Innokin GO S Vape Pen Kit Review-The Perfect Starter Kit

got something today that just might be

perfect for somebody who's transitioning

off of a pod Bay system or other high

nicotine delivery system this is the

Innokin go s

welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony this is the Innokin go s kit now

this is a sweet little kid the reason

why I say if you're somebody who's

transitioning well this is gonna be more

of a direct lung hit with a lot of

flavor alright so if you've been like

well you know the flavor was okay after

this little pod system or this nicks off

that I was doing the jewel or whatever

your gonna find flavortown pretty quick

when you get one of these okay they just

look at the little card that came with

it here it says try it now discover more

intense flavors flavors are smooth

intense and amazing long-lasting

refillable pods

well they say pods it's it's a little

tank right here I guess maybe that's

just an easier vernacular to use but

it's it's literally a tank with air flow

you'll I'll show you that in just a

minute long-lasting refillable pods easy

top fill push to slide open design

adjustable air flow constant 13 watt

battery output long-lasting 1500

milliamp hour battery that's that's

pretty good for something that's only

running 13 watts or under low cost very

affordable I see these things going from

anywhere from $20 to $30 for the kit and

the tanks I'm not to check on that but I

know they're gonna be very inexpensive

super easy to use and very convenient

and I think that's a big key right there

yes the tanks are disposable just like

the regular go tanks but you're gonna

get a lot of use out of it before you

throw it away and really if you're

looking at that you'd be throwing away a

coil anyways right when you have to

replace the coil and the amount of

plastic and other materials that are on

here pretty minimal I mean a few water

bottles and you've already used up

enough plastic to make one of these

course an email for pricing and samples

and then some information back here

about their mission their whole mission

is to create innovative vaporizer

technologies to help smokers quit and

live happier and healthier they even had

a campaign in London with their buses

and stuff so you know I think that's

great that's that's a really good goal

and that's what I see within it can they

have everything from an advanced mod

with replaceable batteries to something

like this that's super easy and let's

face it every smoker that I've converted

it took me a while because at first they

were like it's just so much easier to

light the cigarette and throw it away

when I'm done and the worst part about

that is you remember people just

flicking that cigarette I know I'd

probably flicked thousands of cigarettes

like that not carrying where they went I

know it's horrible so it's nice to see

that a company is really thinking about

this stuff and putting out a product

like this so here on the box you've got

in it can go S on the front there this

is the light blue color

what's inside there you get a mod to

tanks microUSB cable a QuickStart guide

and a warning booklet security over here

okay when that comes out it folds open

like this you've got one tank there and

one tank there pull that out of there so

we can show you that of course you get

your accessories over here that includes

a standard micro USB for charging it

there warning and safety booklet which

is ubiquitous with all of their products

and I really appreciate that they put in

they're talking about the the different

guidelines and warnings and safety stuff

and they have that in just about every

language and then the user manual which

is definitely a QuickStart guide because

you just don't need that much

information each one of the colors is

for a different language and this is the

English right here so the coil in this

is 1 point 6 ohms runs at 13 watts got

airflow control 510 top fill power

button there five times on five times

off which is kind of unusual because

usually Innokin products are three

clicks on and off but that's okay

battery indicators around the button

there you see it's green well that says

that green is 70 to 100 percent red

green is 20 to 70 percent and zero to

twenty percent is red 15 hundred million

power battery and then for charging

those lights also indicate the level

while charging so let's take a look at

this in a can go s tank so it's just

like the other in it can go here's the

go max tank it's just a lot bigger than

this one and it also is a sub ohm tank

so the in it can go s I guess maybe and

it can go small or go slim whatever the

case it's got a nice comfortable tip on

here the drip tip on there and to fill

it you can actually see the fill hole

right through it so you just push it

over like that fill it up pop it back

over now there isn't anything on here

that's like child safety or anything

like that so I would be careful about

leaving this around where your children

could get it I definitely would make

sure you put it up somewhere make sure

that it's secure and one way or another

but that's it there's air flow down here

three little holes and just turn it just

like that there's a 510 connection on

there you've got a gold-plated pin in

there for a really good positive

connection just goes on just like that

and it matches up perfectly

and as far as the different colors that

they have they also have the different

colored tanks to go with those down here

it says capacity is 1500 milliamp hours

and there is a USB back here so you can

stand it up and plug it in other than

that there's a fire button five clicks

on and off one two three four five and

turning it off 1 2 3 4 5 and that's

turning it on you can see there's a

little bit of red up there that's how

you'd get the red green and that's it

man you just push the button and fire it

and it's a pretty quick fire on this

thing - works great looks great super

light and even if you're not one of the

people that are in the category like I

talked about that you know maybe you're

trying to get out of the pod systems and

can switch over to something else this

is also something that might be really

good if you're like me you end up

traveling a lot and stuff you can take

this on vacation not have to worry about

leaving that somewhere or whatever it's

like oh okay no big deal and the tanks

are really sturdy it's like ptg

something or another that they use for

this it's food grade and I've dropped

these things a couple of times and

hadn't had them break so that you know

they look I can see it being something

that somebody could use is kind of a

backup to their other staff so you don't

want to bring your expensive gear out

with you no problem grab Anakin go s and

you're good to go so I wasn't really

surprised at how well this tank performs

because I've used the Innokin go tanks

they sent me a few of them and usually

when I'm taking a trip or something like

that I'll bring one of those with me and

we don't have to worry about losing a

good tank or breaking the glass or

whatever if that goes it's not that big

of a deal they only cost like four bucks

now I will check on the price of these

things but I'm sure they're probably

three or four bucks as well and the kit

comes with two of these tanks and the

kit itself is only from twenty to thirty

dollars that's what I'm seeing it for so

that's pretty darn good

Anakin makes a nice solid quality

product that's also safe to use as far

as the electronics go in there not make

any claims about the liquid that you put

in it that's up to you but it works

really well

super lightweight it's got a nice big

battery in it 1500 milliamp hours that's

gonna pretty much get you through the

day because it's not gonna run over 13

watts add in that adjustable airflow on

the tank and it's pretty darn good so

let's go ahead and have a

it is a nice warm vape with a lot of

flavor they use wood pulp and cotton in

there for their wicking they claim that

it really helps the flavor and I would

have to concur it it actually is a very

good flavor on this thing now I've got

the airflow all the way open on this

okay so that's it's still like a

restricted direct lung hit let's go

ahead and I'm going to tighten that up

okay I've got it all the way down to one

airflow hole that's a nice tight draw so

whatever you want to do if you want to

go to it a nice tight draw you want a

pretty loose draw yeah I'm not saying

that it's a full-on airflow machine with

them all the way open there are three

holes but it does kick it it's a very

comfortable draw the flavor is very good

the entire kit is inexpensive with two

tanks in there anywhere from twenty to

thirty dollars this just might be a

perfect kit or starter kit for somebody

who's just trying to get their way off

of the high nicotine salts and all that

kind of stuff you just put some standard

liquid in here you put six or twelve in

here and you'd be fine for me three

milligrams works perfect in here I've

been really enjoying this thing and I'm

gonna keep it around as well as a couple

of these little tanks just for vacations

and things like that so that is the go s

from Innokin

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