FDA Introduced A Ban On Flavoured Cartridge-Based Vape Products

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seems many American teens are finding

their way around the FDA flavor ban that

came into place at the beginning of this

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the FDA introduced a ban on flavored

cartridge based devices like Joule with

tobacco and menthol flavors remaining on

the US market if you're looking for more

information on this ban I made a video

about it not too long ago so feel free

to check that out for all the details

due to this banned flavor products are

only available in adult only vape shops

in bottle form for refilling tanks and

other refillable devices though it seems

there was a small oversight on the

actual FDA policy a footnote on page 9

indicates self-contained disposable

devices are actually permitted for sale

this small detail has not gone unnoticed

many minors have apparently moved to

disposable devices with puffs bars and

Stig's being the most popular these

devices come in many different flavors

including fruits and desserts and are

available with high salt nicotine

strengths comparable to Joule because

disposable devices come prefilled and

don't require any extra equipment like a

charger they're much cheaper than other

products on the market due to the lower

costs are also much more accessible to

minors in a report by the New York Times

a high school student that's switched

from Joule to puff bar said they prefer

using disposable products for the big

drop in cost another student when asked

about puff bar said they have the best

flavors and the most nicotine mid seller

director of the FDA Center for tobacco

products said their data shows that the

most appealing type of e-cigarette for

minors are cartridge based that are easy

to use and hide he goes on to say that

they did not have data showing high use

of disposables this totally sounds like

the FDA's attempt at saving face I don't

think we need national stats to tell us

teens are gonna move to a cheaper and

illegal product Meredith Bertrand the

founder of the anti vaping group parents

against vaping felt that measures taken

in data collection need to be more

frequent in order to stay on top of

what's trending with teens I'm honestly

not too surprised that a loophole is

found this quickly I'm sure it's only a

matter of time until the FDA amends

their policy but I do wonder if we'll

see any additional regulations moving

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