FDA Has Passed Law Banning All Flavored Pods Effective

Oh guys my name is Joey I'm here at

discount vape pen and today I just want

to talk to you about the pod band that's

going on you know throughout basically

everywhere so by the time you watch this

video we will no longer be able to sell

flavor pods


you see in our store we do so Joule

menthol and tobacco which that's the

probably the only thing we'll be able to

sell afterwards we do have love of

flavors here but those are gonna go away


but disposables there's they're sticking

around so at least you got that the yeah

the FDA regulation that's going on right

now with that the a ban on the pods it's


me personally I actually use a Miley I

will no longer be able to use a Miley

because I won't be able to buy the pods

for it unless it's tobacco or menthol

which they only have one tobacco flavor

it sucks it is a terrible terrible crime

monster that's going on with all vapors

and ex-smokers and it's only because the

government basically saying that kids

are using it and they're getting their

hands on it and they're getting addicted

when Thomson when I was a kid I was like

this cigarettes

at least they're gonna get addicted

again and think there's something that's

not as deadly but you should still get

there you know hands off the vapes or

any type of nicotine delivery system

actually I want to read you about what

the FDA said about the whole FDA banned

so basically what they said in bullet

points any flavor cartridge-based ends

and basically means device this

cartridge base it's just like a Miley or

Jew or lava cartridge based end product

other than tobacco or menthol flavour

ends product all other ends devices

products for which the manufacturer has

failed to take or is failing to take

adequate measures to prevent minors

access and and the end product that is

targeted to minors or likely to promote

use of ends by minors so there's all

because of the kids kids keep getting

their hands on them and now X pokers who

really need these or having issues but

remember is not that the kids are

getting their hands on it

it's what the FDA are saying that's

where it comes down to is what the FDA

are saying it's not what's actually

happening kids are not really vaping

that much I don't see my little cousin

taking a vape and just like David

because the box has a strawberry on it

he thinks oh this tastes like strawberry

I wanted try it it's candy

it's not that that's what FDA is trying

to make it out seen that the products

are aimed at children they're not a

match over there aim at us X smokers who

become vapors or people that are trying

to become vapors so that's the issue FDA

is basically manipulating this whole

entire like situation to try to work it

on their side now you as a vapor or

soon-to-be new vapor what can you do

well do woods just like we do we

actually joined here in Jersey a vape

coalition so we have our ears to the

ground so we know what's going on I was

it happening as soon as possible you

should do the same

learn the laws best you know wherever

you live the states learn about the

vaping laws that's going on and write

your Congressman write to your mayor

write to anyone that would listen or

make them listen that's all I want to

say all right guys so that's about it

for the videos just want to share with

you guys just please you know be careful

out there February 7th is the deadline

that's when the ban is actually gonna

take place so don't go out there and buy

stuff at the black-market please don't

go to a black market by any aegis or any

pause like don't go to ebay or like

Alibaba or anything like that please

don't you're you're gonna end up being a


okay so just stay tuned you know the

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