Eleaf iStick D Disposable Vape Pod Review

okay so there are new FDA regulations

not saying any pod based system like the

Joule or the fix where you actually have

a little pod that you buy in a pack and

stick it into a battery may not have any

flavors other than tobacco or menthol

but there might be a little bit of a

loophole I don't want to give any

misinformation I don't want to miss

inform you but all the information that

I've been receiving as of yesterday and

this morning points to the fact that a

disposable that is completely contained

and sold maybe in a vape shop where

children can't get them like this right

here the istick D is going to be okay so

I want to show them to you



welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony today we're looking at the istick d

yeah like I said the FDA has new

regulations out and new guidance and

basically if you're somebody who's the

fix of the Joule or any such there's

probably hundreds of them out there that

use the little cartridges that you take

out of a package and you stick it into a

battery it will not be allowed to be out

if it has anything other than tobacco or

menthol so if you want flavors this may

be your only option not this but any of

these kind of closed

disposables so when you're done with it

you dispose the whole thing and yes I

know disposable stuff it just makes it

ruffles the feathers right I mean it

makes us Cochise we just throw away so

much stuff the fact is we throw away so

much stuff so I mean if look my bottom

line is this if this gets somebody off

of cigarettes that I know are going to

kill them I don't know man you know it's

not really such a bad thing is it now

granted I would like to see these

companies have a recycle program for

them you know so every five of them that

you vape you send in to them and they

send you one or you know something that

allows you to recycle these and I don't

know maybe you could bring them into

staples in a big bag and say lithium

batteries and need to recycle them I

don't know what the logistics on that

are but like I said I'm all about

wanting people to not smoke cigarettes

so if this is the only option and they

won't use an open tank system then I

guess this is the only option my big

problem with these is that most of them

okay so let's see this one is 3.5% Nick

salt so that's about 35 milligrams this

one here is 5% so that's 50 milligrams

both of those to me are just too high so

apparently they do have different levels

now if they have them that are 20

milligrams 25 milligrams 18 milligrams

then I would I would accept it a little

bit more personally for me if I do use

Nick salts it's gonna be 18 to 25

milligrams if I can help it

you know maybe in an emergency I might

be like 35 I guess I'll do it but dang

50 is just way too much I get the next

wets after two or three hits off this

stuff it's like hmm and I think that's

part of the problem companies like Joel

put out those just massive amounts of

nicotine in those things and sure couple

puffs off of it and you're addicted and

I just don't think that's right man now

the UK has a

of 20 milligrams of any nicotine product

and I would be okay if our government

put in their regulations the FDA put in

the regulations that nothing over 25

milligrams I'd be like yeah okay great

that's that's fine and they may just do

that we don't know because everything's

fluid and they basically say that they

have discretion all right so all of that

out of the way

this is what we've got here now I

noticed that the flavors that they have

here Kuler mint ice ice ice and then

tobacco and not into the icy stuff even

when it comes to these kind of

disposables or knick salts again an

emergency situation that might be like

yeah I guess I will but that's just like

when I was smoking and the only

cigarettes you could find in the room

hey man can i bum a smoke and

everybody's like dude all I got is

menthol you'd smoke one you know what I

mean I don't know I'm gonna taste a

couple of these things today this one

right here I have been using this is the

grape cooler just a little bit here and

there just to make sure I knew how these

things work but they worked very simply

okay there's not much to it all right

one thing I do like is that they come

with these little silicone caps which is

nice that actually keeps it from firing

because air can't go through that firing

mechanism down there and then this keeps

dust from your pocket out of it so that

is kind of nice so they come with those

it's got a really comfortable mouthpiece

on it I really like that they're very

lightweight and thin they stick in a any

kind of a pocket any kind of purse

pocket or backpack pocket your front

pocket your shirt pocket you get the


got a little indicator light on there

and all you got to do is puff it which

is what people that are getting off of

cigarettes they kind of need something

like that so as a quit smoking aide I

would think that this would work quite

well that's my own personal opinion but

that that's just that's what I think all

right so we're gonna put these back on

here let me show you when you open one

of these boxes here so we'll just go

with the mango cooler all right so on

the back of it it's got all the warnings

and stuff it does have security on here

and over here all their social media big

warning on here 40% VG and this one is

3.5% NIC soft and so when you open it up

let's get this out of here

yeah they've get eleaf always puts these

in here that's actually security right

there it's a magnetic strip it gives you

the specs on here what it is and then

you just open it up pop this out of here

so each one of them is sealed up and

yeah I think that's good too just for

safety's sake and that's what you get

again you got the top and bottom

silicones on there yeah very simple

device and I think maybe effective for

people that are trying to get out for

cigarettes look everybody has a

different style of vaping some people

like to use sub ohm tank some people

like to use mount the long tank some

people like all-in-one some people like

