How Is Vandy Vape & Vaping Bogan Bonza Mech Kit | Vape Review

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one is going on everybody I am Jared the

vaping goat as per the usual right you

know I mean who else would you expect I

guess so here we are looking at the

Vandy vapor and vaping motherfucking

bogan bonds a kit so we got the bonds of

1.5 and then the bonds of Mack tube

usual Vandy vape stuff scratched and

check off anticipate

you know some of these cloning Vandy

vape stuff I'm gonna be very very

confused and concerned this one is the

copper matte black basically all the

stuff that comes with it spring battery

adapter the whole shebang so you know I

mean the usual one of the features of

bogan was all excited about though was

being able to do twenty-one seven

hundred twenty seven hundred eighteen

sixty fifty so and again I'm gonna put

this out there this is a hybrid tube

which is really become more of the

status quo for mech tubes so inside oh

my god we've got the bonds of 1.5

obviously this is used since I've

already reviewed this really not much

point in going over this little beasty

you won't notice though and we're gonna

go over this that there is a color

matching sleeve here which I am actually

going to make a quick adjustment and see

if I can brighten that up just a bit

there we go that's a little better so

yeah we've got this nice little acrylic

you know resin sleeve and then matching

to the drip tip so I do like that that's

very nice thing here we also have Z is

the magnets Zi magnets which I mean to

tell you some bad motherfuckers we're

gonna leave this out don't put this back

swear sometimes this packaging is

massive pain Nass so we have the bonds

of kit user manual we have the don't use

fucked-up batteries bit

we have warranty which good luck with

that we have the bonds of 1.5 spares kit

and then of course we have this little

tiny little o-ring kit here so that's

what's in the package usual fun right

usual fun so let's get this out of the


so again leaving this out so here we

have the bonds of MEK obviously you see

if they've been bogan right there except

use a bit didn't clean it up quite good

enough it is a copper tube and to break

this baby down very simple yeah piss you

get the 18 650 adapter right here which

is a little silicone one you do get a

spare spring right there and then you

can see your fire button assembly here

simple function does recess down now we

are gonna take this button apart now I

just use my pliers you don't have to

squeeze they're really more used more

like a key it's kind of setter in the

hole and twist Derka Derka Derka Derka

just take and get a grip on her so

obviously it does have the little Delrin

or I mean and I would say it's Delrin

but mm to the dollar or black hole time

but by the look I would say it's Delrin

but you do get a little tiny little

adjustable connector right here which

also is for taking it apart but if you

do need to make an adjustment you

obviously can so once you get it to the

point to where you want to take her


just barely loosen it up

did he to do well say not one of the

easier ones to take apart but not really

like ridiculously hard either so and

then here we go

you have your magnet then you have your

other magnet right here so basically

they're just reversing the poles and you

know I mean if you want to put more

attention to it obviously you have your

spring sorry for any cuts of Nyx I was

preparing my dryer it's a super simple

setup guys I mean it really is it's

basically a square guide and so a square

square guide into a square hole you know

square peg square hole couple of magnets

so you can do a magnetic switch or you

can do it as a spring-loaded either way

preferably I actually kind of like the

throw of the magnet kind of gives it a

nice tight feel it's tight like a tiger

did it do see because of that because of

the way it's designed with it being

recessed like that what you want it to

be truth be told you do one a good

recessed distance there but because of

that not exactly the easiest to tear

down there you go okay so it's tight and

it protrudes just enough to make contact

with the batteries so no big deal there

the sleeve is for this now obviously

excuse me when you take sleeve off you

do get your serial number for the device

but the sleeve is where that comes into

play right kind of gives you that

matchy-matchy look so just so you know

simple easy as I throw things everywhere

for the love of God so we are gonna

stick with the regular bonds of cover

let's see here let's get a twenty one

seven hundred

you know probably help if I actually put

the button back in the damn thing first

now the beauty of this is you don't

really want to adjust this down all the

way okay like I know it's it's got the

