How To Setup Innokin Gala Sleek Vape Kit |Fantastic Track Record With Devices


what's up guys make from bait meat here

and it can have seen a lot of success

with their pod systems thanks to their

knack for pushing the envelope with

features the zb-- had a massive battery

in the EQs pushed out some serious

wattage on the news release the gala the

specs are toned down but the price tag

is much more competitive let's see how

it holds up


before we dive in and check out the gala

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what's in the box inside will be the

device with a pod pre-installed an extra

ceramic pod a USB cord a lanyard tip

adapters for filling the pods up and the

manual the gala sports a 500 milliamp

hour battery and pods hold two mils of

e-liquid there are two types of pods a

standard 0.5 ohm and a ceramic 0.8 on

both use any kids Plex 3d coils which

help them last longer and put out great

flavor setup is quick and easy I

recommend using the included tip

adapters the pods have one fill port

which can overflow if too much pressure

gets inside although it's one more thing

to carry around these will make your

life easier

fill up your pod let it sit for five

minutes to prime

then pop it in the battery and you're

good to go the biggest feature of the

gala is the light bar on the front to

change colors tap the device three times

and you'll see the light turn on then

shake the gala to change colors the gala

also has a party mode that'll pulse the

light bar for 30 minutes or until you

turn it off to activate this tap the

device five times and get ready to party

the gala is really well built and has a

polished finish that makes it feel very

premium it can be a fingerprint magnet

especially if you're using the black

version that I have here otherwise it

has a great design pods fit very snug

and there's no wiggle so you know they

won't accidentally pop on the pods vapor

wall and have great flavor thanks to the

mesh coils inside on the 0.5 ohm pod the

pole is restrictive but still has some

decent air flow which I found to be very


the 0.8 ohm ceramic was much tighter

even with chain vaping I haven't gotten

a single dry hit I mostly uses 0.5 ohm

pods and can get through nearly a whole

day with the gala I personally don't

care much for fancy lights but if you'd

like to have a personal touch on your

devices the gala gives you that option

in a very stylish way I really liked

using the gala

I think the caliber might actually have

some competition if you want to get your

hands on one of these kids head over to

vga or click the link in the description

thanks for watching we'll see in the

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