Elders React To Vaping JUUL For The First Time

- It's growing on me.

- This is supposed to be better

than a cigarette? (coughs)

♪ (ragtime intro) ♪

- (FBE) So, we recently asked you

if you were okay with doing

a particular episode.

- Asked me if I was okay with vaping,

which I've heard of.

I've never done it,

but I'm a smoker,

so I figure, well,

I know how to inhale.

I'll try it. What the hell.

- I didn't know what it meant,

so I asked my sister,

"Hey, what's vaping?"

"How do I know?"

(laughs) So,

she asked her daughter,

and she said it's

the fake cigarette thingy.

- I said I was interested in it,

because I see people

driving down the road

and a big ol' puff of smoke

comes out and I say,

"That's not a regular cigarette."

- (FBE) So today, you will

be vaping for the first time.

- Yes, I will.

- The hell is that?

- That's weird.

I thought it would

look more like a cigarette.

It looks like something

you would plug into a computer.

- May I take a puff?

- (FBE) Well, we don't have

anything in there yet.

So, there are many different brands

of vaping products.

This one in particular

is a very popular brand called JUUL.

- JUUL like jewelry.

- I've heard of JUUL,

and I heard they make

all kinds of flavors

that might taste good,

which is bad,

because it's appealing

to young people.

- (FBE) And they offer an assortment

of flavors to choose from to vape,

so we have a few of them

to show you now.

- Wow. (chuckles)

They come this small? Really?

- What do I do?

Do I stick it in this thing?

- I didn't know there were

different flavors, but why not?

- It does smell like strawberry.

- Oh, this is minty. Minty.

Chocolate minty.

- Vanilla maybe?

- (FBE) Close.

That one is crème brûlée.

- Oh, crème brûlée, darling.

- (FBE) We'll get into

the controversies around vaping later,

but first, it's time

for you to try vaping.

- So, what do I do?

Eat it?

- I guess you insert it.

- Oh, and a light flashed on.

- Which end do you suck from?

- Whoa! Not sure what it was,

but I liked it.

- (coughs)

Tastes like [bleep].

- Oh, that was real smoke.

Oh, god.

Now, why do people

do this for pleasure?

Good. Tastes like coffee.

- This is supposed to be better

than a cigarette? (coughs)

I'd rather have weed.

- It's stupid.

- (coughs) I'm not a smoker,

but that didn't taste bad.

I can see how young people

can get hooked on this.

- Wow! (laughs)

It's a lot stronger than I thought.

- (FBE) If you want,

you can also try another flavor.

We have two more of those there

if you wanna grab another one.

- Wow.


- I'm getting pretty high here.

- I don't like this.

Makes me throw up.

This one was better.

- This is a little milder.

This one's not so bad.

Maybe it's because it's the mint.

- Viva la France,

la crème brûlée.

It's growing on me.

The more I do it, the more I like it.

- It's not the same,

not the same as tobacco.

It doesn't smell, probably doesn't

make your clothes smell.

- It's actually heavier.

I wouldn't wanna be carrying

this around all day.

A cigarette's much lighter.

And it's unpleasant.

Why do people find that pleasurable?

Suck that smoke into your lungs.

What is pleasurable about that?

- (FBE) A little more about vaping

now that you've tried it.

Vaping, in a way, is designed

as an alternative to smoking

by simulating the feeling

of smoking to satisfy nicotine intake

without the ash and odor.

- I can see if you're a smoker

doing this instead of smoking.

But if you're not a smoker

and you just do it

because it's there, it's dumb.

- (FBE) Some people who vape

will mention how it's substantially

less harmful for your health

than inhaling combustible tobacco

like cigarettes.

- No. That big puff I took

off that last one?

That was toxic.

- (FBE) And there's some who say

that vaping also contains

fewer toxins

than cigarettes.

Do you personally believe

that is safe still to use?

- No, because

the medical professionals now

are saying that vaping

is not good.

- Any time you take anything

into your lungs

that's not clear oxygen,

it's gonna affect you a little bit.

- No! If you don't want toxins

and stuff in there,

then don't do it at all.

That's even less.

- (FBE) So, JUUL offers

quite the array of flavors,

but other vaping companies

are selling unique flavors,

and we have a list of some

to read of now.

- Oh, goody! (laughs)

- (FBE) If you wanna

read those off to me.

- Unicorn vomit.


- Unicorn vomit. (laughs) Yuck!

- Pumpkin donut.

Cereal milk.

- Pancake syrup.

I'd rather have it on my pancakes.

- Birthday cake.

Fruit loops.

You got flavors

you're used to.

- Red Bull.

Good idea.