throw right but not all 21700 are alike

okay they're just not so put it together

now you can see I have a battery in

there I have the fire button semi

protruding okay and the reason it is

semi protruding is you can also adjust

it just to touching just in case you

have a battery that's a little bit too

wonky so I'm gonna grab my bonds at 1.5

that I have on my my warlock mod here

we're gonna put her on here now this is

the other reason why I leave that button

out like that is because you don't ever

want to have this whole assembly in

together like it's it's typically best

truth be told to leave this semi loose

and then put your device on you know

your atomizer but you don't have to

because this because this button does

come out fairly you know it's not like

the hardest thing in the world to take

out you can just adjust it out and then

put your atomizer on and then just

adjust your button back in I mean you

can do as long as you've got fingernails

you can do it

durka durka durka durka turk okay and we

have fire we have fire


so what we're gonna do is we're going to

go up top because that's really the

basics of the bonds of one of the bonds

ax MEK tube the only other thing that I

will point out is that at least you do

have some battery venting here here very

very tiny holes but it does have battery

venting which is not up by your face

it's more down by your hands so I don't

know better to burn your hand than your

face I suppose but they are kind of

small you know they are kind of small

little components so either way see your

file you'll see paper so I'm gonna get

my bottle of juice here and I'm gonna

juice her up and we're gonna go up top

and then I'll give you cons pros price

and final thoughts on this bonza the V

of the excuse me for the Vande vape and

vape and bogan bons a MEC kit alright

alrighty folks here we are looking at

the Vande vape and vape and bogan bonds

a MEK kit yeah now this is my 1.5 just

like I showed you guys just a moment ago

on the table and then obviously I've

this was basically my buddy Brian let me

borrow this he picked it up in a trade

oh yes sorry yes trying to adjust some

airflow real quick

haven't adjusted the airflow in a while

so it was a bit stuck there we go okay

so let's give her a hit

yeah dude so let's just say I mean it's

a hybrid mech tube first of all truth be

told when I first heard that that bogan

was gonna be using Vandy vape for a mech

tube I really really questioned it

because I was just sitting there

thinking man you know Vandy babes hit or

miss with product and a mech tube was

one of those things that you just don't

want to be hit or miss with you know a

vape doing that hard June and Matt kid

that was another one that was like I

don't know about this I mean I was

interested to see it but that doesn't

mean that I thought it was a good idea

yeah oh we can call it what you will but

yeah so I mean that was the basic

thought that I had when I first heard it

and then I started seeing pictures of it

I was like man you know this thing sorry

for that this thing looks good it looks

really good you know there's math set up

I've seen you know it just I don't know

it just it's a good looking it's a

good-looking little mech tube it really

is and of course the bonds at 1.5 I like

I like perfectly fine the only hiccup

that I've got with the bonds of 1.5 is

just the the AFC adjustment it really

gets stuck I mean like you gotta fight

that motherfucker feel like it's it just

like I just had to take the whole

fucking top cap off and kind of fight it

loose but again that's kind of a lot of

RTA's when you let them sit so no sorry

I have a blemish

so yeah I mean the function is a

function it's a mechanical device it

doesn't really seem to have very much

for voltage drop it hit pretty fucking

hard um you know one thing I do need to

do is I said we were gonna check price

at the end and of course my dumb ass

let's see here bonds uh mech you know

the deal did it to do to do to do see

unlike the hiccup is that finding stuff

like this it sounds insane but this

device really hasn't been out get the

fuck out of here sorry my V pros sold

out the hiccup behind it is is truth be

told just finding it because this

thing's been out for fuck probably every

bit of a year at this point oh my god

you know stupid I feel sometimes out of

stock out of stock see it's gonna be the

hiccup is finding the damn thing cuz the

one thing I know for sure the one thing

that I saw a ton of on the Internet

was people concerned about Vandy vape

making you know the bonds a kid making a

mechanical device a lot of people had

concerns with that bond as a kid it's

just information I just wanna make sure

if there's any price shown here I mean

the average price I can tell you this

