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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

How Does The vPipe Mini Perform | Vape Pen Kit Review

what's up Jeff deuce is Jack here at

vaping today we're gonna go

over the vape only a pipe before we get

into the video click the link down below

in the top comment in order to join our

Facebook group you can see I got the

wood green one check this out this is a

little different right look at that got

a nice little V pipe in there a little

bit of wood grain going on right a

little bit of faux wood green nice

matching driptip can see that faux wood

grain okay this is basically a

disposable tank nice drip tip alright

in order to fill this you just take the

drip tip off it's a combination drip tip

top cap which I'm not crazy about comes

right off like that and you just fill in

that open area okay so it's a

proprietary drip tip alright you lose

this drip tip you're just shit out of

luck so that's a con in order to put it

back on you just screw it back on like

that the drip tip itself is comfortable

it's got a nice comfortable draw to it

but I don't like that it also is a top

cap as well in order to take the tank

off you just unscrew it like this right

now believe it or not that is a 510

connection it does have a 510 connection

on the other side of the tank as well

gold-plated 510 I don't have a problem

against disposable tanks like this I

really don't and I know a lot of people

hate them my issue with this tank is you

only get one and I just don't like that

the output voltage on this is three

point four volts it does a maximum

wattage of 11 watts and the battery is

three hundred and sixty milliamp hour

the tank right here holds 1.5 MLS and

it's an above ohm tank it's a 1 ohm tank

alright charging time on this whole

thing takes about 45 minutes they're

saying that the main material on this is

zinc alloy and I kind of believe that

because for a

thing it does have some weight to it it

is a nice vape I have had no issues with

the vape quality of it there is no

adjustable airflow you cannot swap the

coil out like I said the drawer on it is

very nice it's definitely a mount to

long draw and I gotta say the flavor on

it has been pretty good as well also

included in the box you get this nice

flat micro USB cable you get a warranty

card a user manual a QC certificate and

some spare o-rings

you only get one tank in the kit that's

bullshit okay you cannot sell kits with

only one thing let's talk about cons and

pros baby first cons gonna be showed you

down low

proprietary drip tip that's a big no-no

it's a con another con is gonna be the

battery capacity on this thing 360

milliamp hour I wish it was a little

bigger I would have liked to seen

somewhere in the 500 range especially

considering the size of the pipe so not

impressed by the battery capacity no

adjustable air flow that's a con 1.5 ml

capacity yeah I get it it's a mouth to

lung setup but I need at least two MLS

it's a con and the last con is gonna be

when you plug this in the light stays on

that lets you know that it's plugged in

but it doesn't ever go off so I don't

know when it's fully charged now it's

saying that it takes up to 45 minutes to

fully charge so if you buy this thing

and you want to be safe and you know

that you were kind of on the low end of

the battery scale make sure you leave a

plug in for at least 45 minutes but it's

a con the light should go off when it's

fully charged but that's it on the cons

no real deal breakers I mean this isn't

uh like an expensive type of setup so

we're not gonna be that picky with it

let's move on to the pros first pros

gonna be its simple man simple simple

simple to use you just fill the thing up

and vape that's a problem so far I got

to say man I get good flavor off this

thing check it out

I got a nice vanilla tobacco in here the

flavor is actually really good surprise

good now the other thing I like about

this and I'm gonna I'm gonna show you

what I'm talkin about

you can either mount alumnus or you can

kind of slip it and give it a deal hit

let me show you what I'm talking about I

my mouth along it and it's got a nice

flavor when you mouth along that's my

preferred way to vape it right but if

you want to you can you can slip it a

little bit and actually get a DL hit out

of it so while it doesn't have

adjustable air flow

I like the fact that you can do both

will chalk up a pro to that I gotta say

it does feel nice in the hand man

there's a bunch of different ways you

can hold it right you can hold it like a

cigarette you could wrap your fingers

around the around the the fat part over

there there's a couple of different ways

you can hold it it's comfortable it's

definitely a pro the airflow on it is

very smooth I love the way they match

that would drip tip right that would

drip tip to the would finish it looks

badass I think it looks really nice I

think they did a nice job on it as far

as the overall aesthetics go it does

look like a mini pipe so I think they

did a good job on the actual looks of

this thing so we'll give it a pro for

that as well

let's score this thing see where we wind

up like I said in the looks department I

think they did a solid job with the

looks matching up the drip tip I do like

that nice job on that even though it's a

proprietary drip tip I still on pure

aesthetics I have to give them a solid

three stars as far as form-factor goes

it's very comfortable to hold there's a

couple of different ways to hold it it's

not big it's not bulky it's light I like

the way it feels in my hand we're gonna

give it a solid three stars in that

category as well as far as performance

goes even though the flavor is good this

thing lacks a lot of options that should

have been included number one the

capacity should have been bigger on both

the e-juice capacity and the battery

capacity number two it should have

adjustable airflow it does not and

number three it's got that proprietary

Terry driptip so what happens if you

strip the strip tip out you're Sol I

gotta chalk that up somewhere this one

loses a lot of stars in this category

we're gonna rank it at around one one

and a half one and a half stars we'll

give it as far as the performance goes

even though it's got good flavor it's

missing a lot of things that's why it

scored so low and as far as value goes

in the value category I'm gonna give it

two stars yeah I just think it $25 this

thing's a little bit overpriced I think

something like this should be you know

around the twenty dollar mark maybe even

1899 right I just think it's a little

it's a little much for twenty-five

dollars when you compare it to something

like the Caliburn that I can go and get

for twenty dollars as well so we're

gonna give it a two stars as far as

value goes and all these stars up over

here and you get a nine and a half star

total score we're gonna take that nine

and a half stars and we're gonna divide

it by four that's gonna give us a total

score of two point three seven five so

just under two and a half stars I think

that's exactly where it belongs because

two and a half stars to me is something

that's gonna be average this is a little

bit below average let's go over some of

the specs on the vapor only V pipe mini

it has a 360 milliamp hour battery it is

an auto draw device it measures in at

129 by twenty two by twenty one point

two millimeters it has an 11 watt

maximum and it will hold 1.5 ml as a

juice charge time is 45 minutes from

dead to full it's available in brass

black matte black and wood big shout out

to Avenue 44 sending this one my way for

this review thank you guys

sorry I'm a little late on this one but

I definitely appreciate the support of

this channel you guys just sent it to me

at a time when I was busy doing best of

so this one got pushed around in the

queue a little bit my apologies be sure

to click the link down below in the top

comment in order to join our Facebook

group for more exclusive

behind-the-scenes content don't forget


click the thumbnail right here to watch

our best vape mods of 2020 video and

that's it inside us that's all I got for

you today you keep living that vape life

we're out of here



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