Dr. Niaura Blames The Hysteria Surrounding Vaping Products For Forbidden Fruit Scenario

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and what about what comes out of your

faucet but first the teen vaping

epidemic prompted a product ban but the

e-cigarette industry is planning a


I'm Holland cook in Washington this is

the big picture on Rt America


as a fifteen-year-old in Texas became

the 60th known death-related to east

cigarettes and vaping there is good news

and bad news about the teen vaping

epidemic we've been covering all along

the good news is that emergency room

visits related to e-cigarette use have

declined after peaking this past

September when related injuries were

making headlines the bad news is that

the products the administration banned

could be back on the market soon in

January the Food and Drug Administration

banned the manufactured distribution and

sale of cartridge-based fruit or mint

flavored East cigarettes which are

popular among young people but all

menthol and tobacco flavored vapes

remain on sale while the FDA determines

if any flavor of e-cigarette is

justifiable and manufacturers have until

May to submit products for the US Food

and Drug Administration approval the New

York Times reports that President Trump

interrupted a recent meeting with

campaign advisors to scold the Secretary

of Health and Human Services over the

administration's ban on most flavored

East cigarettes according to people

familiar with what was said in the Oval


The Times quotes President Trump as

saying expletive deleted I never should

have done this vaping thing over which

mr. Trump waffled for months but

ultimately endorsed saying we're going

to protect our families were going to

protect our children and we're going to

protect the industry and after meeting

with representatives of the e-cigarette

industry concerned about their industry

and after the president's campaign

manager warned him that the ban could

hurt him come election time with vaping

popular in key states he added that some

banned products could be back on the

market in his words very quickly if

you're a parent should you be screaming

bloody murder to your US Senators and

Representatives let's ask the co-author

of the tobacco dependence treatment

handbook a guide to best practices New

York University professor Raymond nayara

a psychologist and expert on tobacco

dependence and treatment welcome great

to be here you're surrounded by college

kids and if they're going to NYU there

must be smart kids but as a behavioral

scientist you're keenly aware of

susceptibility to trends and the power

of peer pressure how do we tell young

people don't even try it

can we I don't think we can we would be

successful with with that message alone

I think it's it's a good idea to you

know to warn people of the risks and to

educate them so they can make an

educated decision and choice but I think

the real issue is you know how do we

keep these products out of the hands of

you know kids essentially youth

college-age kids they're they're kind of

in that grey zone

right they're not full fledged adults or

some might argue that they are so it's a

lot harder to convey you know

stern messages to them that with the

belief that they'll work well does this

government ban resonate with young

people or perversely does it glamorize

vaping is this the boy that my dad

doesn't want me to go out with yeah I

kind of think that there's been an

overreaction and that the unfortunate

consequence of that is you know it's a

forbidden fruit issue that you know if

you drawing all this attention to a

product you know kids are gonna say well

what's all the fuss about right and you

know they might seek the opportunity to

try it out

other than third grade behind the garage

when we got caught I myself have never

smoked cigarettes so I've not felt the

agony I've seen of others trying to quit

it sure looks like torture are e

cigarettes any easier to walk away from

once you've started I think so

and the reason that I say that is that

they're there they're not like

cigarettes and and I think they're

actually miss miss name they shouldn't

really be called cigarettes they're a

different kind of nicotine delivery

product from what we know from decades

of research the most addictive

of product tobacco product is a

combustible cigarette

I mean hand hands down that wins that

the prize for most addictive and our

research and other people's research

suggests that you know there's some risk

of addiction with these cigarettes but

it's nowhere near what it would be for

regular cigarettes well before all these

emergency-room stories and the vaping

deaths and the ban I would hear on talk

radio carefully worded commercials for

jewel products imply that vaping will

help you kick cigarettes true or false I

think that's true we're waiting for more

of the evidence to come in you know it's

not a complete slam-dunk but you know

the evidence is starting to trickle in

and we're seeing more and more positive

results now I just want to comment on

what I think is a big point of confusion

that that's that's out there now with

regard to the risk of e-cigarettes I

mean you were talking earlier about

pulmonary illnesses deaths emergency

room visits and everything in it as of

recently as last week it's become more

and more clear that those events are

pretty much attributable to adulterated

THC vaping Prada

so it's not the nicotine containing

products that have been implicated but

that message has gotten blurred and and

I think that's a that's you know hugely

important because if you paint you know

all products with the same brush people

are going to get confused and the worst

thing that I've seen happen is cigarette

smokers who successfully switched to

e-cigarettes meaning they quit smoking

are now saying well I don't know about