right now I'll tell you at the end we'll

get there cuz like all of the first

pages that popped up on the first Google

search are all showing how to stock

except for this page I've never even

seen this page before I am of legal age

oh it actually says it's available never

heard of this page budget vapors we'll

get into that in a minute so anyway so

cons pros price in my final thoughts on

the bonds of mech kit

subjective con I don't have a lot for

this I really don't um but this one's

used okay so I really kind of get to you

know really kind of see the wear and

tear behind the device and that being

said um you know the button seems to

hold up great I mean with a magnetic

button assembly you kind of expect it to

truth be told you really do you don't

expect that a magnetic button assembly

is really gonna have too many failings

unless it gets dirty which I mean I'm

sorry when you're when you're dealing

with a hybrid kit sorry I'm trying a new

mic placement I think I have it just a

touch too close God so but with wear and

tear comes seeing little things here and

there okay and I kind of like that I

maybe I'm just stupid maybe nobody cares

about this device anymore I don't know

but hey man if I get to borrow it you

know I'm gonna use it so I've had this

fucking thing for a goddamn minute in my

hands so but let's look since I've kind

of forgot to do this down below but

let's look at this threading okay like

you can see I don't get the zoomy zoom

the threading looks okay not spectacular

but okay but I mean like you can see the

fuck I forget what the word is now you

can see the material is kind of working

its way off of the threading and it

looks like the topic of threading is a

little roll basically meaning like

because it's copper and coppers a little

bit softer than you know things like

steel and stuff like that that the

threading may not be superb I personally

haven't had any cross threading issues I

mean like truth be told you know it kind

of settles because there's a little

Ridge in there the the atomizer actually

it just kind of you wiggle it around

just a touch and it just settles right

in place and it almost doesn't let you

cross thread the damn thing just because

it's like the way it goes together so


after seeing one with some wear and tear

on it it's a little kind of no not so

great not terrible not as bad as that

goddamn Arjuna mech thing but not not

super great

another problem um that's a subjective

con is for anybody who's got dexterity

problems like you know grip issues

you're not gonna like this fire button


this fire button is a little stiff and

even if you change it over spring-loaded

it softens up a little but not a lot you

know like I could fire it I don't have

really any grip problems and it's a

pretty short throw for what it is but

it's it's just a little stiff take that

for what it is aside from that that's

the only cons that I have for the tube

the the bonds I'm adding itself not

going to touch on that because I already

have I will put a link up there for you

for the bonds of 1.5 RDA

now I can I can tell you this as far as

that second subjective con that I had as

far as the the tightness of the button

if you make sure that this

son-of-a-bitch because that that little

battery contact on the bottom if that

thing is a little loose to throw feels

really really weird on this thing so you

want to make sure that son-of-a-bitch is

secure if it is it actually loosens up

that hit just a little bit because it's

and there's nowhere near as much

distance to travel when I first got this

thing that was actually a bit of a

problem because that was actually

adjusted out so apparently somebody had

a shorter battery in here or they

weren't getting good contact so they

loosened it a little bit to get the

contact they needed I haven't had a

problem I've used fuck three different

I've used thirty T's 40 T's I've run in

a single 18 650 with the adapter and

I've run i enjoyed 21 seven hundreds the

five post ones so and I haven't had a

problem with any of them so don't know I

mean I I personally haven't had any

contact issues and it doesn't seem to be

any arcing or any kind of weird markings

left on your batteries after the fact so

that's always a good thing

prose it's a copper tube but it doesn't

give you the the super uber copper smell

like a penny smell it does give a little

it's still a fucking copper tube even

you know even Sarah coded that's what I

was looking for Sarah code you know even

Sarah code you do get a tiny bit of that

copper smell but it's nothing like

holding like that that purge v3 b2b that

I have that one definitely gives you

that that really crazy penny smell all

over your hands so if you're not a big

fan of that even even on the slightest

sense may not be the tube for you

