How To Vape Underwater

all right guys hello welcome back we are

here in front of this raging river today

I got a jug heading raining a lot around

here so it's flooding a little bit you

know saying the big fan usually it's

tall but it's usually this big right

it's about 40 feet deep right now and

the reason we're out here today gonna be

doing some chances we've got the Jack

arute cue from Vandy baby just filled it

up we haven't really gotten to test it

that much I mean it hits pretty good

from what I can tell we're gonna do a

more in depth review but but thank back

on now we're gonna see if she can't

throw it whenever you're here game

playing freakin soccer okay a lot of

these companies that say their stuff is

durable yeah we don't believe them no so

we put it through yeah

we've shot vapes before we've needed

them before we've ran over this one more

test we got to do what is it just hell

waterproof itchy butt oh dear this last

test after all this stuff we just did

let's make sure it still works

and it sounds good doing good yeah I

mean it looks a little rough but of

course in the next video we do like this

we need to bring a regular vase yes that

would normally bust into a million

pieces because you know just seeing us

do this doesn't mean a lot but compared

to 90% of other devices this is holding

up very well like I said this is about

40 feet deep right now we're under a

flood warning you're gonna eat the bait

into the river okay and then I want you

can you swim

I can swim good okay I want you to just

take off running dive in the river okay

go get it I'm not joking I can't you

actually do this like we got half a

million subscribers now we got to start

doing something you throw it in the

river you dive okay you're gonna get it

I don't want you to vape it just see if

it's waterproof okay okay I can't let's

do this


just kidding we wouldn't do that would

we we wouldn't risk somebody's light

weight go through all that and throwing

a vape in the creek is very bad for the

environment all about cleaning I don't

want a litter to reduce the the

clickbait hate comments we're still

going to vape under water technically

this is the creeper right dip it in

there and then take it out and then vape

it okay so it is submerged in the water


a lot of apes that right there would

have been in good to go don't let the

tank get in the water I don't think it's

a one-person

things not tall enough okay so as you

can see the majority of it is in the

water there go ahead press the button

fire it and face it it still works today


Mandy before anybody comes out with a

waterproof tank did L change what the

tank isn't waterproof obviously now but

the the mod absolutely is it's still

working just fine even if you you know

drag it through it a little bit sunny

day it ain't gonna hurt miss right here

ain't no nothing to it oh and it still

faves just fine by the way it looks like

it's a pretty good let's go a little bit

more in-depth let's do an actual review

on this thing we say and now let's go to

the store here we go all right guys

here's a brand new one whoo you know we

got to do the unboxing experience all

that good stuff let's go ahead and open

a ride up the jackaroo kit another blue

one so this right here you can tell just

by looking at it this is I mean it's

heavy-duty no I'm saying it doesn't have

no battery and there's no battery and I

can't kill Samantha yeah it's actually

really freaking heavy all right so let's

take a look at this tank here Kane what

we got here man get a mesh cool right

there you can on the mill right not in

the middle okay what do you think about

this box man knew the box feels super

heavy-duty so here's the closer look at

the Vandy vape jackaroo kit now

something really cool about this is you

can put an 18 650 battery in there you

can put a 21 700 or you can put a 2700

battery in there which is what we've got

today using some of these home check

batteries today won't you slide that in

there Ben so the battery doors on the

bottom there you just twisted open just

like that or a common feature in

proof devices it's asleep in 18 650

slides you're Sherlock home tech battery

right down in there and you put the cap

back on it and you are good to go

I'll fill it up with some liquid thereby

its screen no that's a fire screen oh

yeah this is a brand new updated screen

I've never seen a screen have you seen

before no it's pretty cool spaceship

have you got all of our juices or a TC

juice yet what do you think about them I

love you love them which one's your

favorite bodacious bodacious yes

cane it's really doing his due diligence

to get that call from Michael what's

your first impression on this box here

man I'm just really glad it's not

appalled to say you don't like this

that's my boy wants us to suck system

has to be ready by now dude there's no

way yeah so would you say the break-in

sounds a little slow or before did you

just give that to hobble what is this

that is normal right then usually you

gotta weigh at least like 10 minutes or

just suck on okay man she's ready to go

I'm gonna take your rib here says thank

you sir rips on a good cloud don't don't

baby out on us right now son that's what

I'm talking about boy what do you think

about that this is freaking awesome man

not only can you compare this to like

the aegis unlike a physical and


like scale yeah but the flavor on this

thing man oh yeah I would better and

they I don't reckon he's talking big

game son big game and the flavor on this

might be better than mages Oh Michael

man it's your turn we always we're

loving hearing your input man it's a big

old rip there can Michael faith yes he

can looky there that's a good cloud just

for me monkey baby what you think man I

really really really like the blue

raspberry flavor that I get from that

ape not only the eighties e-juice but

from this tank it sailfin for a small

the flavors really good right yeah dude

the flavor is definitely there man like

I said I think it's better than I

thought Big Daddy Kane baits coming in

with the Jack arute KITT let's see a big

old cloud oh yeah

what I'm talking about flavor no build

how heavy it is it feels nice in your

hands right it's very similar to the

aegis legends and it's cheaper right

yeah it is it really yeah this is gonna

be a big seller right

mod similar to this are really popular

since it's a single battery I think a

lot of people market right yeah it cuz

it's easier to keep up with your I have

one battery plus you can get to keep one

charge on deck you know you just pull it

out let's the fact that you hit you can

use three different types of batteries

in it right yeah I mean come on now you

won't hate this thing or well I really

do and tell us all about it yeah that's

what I'm talking about

Oh what do you think man I've never

tasted so well the biggest thing about

this was gonna be the durability and

stuff is the act is the tank on that

actually that the tank is actually

really really fired there's some more

idz juice in there son

you gotta have that blue raspberry

goodness ain't that right Michael oh

yeah whoa quit hogging that thing ain't

gotta try yet come on

alright it's my turn with the Jack arute

kid now obviously we hit it a little bit

out there but we were mostly trying to

pay attention to making the video and

like running over it and all that stuff

this is gonna be my first time actually

analyzing it you know what I'm saying

so let's just jump into we've got this

thing on 80 watts and I'm gonna take a

ripoff of it right now

every new device we get it's like

everything just keeps getting better the

flavor on this is really mean it's

really good is it the best flavor I've

ever gotten off a tank no but I'm

incredibly surprised usually when a

company makes a project like this and

there and they advertise it as you know

waterproof shockproof durable a lot of

times I think in our experience anyways

they kind of skip on the tank you know

what I mean like it's like an

afterthought this the coil in here the

airflow the way everything works in this

tank is freakin awesome just as awesome

as the mod let me heat it again

I mean look I think that mods like this

are incredibly important I don't know if

it's the same everywhere but a lot of

our customers that come in here really

they have jobs and they have lives that

don't allow them to carry around

precious little fragile vapes with them

all if you're one of those people who

maybe you don't even have a job where

we're like it might get hurt but if

you're just clumsy with stuff you drop

stuff a lot like I'm that way this stuff

right here this thing right here is it's

what you need ah so guys I think we're

all on the same page it's a pretty good

little mod am i right we we highly

recommend it there's a lot of different

people out there who this is for we

think we think you gonna like I do have

one extra one to give away if you want

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will be in or to win guys thank you so

much for watching you know we're getting

back in these hardware reviews I mean

we're diving ahead for subscribe if you

haven't already in cave is there

something else we need to do boy

and thank you for watching and we would

see you later