pod systems you know there's a lot of

different ways to vape if you're

somebody who's been using the fix the

Joule maybe the Quinn I think that one

was like anyways anything that had

flavours other than tobacco or menthol

that was a little pod a little cartridge

that you stuck into a battery you won't

be able to get those anymore except for

tobacco and menthol so this may be your

only solution this type of device these

are very well made I will tell you that

the istick D I mean it's it everything

about this thing is really really

refined and nice it's all self-contained

and when the battery is done you toss it

that is well that's that's an inherent

problem because I know that a lot of

people are like man can't be tossing all

that stuff but I will tell you this I

see what people throw away every day and

people throw away a lot worse

yeah when I'm cleaning at my house I'm

like what do I do with all this stuff

well I gotta throw it away now my family

does recycle so we recycle a lot of

stuff and once we started recycling I

was like dang that's a lot of stuff I

don't know if you can recycle these I

don't know if you could just take

because it has a lithium battery in here

I don't know if you could just bring it

to us staples or something like that and

be like I'm yeah I need to recycle these

I don't know it might be possible but

like I say if you're somebody who that

was what got you off of cigarettes and

you don't want to go to an open tank

system because you don't want to deal

with batteries and you don't want to

deal with with buying liquids and which

liquids to buy and all that kind of

stuff this might be your only type of

option and I might be wrong this that

might be changed because the FDA clearly

says in all of its guidance that it's up

to their discretion they may just change

at a moment's notice so this is a closed

system but it's disposable and it's all

in one so I'm gonna try a couple of

these on I don't like ice I don't like


I don't like menthol

most of these are cooler or ice or yeah

and they're also 50 milligrams way way

way too much nicotine I think for

anybody you know 25 milligrams I think

would be a great cap and if our

government wanted to put that into the

regulations I would be okay with that

personally I mean the UK has a 20

milligram cap and I'm okay with that

when I'm over there 20 milligrams but

you know I mean if I'm using salt I

never want to go over 25 I can't help it

and I even found some recently that was

18 loved it so this one here is the

grape cooler now again because these are

50 milligrams I can't do too many hits

off these things so I'm just gonna do

one or two off of each one so grape

cooler I'm gonna tell you that the way

these hit they're super tight man I mean

this is definitely a mount along type of

thing they're super super tight they

remind me of that nano from Haifa maybe

they just took over production of it or

something like that I don't really know

but they're very similar to that I had

those here on the channel before I don't

know how long these are gonna last but

you know as far as disposables go it

does have a pretty good size to it so

I'm gonna guess that the battery in here

is pretty sizable I don't love the

disposables but sometimes they're

convenient you know if you're traveling

and you're like ah boy I'm gonna put my

good stuff in my backpack

and I'll just have a couple of these

things with me it does work out well

because if you set it down somewhere

thought I don't know what luggage when

you're looking for your luggage or

whatever you know like oh dude I just

lost $150 mod that kind of thing you

know for a culatta

type of flavor the grape cooler that is

actually not too bad alright let's open

up this tobacco one here you know I'm

not a fan of tobacco at all but you know

what there is a type of tobacco vape

that when I first started I was using

it's called ry 4 it's got a little bit

of I don't know it's got like some honey

in it or some it's actually like a sweet

tobacco so let's see if this is like

that yeah I don't like that at all umm

yeah I mean it's kind of like that it's

like a dry version of an ry4 not it

that's not a fan of that all right let's

try Cola ice because who doesn't like

you know having a coca-cola or something

like that

and having some ice in it

it's nice if these things are sealed up

like this and then they have that rubber

or silicone on the bottom and the top of

it and if you were gonna be sticking

these in your pocket you can just hold

onto those and put them back on there

yeah very icy I could definitely taste

the cola the cola part of this is good

if they just made a cola I would

probably like it you have 50 milligrams

whoo that is that's a lot for me so you

know the bottom line is I think that

they're well-made if you are somebody

who uses the jewel or the fix or

something like that and you're not going

to have your options for flavors anymore

because all you're gonna have is tobacco

and menthol and you're you know I don't

know if they're gonna still sell them in

convenience stores and grocery stores

and all that kind of stuff but these

will probably only be available in a

vape shop because they have multiple

flavors a Neely if it's been a pretty

trusted brand so as far as these things

go if this is your thing you might like

these there's definitely going to be a

lot of changes as we go forward and of

course everybody's talking about flavor

bans and all that kind of stuff but you

have to think about the stuff that's

coming up in May of this year PM tas if

those go into effect and they say yeah

everything has to go through pmta

there's pretty much gonna be nothing on

the market yeah let that sink in that's

that's definitely a big issue you might

only be able to get tobacco and menthol

vapes from the tobacco companies I it's

ludicrous but again not to panic let's

just make sure that we you know keep

ourselves informed educate ourselves so

we can educate others I've got links

down there in the description to a bunch

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