

but once you put your atomizer on here

you just put it on and it tightens

everything all nicely together and now

we're good to go

yeah nice everything on here is nicely

machined and routed it's all C and C

work and then you put it on just like

that I like the finish on these because

you know even if I get junk all over it

it cleans up nicely really easily now

that's a 24 millimeter atomizer when you

pull it off here you can see it goes

right up to the edge I've seen that you

can put up to a 28 millimeter on here

with just a tiny like a maybe a

millimeter hang over on that or overhang

yeah I've got a hangover just from all

this stuff that I drank an 8 on that

boat what I'm saying is you could put a

pretty big atomizer on here but I mean

this thing is so small why would you

want to I think 24 millimeter works

really good I've put other atomizers on

here shorter ones and stuff and they

look really good on here I just really

like the performance of the poles too oh

one thing I almost forgot to get your

battery out of here very easily you just

go like this and unscrew your atomizer

just a little bit there we go and that

will loosen up your battery it pops

right out okay there we go so once again

I do have to remind you that this is not

for beginners you've got to know your

Ohm's law you gotta know how to build

especially to build for the battery that

you're using make sure that you're using

an atomizer that does protrude on that

510 pin so that you don't short out

because it's a hybrid top cap basically

the bottom line is if you're not used to

using hybrid Maxx this one probably

isn't for you yeah aside from squonk mix

are usually tube mods so this one's kind

of unique well it's actually a lot

unique and it's definitely got that

signature tip signature mod style and I

got to say once again Sheikh and his

family they're just fantastic people and

I know that he is really meticulous when

it comes to his work so any project that

he's involved with I'm like yeah it's

gonna be good of course mike vapes he

really knows his stuff so you

I'm pretty stoked with it while mechs

like these especially hybrid mechs

aren't exactly my everyday style once I

started using this I was like dang that

is nice I mean it fits super nice in

your hand it's the I think it's the

smallest aside from the bestia which is

out of Russia and is expensive and hard

to get this might be the smallest 21700

mech mod that well that I've used

anyways the way this thing is put

together where you just take that out to

pull out the contact itself to switch

out your button so there's all kinds of

different options for that or you know I

mean it's one of those things if you

have a mod that has a chip in it it

could fail eventually but something like

this could last forever as long as you

can get a hold of a piece of silver and

if you're really good at craftiness and

you can cut a piece of silver to be a

contact for this thing you'll be good it

pretty much should last forever little

safety switch that's back here great

idea definitely something that I like

obviously I put something like that into

the pulse when we first put that thing

out because I was like look it's a mech

I want to make sure that there's some

kind of way for it to be safe and I'm

really glad to see that they did that

and the implementation of it was done

really well I remember the first devices

that I was getting like 2 years ago from

Davao were kind of a they weren't all

that great you know it was not just

unremarkable the stuff that they've been

putting out lately has been really good

and as far as signature mods goes I mean

they've been putting out mods for years

machining them right there and

Birmingham UK all on their own you know

they do it right in the back of their

shop they've got all the CNC machines

there and stuff and they still do that

but to see the quality like this coming

out of China I know that definitely

shake had his hand and that he's like

man I got to make sure that this is a

good quality if my name is gonna go on

it so mike vapes signature tips and Dom

Poe I think you've done a great job here

let's go ahead and try it out now I went

that's a big cloud I went somewhat

conservative on the build that's on this

thing it's somewhere between 0.25 and

0.3 and it's a single coil now I'm using

the sabores del Encanto juice this one

is can you eat that de queso that is

cream cheese flaky pastry and it is at

Madison mighty tasty I'm using the pulse

2 RDA on top

that is good stuff yeah so I mean your

overall there's not much more to say

about it if you like mech mods you'll

want something that's you know it's

super small it's got that grip enos to

it swapping out buttons is really easy

they're gonna make custom panels for

this and it's pretty darn lightweight

you know once you put the battery in

there it's got some heft to it but

without the battery it's like

featherweight you know what I mean so I

dig it yeah man very very good yeah this

juice booth man he's done a good job

fogging out with the Batman has been all

of the flavors are very flavorful very

tasty EMB is his partner on that and

yeah they've done a really good job so

that is the clutch and it is it's a nice

little mech if you're looking for

something like this I would definitely

recommend it so as things ramp back up

in Shenzhen and more products start

coming in I'll have more videos but I

really have appreciated the time to be

able to get some other stuff done that I

needed to get done and I've got some

pretty cool stuff coming up for the

billet box as well as some other

high-end RDAs and stuff like that so if

you like that well you're gonna dig

what's coming up here on the channel I

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