Flavored Vaping Ban Begins To Reduce Teen Vaping Use

cherry vanilla blueberry mango you think

you're probably ordering ice cream or

something right these are just some of

the flavors available with e-cigarettes

yeah not anymore though a federal ban

gets underway today our John Genovese

joining us live from Phoenix and John

not all of the flavors are going away

but a lot of them that actually entice

teenagers are yeah guys that's the goal

to reduce teen vaping use but as you

mentioned this only applies to certain

ecig arete products some flavors will

still be allowed and even though this

ban goes into effect today companies can

reapply in May to get these flavor pods

back on the market so let's break down

what all of this means in a nutshell

products like Jewel and views that use

prefilled pods in terms of those

cartridges the flavors will now be

restricted fruit dessert and mint

flavors are all banned those are the

flavors most often winding up in schools

being used by people who are under age

but menthol and tobacco flavors will

still be allowed now all this is

separate from a change that went into

effect last year when the FDA raised the

age to buy vaping devices from 18 to 21

our state also taking action Attorney

General mark burnovich filed a lawsuit

against east cigarette makers Jul and

Eon smoke for Consumer Fraud he told

this to our news partners last month at


they used the you know ads that were

designed to target youth they had these

um you know pop-up parties they had cool

events so-called cool events and like la

in New York with DJs and so they made an

effort to appeal to young people that

way through social media through the


and the numbers are really staggering in

terms of the last round of data that was

released almost one in three high school

students admit to using a vaping product

in the last 30 days that's up from 12%

back in 2017 as so many people are now

looking at how to stop this for now

reporting live John Jean Alesi ABC 15

Arizona John thank you