these these cigarettes because maybe

they're gonna cause pulmonary problems

and right and they go back to smoking

cigarettes big mistake now you mentioned

that THC think warnings we have read

from the Centers for Disease Control and

World Health Organization tell us that

young people who vape are more likely to

smoke conventional cigarettes you've

seen this and we've also read scary

statistics about injury from vaping

products that contain THC the

psychoactive component to cannabis so

analogy as nicotine based vapes are

linked to teen cigarette smoking is

availability of legal weed in many

states now a gateway to THC based vaping

products it's hard to say

I mean it's it's kind of like the Wild

West out there's a new phenomenon with

legalization absolutely and and the the

real fundamental problem with the THC

products that in my opinion is there's

no standardization there's no regulation

and this is the problem this is why

we're seeing you know these THC products

that were cut with vitamins e acetate

which is the culprit and you know who's

who's in charge and and but the the

flipside with Nick the nicotine products

and you mentioned this earlier is well

they actually have to get approved by

the FDA right so what that means is that

the it's the FDA's job to make sure that

these products are safe or reasonably

safe and that's what's happening now and

that's what all the companies are gonna

have to do at least the ones that want

to stay in business is demonstrate to

the FTA listen our products are not

contaminated they are safe to use but

they should be used by cigarette smokers

just hearing me we're an acetate gives

me that creeps

yeah that's pretty scary stuff one of

the recurring red flags in my layman's

reading of all these health warnings we

touched on a moment ago vaping is still

so new that we're short on long term

data and now with a recreational

marijuana being legalized or medicinal

and now in more States than not that's

still a new phenomenon is all of this a

timebomb well it could be but that's

where you know people the the government

regulatory agencies need to get their

act together and say we need to have

some standards we need to have some

regulate the regulatory processes review

processes etc it's happened for tobacco

products thankfully it took forever but

even with tobacco

we're still in the early phases there's

nothing like that out there for you know

cannabis or THC products right New York

University professor Raymond nayara

thank you for stepping into the big

picture my pleasure and if you are the

parent of a teen here's the elevator

speech version of the World Health

Organization warning East cigarettes are

particularly risky for adolescents young

people who vape are more likely to smoke

cigarettes and they're at increased risk

for heart disease and lung disorders and

anyone of any age should know that

pregnant women are vaping for two and

that e-cigarettes can expose bystanders

and that vaping devices have also caused

injury by catching fire or exploding so

before that may deadline for East

cigarette manufacturers to ask the FDA

to re-approach their products and while

members of Congress want us to know that

they can get something done during the

Trump impeachment now is a good time to

suggest what else they can work on as

you are suffering through the perennial

chore due April 15 try not to throw

things at your TV when you hear actual

examples of government waste as you know

the difference between gross income and

take-home pay you will wince when you

hear that we spent almost 6 million

dollars for Columbia University and the

National Science Foundation to create

climate change voicemails from the


describing ravages projected from now

until 2065 congressman mo Brooks an

Alabama Republican found two and a half

million to produce the children's

cartoon space racers and across the

aisle and across the state Democratic

Rep Terri Sewell directed a hundred

eighty three thousand seven hundred

fifty dollars to produce virtual reality

to teach children in China how to cross

the street and while every state

confronts the homelessness crisis South

Dakotans mark historic hobo day with a

$12,000 grant secured by congresswoman

nem these are just four of 100 examples

of federal taxpayer abuse compiled by

the nonpartisan watchdog group open the

books calm and with USA deficits and

national debt now measured in trillions

that's 12 zeros some of this stuff seems

extravagant conspiracy theorists might

wonder why Uncle Sam is arming non

military agencies thirteen hundred guns

purchased by the Department of Health

and Human Services included a shotgun

five machine guns and a hundred

eighty-nine firearms with four million

rounds of ammo 3.4 million bought the

Environmental Protection Agency guns

ammo and military equipment and the VA

spent 17 and 1/2 million on 11 million

rounds of ammunition and military-style

equipment if you work in corporate

management you can relate to use it or

lose it money left unspent at the end of

the budget year sends the wrong message

about the coming years fundings and in

the final month of 2018 fiscal year all

federal agencies blew through ninety

seven B billion dollars but the biggest

number we spotted was due to human error

and/or shenanigans a trillion and a half

dollars in mistaken and improper

payments distributed by 20 agencies in

fiscal year 2004 to 2019 if you would

like to join over a hundred thousand

other Americans who object there's a

petition at open the books calm slash

petition should you be inclined to gripe

to your US senators or representative

remember how the game is played they

swap votes on each other's pet projects

what you consider pork is bringing home

the bacon in another district or state

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