another honestly another pro to this

thing the fact that you know you've got

the interchangeable switch you can go

either magnet or spring and either way

functions very good it's very easy to

take apart and clean because Mei and I

tell you what when I took this button

apart it had some dusty gunk up all over

these magnets and yeah I wasn't making

good contact

it just wasn't so good but you know no

hot button problems threads are nice and

easy to clean out

disassembly of the mod to really clean

it out is really really super easy I

don't know it's kind of hard to knock

the thing at the end of the day I'm

actually kind of surprised I really am I

truthfully him I like the the bonds of

1.5 atomizer I like it I like a lot I

still use the fucking thing obviously I

use it with this but I like this RDA I

really do I like it for squonk I like it

for drip and I like it either way it's

it's just a good solid RDA um the mech

to me and then I mean no disrespect to

this whatsoever

it's just honesty it's just kind of

another mech to me it's it's nothing

fantastic but it's nothing terrible okay

I mean the quality of it seems perfectly

fine it really does it does exactly what

it's supposed to creates a controlled

electrical short

within reason I mean it

there's only so much control but I mean

it basically you know it does exactly

what it's supposed to I haven't had any

dented batteries or any crazy shit

there's nothing that just mind-blowing

about it you know it's it's a really

good functioning mech call it what you


so the only page that I do see it on

stock and in stocks are on stock yeah

the only page that I do see it in stock

and I'm gonna put this out there very

very simply that I know shit about this

page if you've used this page by all

means be my guest but this is the only

place that shows this damn thing in

stock and actually this just make sure

it shows it in stock excuse me

yeah shit it shows all of them you know

I like the fact that they don't call the

rainbow one rainbow they call it seven

color yeah let's just show you this so

oh excuse me I get the hiccups so this

is from budget vapors calm for a met kit

80 bucks for a met kit um I mean is it

an $80 met kit yeah I mean mechs are

never like the cheapest thing out there

anyway they're really they very very

rarely do you come across a mech tube

with an RDA so a whole kit but a tube

with an RDA that drops under a hundred


so finding you know seeing this thing

for 80 bucks it's not bad color options

as you see they're the seven color brass

copper copper matte black copper wrinkle

painted black and then stainless steel

now I think to get away from the

potential rolling of threads I think

that stainless is probably gonna be your

best bet truth be told I really really

do so but that's just a me thing you

know so I don't know I mean at the end

of it all 80 bucks for the kit if you

don't already have the RDA that's fine

because you'll get it with this but 80

bucks for Ferb a nice little versatile

you know fairly small in stature cuz I

mean you know you can come over to the

tenacious unicorn here and that's a

hybrid connect RDA that's on

I'm trying to make sure yeah I mean it's

like basically the entire driptip

shorter so you know it's a pretty

compact little sumbitch and for what it

is compact but hit don't say man I mean

it you know it's a solid setup I really

thought it was gonna be piece of garbage

truth be told I'm truthful you didn't I

thought this thing was gonna be an

absolute piece of trash just because I

just didn't trust the fact of anybody

making a mac but it's it's good it's not

it's not like oh well this is badass

but it's a good little met kit so take

the information as you will as always a

big thanks to Brian for letting me

borrow this for the purpose of this

review be getting this back to him very

very soon

and aside from that guys that's that's

really it all so much love much respect

as always uh-huh

if you're ever curious about mech safety

I do have some vape safety videos one

very specifically pertaining to

mechanical devices if you've never used

a mech and you're thinking about

something like this definitely check

that video for out first just kind of

cover your butt okay it's not a lot to

mechanical devices but at the same time

if you don't do the things properly you

could run the risk of you know injury

and you know damaging your device

damaging your batteries and none of

which are good so because bad things can

happen from there especially the injury

part that's kind of a bad thing from the

get-go right so I don't know guys after

it's all said and done I want to thank

you very much for watching this video

because I do know that your time is

money and I think is so damn much for

spending it with me yeah I have a good