- If I were younger,

I would probably try to taste it.

I'm scared to show this

to my grandkids.

- This is all fun stuff.

This is all fun kiddy food.

And so, now you can't wait

to get the young people

addicted to this stuff.

- (FBE) Aside from the flavors,

you can even buy different covers

called skins to decorate your JUUL

similar to an iPhone case.

This is another reason many think

that this product is marketed

towards a younger audience.

Is this a potential issue

for young people or is it

not that big of a deal?

- No, it is a big deal.

They shouldn't even try

to tempt younger people

to do it.

- It was a fun exercise,

but I would like to disavow

this product, because it should be

kept away from children

and it appears

that they're being targeted.

There's no doubt about it

that the company is trying

to get kids hooked on this.

- When I was younger,

they did a lot of advertising.

Now, of course,

it isn't like it is today.

You'd have a billboard

or in magazines.

They'd show younger people

having fun

to try to equate good times

with cigarettes.

Now they're trying to equate

good times with these things.

- (FBE) So, studies are showing

that vaping has become very popular

among high school students.

While cigarette use

amongst high schoolers

has dropped to a record low of 8%...

- Right. Well,

that's actually good.

- (FBE) ...statistics show

that one in five youth

are seen using a JUUL in school.

- Right, 'cause it's cool.

JUUL, even the name

sounds cool.

- (FBE) Why do you think

that this is catching on

with young people

when traditional cigarettes are not?

- It's easy. I could carry this

in my pocket,

in my backpack,

since I'm a kid.

- It's certainly a sneakier way

to get that nicotine feel.

- Because they know

that cigarettes are bad for you

and they're thinking that, well,

now we can smoke

and not worry about

our health.

- Makes me feel healthier

as opposed to cigarettes or cigars.

But in the long run,

it's better not to do it at all.

- (FBE) So, vaping seemingly

is becoming sort of a trend

amongst the younger generation.

When you were growing up,

how was smoking viewed

and talked about?

And what ended up

happening over time?

- Smoking when I was a kid

was viewed and talked about

in a very positive way,

because the tobacco companies

were huge big business.

- Smoking was cool.

You know, you smoke,

hang out with your friends,

and you smoke cigarettes

and drink beer.

As you get older,

you realize that you can't stop.

- It was viewed as just

something to do, the norm.

The research was done,

and it showed that secondhand smoke

is not a good thing.

So, that's when everything

started to change.

- When I was young,

they used a lot of doctors

in the commercials.

You'd have photographs in magazines

or billboards of doctors

smoking a cigarette.

"Dr. Douchebag,

he recommends the Camel cigarettes."

- When I was playing mahjong,

we would smoke.

Everybody was smoking,

They didn't know the harm of it.

When I was in the hospital,

the person beside me,

she had cancer of the lungs.

And she said, "I wish I never smoked."

Those were her last words.

- (FBE) So, as an elder,

you were around when cigarettes

were not fully known

to be as dangerous as it turned out.

So, after hearing all this,

what do you think

about the conversation

happening around vaping?

- Well, it's not gonna last that long,

because now the scientists know

what's not good.

And if you look at the old movies--

I like to watch Turner Classic--

all the old actors,

they all smoked,

and they're all dead now.

Most of 'em died of cancer.

- They can tell us, "Hey,

it's bad for you,"

but sometimes,

that's even more of a draw.

- They told us, you know,

years ago about cigarette smoking

being okay until they realized

it causes cancer.

And to start doing this

can be habitual just like smoking.

- (FBE) And again, it's technically

less toxic than cigarettes.

However, there isn't hard data yet

on the long-term effects of vaping.

- Not hard data,

only hard lungs.

- (FBE) So finally, after you've tried

the vape yourself and learning more

about what it is,

what would you wanna say

to younger people who might be

thinking about vaping

or those who are currently vaping

from your perspective as an elder?

- There's a lot of things out there

that you can do that are fun

and nourishing

and healthy.

Why not do that?

Why do this crap?

- It's your choice,

not my choice.

- Try it once. (coughs lightly)

Cough and wheeze.

Don't try it again,

but then you can say you did it.

- If you're vaping

or smoking, stop.

All you young people and old people

need to learn to love your body.

- It is dirty and ugly

just like smoking cigarettes.

Don't do it.

Don't get started.

Don't touch it

with a 10-foot pole.

Please don't do it.

Please don't try it.

Nicotine is highly addictive.

- Well, I have a husband

who's 80, you know?

And he has COPD.

So, if you wanna end up like that,

you wanna end up in the hospital

with a collapsed lung,

which did happen to him,

then you go right ahead.

Then you keep vaping.

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- Don't vape! Bye!

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