ECLYPSE Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade 50ml 0mg Short-fill Vape Juice 70% VG Review

today we're gonna be doing a juice review yes we're gonna

be having another look at the Eclipse

lemonade race this is from conical coil

juice Co so they've got a range of


you've got your various little different

duties inside them so this one what

we're gonna be able to look at

strawberry and kiwi now looking at the

bottle the bottle itself has all the

ingredients hazard warnings all that

good stuff

social media all that fine stuff and

yeah I think the bottle looks kind of

cold just presume that employer their

girl Oh Johnson jazzy jazzy and Chelsea

Webb raised its light are too tight

right it's got a temporary seal and a

childproof cap so what does the internet

say about it strawberry Kiwi lemonade 50

mil short filled zero nicotine I was

slightly tart eqe on the he nail hmm

working tandem with our realistic

strawberry on the exhale while sour

lemonade based lingers throughout for a

full body experience sounds quite

interesting so basically the main

flavors are strawberry Kiwi lemonade

it's made in the u.s.a it's 70 VT 30 PG

zero nicotine it comes in 60 ml bottle

but only 50 ml of juice obviously you

need to top it all but if you want 3 mil

boot ml bottle in there designed for

sober omen mixed in bottled in a is oh

seven clean room and like said

childproof cap and tamper-proof seal as

well although I couldn't chosing I'm

interested in the vape and done about

you right let's give you a test that

chop of cap is tight

hmmm looking much of a smell there I'm

getting like a little bit of fruity

smell alright let's give it the knuckle

test and see what we think

hmmm definitely good not lemonade and

I'm definitely getting that strawberry

Kiwis in the background they're only

just alright let's give this a proper

vape right well we got it on I've got

this on the kelpie Rd a single coil

which is coming out at a 0.23 ohms

0.23 arms and I've got about 55 watts

this is obviously single coil if you

didn't know that give this a good

drizzle in there looking forward to

trying it it's the first time I've used

the kelpie for a juice review so let's

give this a toss in there Oh papers


okie-dokie wide open I said I've got it

55 watts so let's give it a blast okay

I'm gonna play with this a little bit

more and then we'll do



so yeah is basically as he says on the


it really is I'm quite impressed on what

they're actually describing on the

internet actually what I'm tasting you

think it's basically kind of like it is

on the inhale you gain a very tart iki

we definitely gained on the exhale

you're getting a strawberry and in the

blend of the whole thing you get that

lemonade and it's been very traditional

lemonade very refreshing really is nice

obviously what we've been some TV

g-cloud productions absolutely gorgeous

but yeah I really do like this one for

me personally I would say this is a

summer vape you know when you're out in

the having a barbecue or something like

that is that kind of a very kind of

reminds you of that kind of a vape as

well or a vape when you're on holiday or

something like that it just feels very

summery it's very refreshing and it

would be lovely on a hot summer's day in

wintertime is still a nice refreshing

vapor like I said he's very simple you

got strawberry you got a tart a Kiwi and

then you got that lemonade in the

background they're very very simple

three flavors neither one of them are

fighting one another or anything like

that I'm getting no chemical tastes or

anything like that this is a really nice

Pleasant refreshing vape I'm quite

impressed way to be honest with you I

think you've always got any kind of

little negative about this one it is a

slightly sweet babe so probably your

coils they're going to attack them but

you needs to be expecting when it's a

slightly sweet juice but overall I like

it is impressive really

this is definitely one of those all-day

vapes it really is very very simple and

it says exactly what it is on the tin

which I absolutely love it when you get

juices that have come out with really

strange names and it's what's that no

this one it says it exactly what it is

strawberry Kiwi and our lemonade really

really impressed with this one okay

we're gonna wrap this one up book thanks

ever so much for watching and I so

appreciate it and we'll be doing some

more this week of the lemonade range as

well from the Eclipse so I'll see you


thanks so much for watching and as

always happy vaping